Best Led Flood Light Bulbs For A Garage

5 Best LED Flood Light Bulbs for a Garage

A floodlight is different in comparison to typical light bulbs in that the beams that they produce are relatively broader and they emit light of higher intensity. Often, they are used in outdoor areas, but if you want something brighter for your garage, you can easily switch to one. 

5 Best-Selling LED Flood Light Bulbs for a Garage

What makes LED flood light bulbs any different from typical ones you can find in hardware stores, you may ask? Well, in comparison, these bulbs last so much longer, emit brighter light and are more energy-efficient. So if you are looking for something to replace that flickering bulb in your garage, make the switch now. And if you are not quite sure which ones you should get from Amazon, then this article might be able to help you out. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated LED Flood Light Bulbs for a Garage

1. Hykolity 10 Pack LED Flood Light Bulb BR30 

Hykolity 10 Pack Flood ( 3000K Warm White, 1000lm, E26 Base, UL Listed)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅up to 85% energy saving - "11w 1000lm" means a high efficiency of 90lm/w, 75w equivalent to a traditional bulb. estimated yearly energy cost: $1.51 (based on 3-hours/day, 11/kwh, costs depend on rates and use).
  • ✅dimmable -led flood light bulbs are designed with smooth dimming capacity, 80 cri give off sunlight-like quality for true color rendering to meet the demand of any mood or decor. a dimmer is required.
  • ✅lasts 25,000 hours - ul certified(e366688) recessed light bulbs use high quality leds which are more energy saving and environmental protection (no uv, ir, or mercury) and have a longer lifetime up to 25,000 hours than halogen/incandescent/fluorescent bulbs.
  • ✅wide application - the br30 led bulbs are suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor using(damp location rated, not waterproof), ideal applications include bedroom, kitchen, living areas, lamps and offices.
  • ✅3 years warranty - all led bulbs are confidently guaranteed for 3 years! we aim for quality followed up with quality customer service directly provided by manufacturer. a satisfied solution will be given for any of your problems. our support team is on standby for you.

This is one of the best LED flood lights that you can find online. It is totally lightweight, it emits really bright light, and the best part is that it does not get hot even after you use it for long periods of time unlike typical light bulbs that are of poorer quality. 

Even though these bulbs work so well at brightening up a room, they do not consume a lot of energy and they are also cheaper in comparison to similar products from other brands. With a dimmer, you can dim these lights as you wish. You can use each of these light bulbs for as long as 25,000 hours. 

2. SYLVANIA Ultra LED Night Chaser PAR38 250W Equivalent 2650 Lumen

SYLVANIA Night Chaser LED ( Lumens, 5000K, Daylight - 1 Pack (74794))
Product Highlights:
  • ultra bright halogen replacement: illuminate with a best-in-class brightness of 2,650 lumens which makes for an ideal replacement for fragile and short-lived halogen bulbs; offering 40 degree directional angle.
  • ultra efficient: energy star rated, save up to 87% on energy compared to incandescent bulbs with an estimated energy cost of $3.01 a year!
  • never replace bulbs: bulbs last a 25,000 hours (that's 22 years, if used 3 hours per day) so forget about climbing ladders to replace hard to reach lighting.
  • daylight color: 5000k is closer to natural daylight which makes it a great choice for task lighting and general illumination. perfect for use indoors on high ceilings in living space track light. ul wet rated for use outdoors for house and yard.
  • dimmable: dim down to 10%, works with compatible led dimmer switches

If you are looking for the perfect flood light bulb for your garage, then look no further. The SYLVANIA Ultra LED Night Chase Flood Light Bulb will surely get the job done well. Even though it is a very excellent light bulb, it is totally energy efficient, so you will never have to worry about it making your electric bill so high. 

The light it emits is also close to natural daylight, so it is the perfect choice for whatever you do in your garage, may it be fixing your car, playing table tennis with family, or doing some woodwork. If you wish, you can also dim down its light by 10% through the use of compatible dimmer switches. 

3. Energetic LED Flood Light Bulbs BR30

Energetic LED Flood Light ( For Recessed Cans, UL Listed, 6 Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • 💡【energy saving】this led recessed light bulbs br30 use only 8.5w, replacement for br30 halogen and incandescent bulbs available, saving up to 86% electricity.
  • 💡【long-lasting】15,000 hours lifespan, our br30 led flood light bulbs will reduce your relamping costs, up to 13.69 years (based on 3hrs /day of use) with upgrade led chips.
  • 💡【seamless dimmability】seamless and smooth dimming capabilities from 100-10% with modern led dimmers allow you to create the ambiance at your preference. bright white led bulbs provide high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting, no flickering, no buzzing and no delay for maximum eye comfort.
  • 💡【technical features】led flood light bulb br30 shape, daylight 5000k, e26 mediumbase, 650 lumens, dimmable, damp rated, ac-120v, 120 degree.
  • 💡【100% quality guarantee】2 year warranty! if there is any quality problem of our light or you are not satisfied with your purchase in our store, please kindly contact us and we provide a no-question-asked return or refund service.

This light bulb has a 15,000 hour lifespan, which means that it will take a really long time before you will have to purchase a replacement. Aside from having excellent longevity, it is also energy efficient, which is one of the features that you must be looking for in the perfect LED flood light bulb for your garage. 

Another great characteristic of this LED flood light bulb is that, with the use of a compatible dimmer, it is easily dimmable if you want to adjust its brightness. This bulb is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. 

4. Philips LED 474312 BR30 Dimmable 650-Lumen

Philips LED FlickerFree Dimmable ( Light (2700K), 11W=65W, E26 Base, 12-Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • energy efficient: philips led dimmable br30 light bulbs use roughly 80 percent less energy than 65 watt incandescent bulbs while maintaining the look and feel of a classic light bulb; philips led light bulbs are mercury free and energy star certified
  • long lasting: these philips led bulbs last 10x longer than incandescent and 4x longer than halogen bulbs; each light bulb is expected to deliver a lifetime of upto 10,000 hours and includes a 3 year warranty, saving you the cost of frequent bulb replacement; life hours 22.8 years (based on 3 hours/day)
  • soft white: philips led dimmable br30 light bulbs offer warm and comfortable lighting with high cri (color rendering index); at 2700 kelvin the bulbs deliver bright, crisp color ideal for recessed can style lights
  • smooth dimming: philips dimmable led bulbs are flicker free, silent, and tested to work with more dimmer switches than any other led bulb on the market; these br30 light bulbs smoothly dim from 2700k down to a soft glow with greater clarity than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • compatibility: these philips led light bulbs fit in e26 medium screw bases; not compatible with philips hue products; philips led dimmable br30 light bulbs are for non connected use only

Philips is one of those brands that is known to produce some of the best light bulbs out there such as this one. This LED flood light bulb is energy efficient so you can use it for a long time without worrying about your bill and even if you use it for a long time, it will not flicker. In fact, you can use it for as long as 10,000 hours. The light it emits is soft white and once you turn it on, you will notice that it is really bright. If you wish, you can dim it as well. 

5. AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight Outdoor PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb 

AmeriLuck 5000K Daylight Outdoor ( Equiv. 13W Non-Dimmable (4 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • 👍 ✔ direct replacement & instant on - ameriluck is the first manufacturer that developed this par38 led bulbs with glass filter, which has the identical performance as the conventional halogen par38 bulbs.there's no warm-up for these bulbs, they are instant-on at full brightness.
  • 👍 ✔ 85.6% less energy consumption - these par38 led bulbs provide 900+ lumens of light, which is equivalent to a 90 watt halogen bulb with 85.6% less energy use. these led light bulbs offer cozy light with the benefits of long life and energy savings you want.
  • 👍 ✔ superior light quality - 80+ cri (color rendering index), makes you see the colors the way they are supposed to be seen. flickering-free, nvf<10% and zero harsh glares prevents eye fatigue and provides a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. these ameriluck par38 led bulbs are non-dimmable, but they are compatible to most of the dimmers on the market (no filckering when dimming).
  • 👍 ✔ suitable for indoor or outdoor use - these par38 led bulbs are water-proof. they have standard e26 base/120v for most fixtures. ideal for indoor/outdoor track lighting fixtures and perfect for outdoor applications like security light.
  • 👍 ✔ long bulb life with 3-year warranty - these ameriluck par38 led light bulbs comes with a 3-year warranty. each bulb is expected to deliver up to 15,000 hours, which is equal to 13.7yrs (based on 3 hours per day), saving you the cost and hassle of frequent bulb replacement.

This 5000K LED flood light bulb comes in a nice and sturdy packaging. It emits a warm white glow that is really bright, which is perfect for your garage. It does not warm up when you turn it on–it immediately turns on at full brightness. 

Like most other LED flood light bulbs, it is also energy efficient, so you have nothing to worry about. It does not flicker and if you are looking for something that is non-dimmable, then this is the perfect choice. These bulbs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Buying Guide 

1. Longevity 

You do not want to be that person who keeps buying a new light bulb every now and then. Thus, when buying one, it is important to check how many hours it is most likely to last. 

2. Beam Angle

Simply put, this is the angle at which the light emitted by the bulb is distributed or its coverage. A greater angle means a greater coverage. 

3. Lumens

This is used to determine how bright a light bulb is going to be. A higher value means the light bulb is going to be brighter. If you are going to use the flood light in a large room, then you might want to consider getting a light bulb with more lumens. 

4. Brand 

To ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, it would probably be a smart choice to purchase a floodlight bulb manufactured by a known brand. If you want something more affordable, you can get something from lesser-known brands, but check the reviews to see if the product does the job well. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are all LED flood lights dimmable?

Some are, as long as you use them with a compatible dimmer. 

Why should I get an LED flood light? 

They are brighter, more energy-efficient, and they can cover a larger space. 

Do LED flood lights last long?

Generally, yes. But of course, that depends on other factors such as the overall quality of the bulb and how you use it. 

Since flood light bulbs tend to be brighter, will my electric bill increase?

Not necessarily. In fact, good LED flood light bulbs are energy efficient. 

Where can I get high quality LED flood light bulbs? 

You can get them online or from hardware stores. 


Is the light bulb you currently have in your garage flickering? Or is it still functioning well, however, you realized that you need something brighter since you do a lot of work in your garage that needs brighter light? If that’s the case, then maybe it is time that you replace your garage lighting with some LED flood light bulbs. 

The best part is that they are energy efficient, they can cover a larger area, they are dimmable, and you can use them not just in your garage or other rooms in your house but outdoors as well.