Best Oil Based Paints For Garage Floors

5 Best Oil-Based Paints for Garage Floors: How to Choose a Protective yet Gorgeous Paint for Garage Floors

Garage floors deal with a lot of abuse; from chemical and oil spills to hot tires, and dirt and grime. It is therefore no surprise that after a short while, the floor looks worn out while the rest of the garage is still in pristine condition. One of the easiest ways to preserve a garage floor while making it easier to clean is painting.

5 Best-Selling Oil-Based Paints for Garage Floors

Oil-based paints are one of the greatest choices for garage floors. This is because oil-based paints can work on most surfaces, are durable, and give off a rich finish.

These paints are great for rooms with high moisture and can withstand high traffic. They come with good self-leveling which means that they always leave a smooth finish. Here are some of your oil-based options for your garage floor.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Oil-Based Paints for Garage Floors

1. Rust-Oleum High Performance, Oil Based Protective Enamel Paint

RustOleum 7747730 High Performance ( Base Paint, Sunburst Yellow)
Product Highlights:
  • weather and corrosion resistant coating protects exterior/interior surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, masonry and more
  • oil-based formula provides a durable protective coating with excellent rust prevention
  • dries to the touch in 2-4 hours and covers up to 22 sq. ft.
  • excellent resistance to abrasion, fading and chipping
  • glossy finish provides a fresh shine to surfaces

Rust-Oleum Oil Based is perfect for masonry, wood, concrete and metallic surfaces that are indoors and outdoors. It is weather-resistant and makes surfaces corrosion-resistant.

Its oil-based formula gives surfaces a durable, rust-resistant finish. Despite being oil-based, it dries up fast, up to 4 hours to touch. However, you can wait for at least 24 hours before driving on the freshly painted garage floor.

If you are looking for a paint that gives off a glossy finish and offers excellent resistance to chipping, abrasion, and fading, this is one of your best options. In addition, it is weather resistant and UV resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors

2. Yenkin Oil Based Garage Floor Paint for Interior and Exterior Use

Product Highlights:
  • interior/exterior oil-based paint in white
  • dry time-touch is 8 hours, recoat in 24 hours
  • coverage up to 525 sq. ft. per gallon

While some paints are made for only one type of surface, this Yenkin floor paint can be used on concrete, wood, and primed metallic surfaces. The paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is water-resistant and doesn’t show scuff or mar blemishes. The paint is available in a variety of colors.

This Yenkin Majestic floor paint takes up to 8 hours to dry after application. You can recoat the surface after 24 hours. One gallon of this paint can cover up to 525 sq ft.

3. Rocksolid Oil-Based Metallic Coat for Garage Floor

RustOleum 286895 Rocksolid Metallic ( (Pack Of 1), Earth Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • durable, polycuramine concrete coating works on interior concrete surfaces including garage floors, workshops, basements, family rooms and more
  • self-leveling, buildable formula is 20x stronger than epoxy, comes in a unique burst pouch and is virtually voc and odor free
  • complete projects quickly; coating is walk on ready in 8-10 hours and vehicle ready within 24 hours
  • each kit covers up to 125 sq. ft. depending upon surface porosity; clean up with mineral spirits
  • extreme high-gloss finish in a shimmery metallic color resists cracking, peeling, chemical spills, hot tire pick up and provides a showroom quality floor in 1-coat that lasts

Garage floors, family rooms, basements, and workshops are just some of the rooms that can make use of this Rock-solid Oil-Based floor coating. It is suitable for use on concrete surfaces. It is odor-free, self-leveling, and gives a shimmering, high-gloss finish. The finish does not peel or crack and does not damage with hot tire pick up or chemical spills.

This Rust-oleum metallic floor coat is available in a variety of colors and can be used with other additives such as anti-skid substances. It takes 8 to 10 hours to dry enough for one to walk on. However, after application, wait for at least 24 hours before driving on it.

4. GF Arm – R – Seal Oil Based Floor Topcoat Paint

General Finishes ArmRSeal Oil ( Topcoat, 1 Quart, Gloss)
Product Highlights:
  • arm-r-seal topcoats are made with only the highest quality urethane resin
  • these topcoats are extremely durable and long lasting
  • they are formulated to be wiped on with a cloth or applied with a foam brush

GF Arm – R – Seal Oil Based is made with high-quality urethane resin, this oil-based paint topcoat is one of the longest-lasting options in the industry. It is easy to apply – just use a foam brush. It is self-leveling so it will not leave brush marks on the finished surface. It can also be easily wiped off with a piece of cloth to eliminate the drips and sags.

The topcoats penetrate deep so as to offer maximum protection while giving off that ‘natural’ look. It can be used on wooden floors and other wooden surfaces. It takes up to 8 hours depending on the prevailing temperatures, and you can add a few coats as desired, waiting about 24 hours and lightly sanding between coats.

5. Varathane Oil-Based High Traffic Floor Finish

RUSTOLEUM 130031 Varathane Gallon ( Polyurethane Floor Finish)
Product Highlights:
  • oil-based wood floor finish - classic clear gloss
  • excellent self-leveling eliminates brush marks
  • delivers great scratch & mar resistance
  • warm, golden glow

If you have wooden floors in your garage, this Varathane oil-based, high-traffic floor finish will do wonders. It is easy to apply and has excellent self-leveling characteristics and gives off a scratch and mar-resistant wooden surface. This finish is clear but it gives the floor a warm, golden glow.

Varathane wood finish gives the floor resistance to abrasion, stains, and damage from chemical spills. It is fast drying, affording you the opportunity for same-day re-coating. This is the perfect solution for those high-traffic areas in the home, both indoors and outdoors.

Buying Guide

1. Floor Type

While most oil-based paints and finishes work well with a variety of surfaces, be sure to pick out what works best for your garage floor. The manufacturers always indicate the types of surfaces that the paints can be used on.

2. Ease of Application

This depends on the surface you want to paint. Some surfaces require a whole lot of prepping. There are some paints that will require you to sand the surface and prime, and sand in between coats. However, regardless of other prepping activities, it is always advisable to apply paint on clean surfaces with a clean brush for the best results.

3. Paint Properties

Are you looking for paint that can be used outdoors in high-traffic areas? Are you looking for that luxurious high gloss finish that is easy to clean and maintain? Well, look out for these properties in the product description. While a majority of the oil-based paints are durable with abrasion and blemish resistance, it is always best to confirm before purchase.

4. Drying Time

Oil-based paints are known to take a long time to dry. Most options give around 8 hours to have a coat that is firm to touch or walk on, but up to 24 hours to drive on or repaint. There are some options that give up to 4 hours. Be sure to pick an option that allows you to work within your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get sample pots?

In most cases, yes, sample pots are available for purchase. However, this depends on the manufacturer of the paint or finish you fancy. Most manufacturers provide sample pots upon request.

Do I need to prime the surface before painting?

It depends on the paint you choose. Surface preparation is essential, regardless of the paint being used. However, the exact details of the surface prepping will depend on the instructions that come with the paint.

Do I need protective gear when painting?

Oil-based paints emit such strong fumes that it is uncomfortable and unhealthy to inhale. Therefore, when painting, it is advisable to have protective respiratory gear as well as a protective apron to avoid ruining your own clothes. Some paints come with the protective gear needed while others don’t.


Application of oil-based paints can be a tad messy, but these are one of the best choices for a variety of surfaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Be sure to consult the manufacturer or seller if you have specific questions about the paint you fancy.