Best Plants For Side Of Garage Door

5 Best Plants for Side of Garage Door

Decorating your garage door to create a bit of aesthetics depends on what tickles your fancy. Rather than having the traditional garage door with no vegetation in sight, one could spice things up a little with a bit of modern-day appearance.

5 Best-Selling Plants for Side of Garage Door

Those who do not have any soil for planting can still have a touch of green right beside the garage door.  If you are thinking of giving your garage door a boost with the help of colorful vegetation then we can help you achieve this by recommending five of our best plants for the side of the garage door.  

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Plants for Side of Garage Door

1. Kazeila Set Potted Faux Plant

Kazeila Set Of 4 ( Home Office Hotel Bookstore Cafe Modern Decoration)
Product Highlights:
  • size:16 inchx5.9 inch(h*w),set of 4 fake potted plants.
  • packdge include 4 elaborate faux plants.fiddle leaf fig plant,snake plant,areca palm and calathea plant are placed in white pots respectively.
  • no need watering or making sure it receives proper sunlight.provides year-round evergreen decoration without maintenance.
  • kazeila artificial plants are made of durable and high-quality polyester material that is safe and easy to keep clean.
  • they look lifelike and adds a touch of nature to your space,suitable for kitchen,living room,dining table,bedroom,bathroom,cabinet...

The four-set exotic faux plant comprises 4 magnificent plants: the Fiddle leaf fig plant, Areca palm, snake plant, and the Calathea plant all sitting in their respective pots. They are absolutely stunning and provide a breath of fresh air to any space that they are placed in. they do not require any form of maintenance and can do without sunlight, water, of fertilizer. They are simply here to beautify your home. The Kazeila faux plant is made of the highest quality polyester material. They look lifelike and provide you with a touch of nature.

2. Winlyn Mini Home Plants 3-sets

Mini Potted Plants Artificial ( Indoor Greenery Tabletop Décor Centerpiece 3 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • quantity: pack of 3 mini potted plants that includes artificial eucalyptus, boxwood and rosemary. each small houseplant comes already set in its own paper mache pot for easy displaying.
  • dimensions: the artificial potted herbs measure appr. 8.3" to 9" tall, from top of the plant to the bottom of the pot and 7.9" to 8.3" wide, from tip to tip of the leaves. the paper pulp pots are appr. 3.1" tall and 3" wide.
  • color: this set of mini potted greenery features eucalyptus, boxwood and rosemary in assorted green tones, perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere you can enjoy for the years to come.
  • material: each small houseplant is made of plastic and set in a sturdy paper pulp pot that has simulated foam soil. they require no trimming or watering and will stay fresh-looking all year long.
  • assorted potted plants are perfect for displaying on tabletop, office desk, nightstand, shelves, cabinets, windowsill, fireplace mantel, coffee tables, dining table, toilet tank, countertop, bookcase or any other little corner that needs greenery décor. they also make a great gift for housewarming parties, weddings and holidays.

Simple yet sophisticated; the 3-set plant pots comprise some of a fake version of rosemary, eucalyptus, and boxwood, sitting in a creative small paper Mache pot. The 3 plants provide an assortment of green tones which makes the perfect aesthetic for any home space.  The plants are made of plastic materials sprouting from a solid paper pulp pot filled with fake soil. The beauty of the plants is all-year-long and they do not need any form of trimming. Asides from the side of your garage door, these plants are perfect for offices, a fireplace, windowsill, etc.

3. Flybold Artificial Sansevieria Plants 38 inch

Fake Snake Plant Faux ( Stand For Indoor Modern Decor Mother In Law Tongue Plant)
Product Highlights:
  • we offer more, for less! 38 inch tall artificial snake plant with 28 full leaves, white pot (worth $20) with lifelike moss, three-legged black stand with rubber feet (worth $30) and protective foam packaging.
  • more realistic than others! with 28 full lifelike leaves that are taller 38 inches (not 35 inches), our fake snake plant will liven up your place with greenery all year around. our leaves are clean, without plastic moulds. made of new pe (not recycled) – non toxic, odorless & durable. our pot comes with real looking moss that perfectly emulates a realistic ecosystem.
  • elegant white pot (worth $20) and steel stand (worth $30) included: our durable minimalistic white pot (worth $20) goes well with any color decor. with our included steel tripod stand with rubber bottom, increase the height of your faux snake plant to 44 inches (nearly 4ft) for the ideal display without any scratches on your floor.
  • quickly and cost effectively uplift your decor – our potted snake plant artificial is perfect for living room, bedroom, big entryway, dining room, modern decoration indoors and outdoors, patio, small indoor garden on grass and more. energize your office décor using our large snake plant and add a dash of green to your executive cabin, workstation, reception, walkway, meeting room, lounge and more.
  • safe packaging: our faux sansevieria plant artificial comes with foam packaging to ensure safe transit to your home. we offer a 1 year warranty. in the unlikely event you aren’t delighted with our faux snake plant in pot, you can return for a full refund or replacement.

The beauty of the faux snake plant is unequaled.  The 38-inch ever-green pot plant is perfect for home, office, and outdoor décor.   The lifelike moss features 28 full, strong leaves. It is odorless, durable and does not need any form of maintenance. It emulates a perfect ecosystem and provides exceptional aesthetics to every corner of your garage. Unlike real plants, you don’t have to worry about bugs, flies, and other insect infestation that is usually caused by real plants. Each plant is well packaged before delivery so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of defects while on transit.

4. Velener Faux Potted Green Plant

Velener 16 Artificial Potted ( Desk Top Decor (Taro Leaf))
Product Highlights:
  • [dimension]: 14 x 14 x 15 inches (l x w x h).
  • [function]: this is a realistic fake plant that perfect for a table top decoration for home or office.
  • [maintenance]: charming green topiaries bring the lush beauty of the outdoors to your home without the hassle and worry of maintenance.
  • [material]: the faux plant is made of allergy-friendly plastic. pots are made of high-quality paper-mache, lightweight, and stable. (please keep the pot away from water)

The charm of the artificial potted-plant, by Velener, has never been in doubt. It has an ever-green taro leaf color and is as elegant as ever. The artificial Bonsai is a class above the rest being that it is one of the most sorts after plants when it comes to natural green aesthetics and the fact that this piece is artificial and therefore ever-green makes it all the more awesome.  The low maintenance faux plant sits on a sturdy, high-quality paper mache and brings out the beauty in any space it graces. It fits into any place: office, home, business environment, café, and others.

5. Toopify Faux Monstera Deliciosa

Artificial Palm Tree 28 ( Outdoor Home Office Decor)
Product Highlights:
  • 【28 inch tall】: the dimensions of artificial palm plant with pot: 28"h x 22"w, planter: 4.5"h x 5.12"d.
  • 【adjustable branches and leaves】: our faux monstera plant has sturdy inner metal wires, you can adjust the trunk and insert leaves to the shape you liked.
  • 【no maintenance required】: the fake palm plant will never wither or die, it requires no watering, sunlight or soil.
  • 【material】: this artificial tree is made of durable and premium polyester material which looks like the real tree.
  • 【perfect decoration】: our artificial monstera deliciosa tree has the realistic branches and leaves, which let you feel the presence of nature. perfect for any room or office decor.

The faux Monstera Deliciosa is one of our personal favorites, not just because of the exotic and catchy name but also because of its numerous, wide, and well-dissected branches. It is a low maintenance plant and will never wither. The palm plant is made of premium polyester material. It looks very lifelike and is suitable for the side of your garage door. What we like about this plant is that it allows you to experience the aesthetics of nature.

Buying Guide

Aesthetic plants are awesome for the lawn, the backyards, the garage entrance, and other spaces around your home.  The greenery brings everything to life and gives that feel of nature, not to mention the health benefits.  The only problem is usually deciding whether you want your decorative vegetation beside your garage to be real-life plants or do you prefer an artificial plant to simply place beside your garage door to accentuate its beauty.

Planting shrubs always seems like a good idea until it’s winter or autumn. The season will always determine the beauty of your shrubs. Let’s not forget the summer blowout where your vegetation may lose control and grow all over the place. During the summer, your garage plants will blossom, flirtatiously spreading their pollens and seeds which is great, but then you’d have to trim and prune once in a while to keep the growth in check. Perhaps do a bit of gardening every now and then to make sure that your plant maintains a reasonable size. So, what is the solution? What are the best plants for the side of the garage door? Undoubtedly, artificial plants are the best options for an evergreen appearance.

Why Go for Artificial Plants?  

Faux plants have been around for ages, used in many homes, offices, and event centers. Why are they so popular? There are many reasons why one would choose to go for artificial plants. Some of these reasons are:

  • It is easier to find the artificial version of a rare plant that only grows in specific weather conditions. The artificial version makes it easy to own a wide variety of exotic and rare plants
  • Artificial plants have an ever-green look, and neither changes color or loses their flamboyance, unlike real plants
  • It looks very real and natural
  • Artificial plants are great for decorating the sides of your garage door, patio, window s and every part of your house.
  • You do not have to water the plants as they are artificial. You could travel for a long period of time and leave the plants to themselves.  They would still retain their beauty.
  • Forget about trimming and pruning! Those are two words that you will never hear with these artificial plants. It doesn’t grow, and thus requires no extra work
  • It saves you money.  How does it do this? Usually, if you opted for real natural plants, you’d have to pay a professional gardener to do the planting, adding of fertilizer, and other activities that may cost you a pretty penny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Natural plants better than artificial plants for the garage doors?  

This is completely dependent on preference. Even though some people prefer the all-natural greens and their leaves, others prefer the convenience and all-year freshness of the artificial plants. You don’t have to worry about watering the plants or adding fertilizer.   

What is the best thing about the faux plant?

They are evergreen and low maintenance

Do faux plants look real?

They may be fake but they look quite real, they are glossy and give the look of a very healthy real plant

Do artificial plants have disadvantages?

The issue with faux plants is that they are no eco-friendly. They are made with synthetic materials and dyes that do not deteriorate easily.

Do artificial plants attract bugs like the real ones?

No, they don’t. They are typically made of a rubber material that does not produce scent so are unable to attract flies and bugs.


Picking the best plants for the side of the garage is often very overwhelming and one could get caught up on the wrong aspect. It is usually a smart idea to consider aesthetics, cost, maintenance, and every other feature before making a choice.