Best Lock For A Garage Door With No Outside Lock

5 Best Lock for A Garage Door with No Outside Lock

There are many homes that have never experienced any form of burglary, not because burglars’ haven’t tried at least once, but because the house owners anticipated the possibilities and put measures in place to ensure that their properties are well protected when they are away.

5 Best-Selling Lock for A Garage Door with No Outside Lock

Very few homes pay attention to the garage door even while setting up security systems and locks on other doors. The assumption is that garage doors are big, heavy, and is certainly not the first place a burglar would care to go through; but hey… never say never. 

To put your mind at ease, we have rummaged through the pile of locks and brands out there to find you the exact type of locks for a garage door that suits your needs. We have created a shortlist of the most secure and extraordinary locks in the market that are highly rated and approved by home safety experts. Here are the best locks for your garage door with no outside lock.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Lock for A Garage Door with No Outside Lock

1. PJB Defender Master Garage Security

PJB Garage Defender Master ( Master With Lock)
Product Highlights:
  • supplied with hocky-puc shackleless padlock.
  • flat base for bolting down. 2 bolts supplied.
  • suits up & over garage doors only.
  • installed in front of the door to prevent the door swinging outwards

The PJB Defender is a solid lock system that has shown how tough it is overtime. It is durable and impenetrable. The accessories are made up of the defender master bolt, the heavy-duty padlock, and a thick plate that is usually bolted to the floor. Installation is easy and straightforward. The two heavy bolts are a good deterrent against thieves. Here are a few things we like about the defender: it is extremely secure, needs no drilling through the door, easy to install, and works with any garage door.

2. Schlosser Technik Black Bolt Garage Lock

You don’t have to drill into your garage door with a Schlosser Technik Black Bolt lock. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally, the best part about this lock is that it is so strong that burglars would be unable to drill, saw, or break them. The door cannot be forced open no matter what.  Its accessories include bolts, rivets and receivers, and escutcheons. You also have 3 spare keys that can open the garage door from both inside and outside.

3. Bulldog Security Garage Lock

Bulldog Garage Door Lock ( Door Lock)
Product Highlights:
  • bracket (mm): 142h x 75w x 86d
  • bracket thickness: 6mm
  • ground tube (mm): 105h x 60 diam
  • hardened steel lock bolt: 25mm diam
  • coach bolts & reinforcing plate supplied

The Bulldog security garage lock is one of the strongest security reinforcement systems available when it comes to garage locks. It is a simple but highly effective design with no fancy accessories. The 10cm long lock bolt has to go into a hole drilled on the concrete floor. The bracket is 6mm thick while the bolt is 25mm thick. It is the ultimate security lock for any garage door.

4. Double-lock 50mm Security Hardware

AUBNICO Double Locking Long ( 50mm By A. Perry)
Product Highlights:
  • high security 6 pin lock
  • marine grade stainless steel bolt with solid brass escutcheon plate
  • double locking - key lockable from both sides
  • for gates and door up to 70mm thick

The thickness of your door matters. If your garage door is as thick as or thicker than 38mm, then you probably need something more suited to that size. The 50mm double-locking garage locker is perfect for you. it comes with all the necessary accessories and you get 5 keys that can open the locks. The long-throw is great for extra security and the stainless steel material makes it durable.

5. Silverline Defender Garage Door Lock

Silverline Defender is a strong and durable lock that comes with a ton of advantages. It can be used with any form of conventional padlocks. You do not have to drill into your garage door in order to set it up. The baseplate is easily secured to the floor. The steel has a powder-coat finish and is corrosion resistant. It is 100% safe and will certainly give burglars a bad day.

Buying Guide

The fact of the matter is that your garage door remains a weak point as far as home security is concerned, and it will be easily broken into unless you can figure out how to find the best lock for a garage door with no outside lock. 

Home security experts advise using a lock system that is either manual or electronic to beef up security and limit access into your garage or home. Manual locks are great when you are a traditionalist and prefer to have a key with you at all times, however, electronic locks are the most commonly used these days due to their convenience; you don’t have to carry any extension material such as a key and all you have to do is remember a password of your choosing. This is the best part, you could decide to change the lock password anytime you want if you feel like the old password may be compromised.  If you prefer the manual types, due to their lower costs then there are a few things you should know about manual garage locks before making a choice.  There are 4 different types of manual locks that you would likely encounter:

T-handle Locks – they are t-shaped locks with a cylindrical-shaped key installed at the exterior side of the door.

Side-door Bolts – this is probably the most commonly used. It has a lock in the interior that extends outside. The lock mechanism has a receiver and bolt installed on the door.

Deadbolt Locks – they act as an extra backup for the garage door. They slide into an open-close position. These locks have a single and double cylinder with keys on both sides.

Mortoise Deadlocks – they open using an accompanying key from either side of the door. It has 2,3, and 5 lever locks, of which the 5-lever lock is the most secure of them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a garage door lock do?

A garage door lock impedes access to your garage with the aid of a bolt, either through a t-handle lock or sliding lock. There are different types of locks and their mechanics, depending on the type of door.

What is so special about keyless coded garage door locks?

They are garage door locks that do not use keys for manual opening and closing, rather, they use personalized codes which make them flexible and easy to use. The codes can be changed from time to time to stay unpredictable. The advantage of the keyless system is that you do not need to worry about misplacing a key.

Is there a disadvantage to using the keyless coded garage door lock?

The disadvantages are minimal and a bigger part of the disadvantage is human-based. You may forget your password or make a change to the codes without memorizing the new code. Another aspect is that the keypads may lose their efficiency over time and may require a firm push or even lose contact completely.

What are the things to consider when buying a garage door lock?

There are five major things to consider when purchasing a garage door lock, these include:
1. Durability and weatherproof
2. Ease of installation
3. Type of garage door in use
4. Level of security desired

How do I secure my garage door from the outside?

Simply install a garage door defender that can be installed outside the door. Bolting the locks to the ground will ensure total safety.


The manual locks are quite cheap and give burglars a tough time. The electronic ones are also a dead end for burglars as well but do you know what would make your garage door and your home completely burglar-proof? No burglar would want to go through this amount of stress, believe it. Your best bet is to combine the manual lock and an electronic on the same door! What you get is 100% burgle-proof; a modern-day fort Knox!