Best Oscillating Heater For Garage

5 Best Oscillating Heater for Garage

Whether you want to work on your vehicle or use your home office that is set up in the garage, you need to be able to do so even in the coldest months of the year. You need not install a parallel heating system for the garage, especially if you are not in there as often. You can get a portable oscillating heater to use when you want to work in the garage.

5 Best-Selling Oscillating Heater for Garage

The choices available for garage heating are overwhelming. However, it is a walk in the park if you know what to look for. Here are a few pointers when purchasing an oscillating heater for your garage.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Oscillating Heater for Garage

1. Lasko Ceramic Oscillating Heater with Timer and Remote Control

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space ( 7.25 W X 23 H Inches)
Product Highlights:
  • 2 quiet settings - including high heat and low heat plus an auto setting make this electric space heater ideal for warming up an area in your home or home office. with widespread oscillation this heater distributes warm air throughout the room
  • adjustable thermostat - with digital display allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element. with an easy to read digital temperature display you can select a wide range of temperatures in fahrenheit or celsius
  • remote control & built-in timer - allows you to adjust the heater's temperature, timer, oscillation and more from a distance. while the easy to program timer allows you to select 1 hour to 8 hours, in 1 hour intervals
  • built-in safety features - overheat protection ensures the space heater does not overheat even if left on for an extended amount of time. while a cool touch exterior keeps the heater cool to the touch even after running for hours
  • fully assembled - allows you to take the heater out of the box and have it working it minutes. simply plug the heater into a wall outlet, adjust the thermostat, and enjoy the warmth from your new lasko space heater

This Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater comes with a 7-hour timer and a programmable thermostat. It also comes with a multi-functional remote control and has multiple settings for quiet comfort. Its design features an elongated heating element coupled with penetrating air velocity for widespread heat distribution.

As the powerful heater this Lasko is, it has a power rating of 1500 watts when set to high heat and 900 watts when set to low heat. The electronic controls are set atop for easy access. The heater comes with a handle that makes it easy to move around and a 6-foot power cord with a 2-prong plug.

2. TaoTronics Portable Oscillating Tower Heater

Space Heater TaoTronics PTC ( Thermostat ECO Mode 12H Timer LED Display, Black, Large)
Product Highlights:
  • fast & quiet heating: equipped with ceramic heating elements and rated power up to 1500 watts, our ptc space heater heats up to 70°f in 3 seconds to quickly provide warmth for relatively small spaces. the noise this ceramic heater makes is lower than 45 db, quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom while sleeping
  • great helper to warm your corner: with 70° oscillation to heat from side to side and a 7° tilted fan to increase heat distribution range by 20 percent to efficiently warm yourself or your family without wasting heat.
  • energy saving: choose from 3 heating modes include high (1500w), low (900w) and eco modes; on eco mode, the space heater will automatically adjust the operating power between 1500w and 900w, depending on the temperature difference between the room and the heating temperature you have set, to save energy and keep room comfortable
  • built to be safe: built with multiple safety features include etl certification, v0 rating flame-retardant material, overheating protection sensor, 12hrs timer, 24hrs auto power-off and tip-over switch for safer operating conditions (please use a wall socket instead of a power strip when using the space heater.)
  • compact & portable: measures only 18 inches high, so small that you can place it on anywhere in your room or office; designed with a hidden handle for easy moving around. remotely control the strength and oscillation from your bed or sofa.convenient for indoor use

If you are looking for a fast and quiet oscillating heater for the garage, this TaoTronics Ceramic heater is worth looking into. It has a 700 oscillation and a 70 tilted fan for even heat distribution.

The heater comes with a variety of features namely: 24-hour auto power-off, a remote control, multiple temperature settings for comfort, and a tip-over switch for safety. It is designed for energy efficiency and offers 3 heating modes – the Eco mode, low heat, and high heat. The Eco mode automatically adjusts heating depending on prevailing temperatures.

This heater is safe and easy to handle. It comes with a variety of safety features such as fire-retarding material as well as an overheating sensor. The sensor triggers the off switch if danger is detected.

3. Auzkin Portable Oscillating Heater with Multiple Safety Features

Kloudi Heater Space Heater ( Heating, Small And Quiet, Suitable For Office Home Use)
Product Highlights:
  • ptc ceramic heating element: with ptc ceramic heating element, the electric heater can quickly heat up the air in 1 second around you. no more suffering in the cold winter. high efficiency and energy-saving as desired. this space heater can be used in indoor space such as office, bedroom, living room and etc. to feel the heat better, please do not place it far away.
  • easy to use: 1) turn on the main power button on the back after plugged in, press on/off on the top to start. 2) press the swing button, the ceramic heater will oscillate automatically. 3) choose low or high heat with 1 press. 4) fan button for blowing natural wind.
  • your all-season choice: two-mode heat to provide different warmth while 5w for regular wind. one electric ptc space heater, suitable for any season. so you can customize your cozy living space. the lowest noise is 45 db, quite like in the library, never worried about being disturbed.
  • portable personal heater: the portable electric heater is 4.9x4.9x8.1in, small body with strong power. it's easy to move anywhere with its built-in handle. wide-angle oscillating will provide wind more widely and evenly.
  • tip-over and overheat protection: automatically shut off if the small space heater tips over or overheated inside the heater. it is very safe to use while reading, working, sleeping, or watching tv. please note: do not cover the heater or block the air-inlet while the heater is turned on.

As a powerful, portable garage heater, Auzkin Portable ceramic oscillating heater comes with an automatic 450 rotation angle and 3 heating modes. With the ceramic heating element, you get to experience a warmer room within seconds. The heater has an auto-shut-off switch that gets activated when the temperatures are 650C/1130F.

This is a low noise heater with a thermal fuse and wide heating angle. It comes with multiple safety features such as overheating protection, tip-over auto turn-off, and flame resistance. The heater is also ETL certified for safety.

4. Alrocket Eco Thermostat Oscillating Heater with Remote Control

ALROCKET Space Heater 1500W ( Overheat Tip-over Protection Fast Heat For Home Office)
Product Highlights:
  • eco thermostat: alrocket space heater has a thermostat, the temp can be adjusted from 59-99°f, and the ptc heating systems allow quickly heat within 2s! after the set temperature is reached, the heater will be converted to energy-saving mode and automatically adjust the operating power to keep the room comfortable.
  • 24 hrs timer and 3 modes setting: you can set the timer from 0-24 hrs before going to bed or working and enjoy a comforting warmth. the low noise will not interfere with your rest or work. it also has 3 modes of heat setting, include high (1500w), middle (900w), normal fan mode.
  • 90° oscillation: 90° oscillating ceramic heater rotates from side to side to evenly distribute warm air to different parts of your space for optimal efficient heating comfort. ideal for use in offices, home, bedroom, and more.
  • led touch panel with remote control: in addition to the led touch screen controls, you can easily control all settings (heating modes, timer, oscillation, temperature) of the space heater by remote control. remote control lets you shake off the shackles and make whatever adjustments you want.
  • safe and reliable: alrocket ptc ceramic electric heater made of v-0 flame retardant material, featuring with tip-over and overheat protection to ensure the safety of use.

Alrocket Eco Thermostat 1500-watt heater comes with a PTC heating element that can be set to any temperature up to 990F. The PTC heats up fast, which is a good thing when you need the garage to warm up in seconds.

The heater comes with a 24-hour timer as well as 3 heating modes. The high heating mode is 1500W, the low is 900W, and the Regular Fan mode. The 900-oscillation angle enables even heat distribution.

The heater comes with an LED Touch Screen and a remote for control. You can set the timer, heating mode, temperature, oscillation, and other settings on the touch screen or remote. The heater is made of fire-retardant material and comes with overheating protection and automatic tip-over protection.

5. Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater For Garage With Adjustable Thermostat

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space ( To Distribute Warm Air, Silver 5409)
Product Highlights:
  • ideal for tabletop or floor use with easy to use top-mounted controls
  • adjustable thermostat
  • 1500 watts of comforting warmth with 3 quiet settings; fan only, low and high heat. heating coverage: 300 sq. ft
  • fully assembled with carry handle. 8.34" x 6.55" x 11.66" tall
  • etl listed

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater powerful, 1500-watt oscillating heater can warm up a room that is up to 300 sq feet. It can be used on the floor, table-top, or mounted at any convenient area in the garage. It is portable and comes fully assembled with a strong handle for easy carrying. It comes with 3 quiet heating modes; high, low and fan only.

The heater comes with manual controls, 2 heating modes, cool-touch housing, and an adjustable thermostat. It also comes with a range of safety features and ETL safety certification. Its high-velocity fans make it easy for it to heat up a room within a very short time.

Buying Guide

1. Output

Choose a heater that will efficiently warm up the areas of the garage that you need heating. If you want a heater that warms up only a small area of the garage, it need not be too powerful. Always check the product description for specifics. Generally, however, electric heaters heat up a square foot for every 10 Watts.

2. The Heating Element and Oscillation Angle

This also refers to the heater type; fan-forced, ceramic, PTC, and quartz. If you are looking for alternatives to electric heaters, a natural gas/propane heater is also available, though it is ideal for small spaces only.

The heating elements tell of how fast the heater can warm up a room. Heaters with ceramic heating elements warm up a room pretty quickly. For energy efficiency, go for heaters with a wide oscillation angle especially if your garage is big.

3. Quality

The exterior should be made of a highly durable material that is easy to handle. The heater should also be made of fire-retardant materials, heat-resistant casing, and solid workmanship for safety and durability.

4. Safety Features

In addition to the fire-retardant materials, heaters with an automatic kill-switch when internal temperatures get to certain levels are best. The tip-over and overheating protection are essential in ensuring that the heater doesn’t start any fires if left unattended.

5. Controls

Fancy units with remote controls can come in handy. A majority of units come with adjustable heating settings and modes for quick access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the source of power matter?

Yes, in some cases. A majority of oscillating heaters are electric, and they come with a power rating. However, if you live in an area that has power issues, you may opt for a natural gas-powered heater.

How powerful does the heater need to be?

This depends on the size of the area you want to heat up. A general rule is 10:1 in reference to watts to sq foot ratio. If you have a large area to warm up, go for a heater with higher watts.

Are tower heaters energy efficient?

The electricity consumption is dependent on the wattage of the heater and has nothing to do with being a tower heater. A majority of oscillating garage heaters are about 1500watts when set on max, and running it for 8 to 16 hours will cost up to $3 in a day. Using lower wattage and an automatic thermometer will save up on energy costs.

Is a ceramic heater the best option?

Ceramic elements heat up fast, which warms up an area within seconds. Ceramic heaters are also cool to touch and rarely a fire or health hazard.


While choosing the perfect heater for the garage can be overwhelming, it need not be a hassle. Once you get a heater that fits your budget and has the heating settings and safety modes that appeal to you, check its energy efficiency. Do not forget to refer to manufacturer instructions for safety and the heater’s ultimate performance.