Best Impact Wrench For Home Garage

The Best Impact Wrench for Home Garage

There is so much to consider when buying a suitable impact wrench for your power work?

5 Best-Selling Impact wrench for Home Garage

Don’t get confused with the names- impact wrenches are also called air guns, torque guns, impact guns, and rattle guns. They are typically used as a last resort when no other tool can do the job, this is due to their formidable tightening and loosening power.

This guide provides you with tips on how to buy the best impact wrench for a home garage and also a list of the most recommended impact wrenches in the market. Here are some of our best recommendations for you, based on quality, durability, popular reviews, affordability, and general toughness.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Impact wrench for Home Garage

1. Titanium Hammer case Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAXCAMO 12 ( Titanium Hammer Case - Camo Design)
Product Highlights:
  • unique: this 2235timax impact wrench will have the officially licensed printed camouflaged design by mossy oak. every tool will have a different variation of the camo design, making each tool unique and special.
  • power: punish the toughest bolts with 1350 ft-lbs. of nut busting torque powered by ingersoll rand’s finely tuned twin-hammer impact mechanism. the 4-position power regulator and one-handed forward/ reverse push button control give you the control to do the job right the first time.
  • finely tuned impact mechanism and motor deliver more torque, durability, and efficiency.
  • a lightweight, balanced, air impact wrench that weighs just 4.6lbs.
  • titanium hammer case is designed to be strong and durable, to protect the interior components of the air impact wrench.

The camo design powerhouse features 1350 ft-lbs torque strength, a 4-position torque regulator, and a reverse/forward one-handed push button. The titanium casing is built for durability and to protect interior components. The tool is lightweight at just 4.6 lbs. The device has been put through the most rigorous efficiency, durability, torque, and safety test and it is one of the most recommended by handymen.

2.  Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench 20V

DEWALT 20V MAX XR ( 3/8-Inch, Tool Only (DCF890B))
Product Highlights:
  • dewalt built brushless motor for increased efficiency and runtime
  • compact and ergonomic with only 5.5" head length and 2 lbs (tool only)
  • variable speed trigger for added control
  • power tool type : cordless
  • 3 leds provide visibility in darks areas of jobsite.battery & charger sold separately

 The cordless, brushless motor, an impact wrench is highly efficient and features an ergonomic handle for long-hour use. It weighs 2lbs with a head length of 5.5”. The variable speed trigger allows you to control the power of the device.

A special feature that we absolutely love is the 3 LED lights features that provide visibility when you need to work in dark places. The 20V max batteries are durable and support long working period. Dewalt is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to power tools.

3. Dewalt DCF899B Impact wrench

DEWALT 20V MAX XR ( Cordless, Tool Only (DCF899B))
Product Highlights:
  • 1/2 inch cordless impact wrench has up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque and 1200 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque
  • dewalt 1/2 inch impact wrench has a compact design of 8-13/16-inch in length
  • multi-speed control of the battery-powered impact wrench is made for a variety of applications (0-400/ 1,200/ 1,900 rpm)
  • 1/2-inch anvil with detent pin (also available with hog ring)
  • led with 20-second delay for increased visibility

When it comes to getting the work done, the high torque impact wrench has got you covered.  The brushless motor ensures maximum performance. Just how powerful is this tool? It features a maximum torque of 700 ft-lbs and breakaway torque of 1,200 ft-lbs. It has 3-speed levels for precision and LED lights for visibility in the dark. The battery fuel gauge tells you how much power is available. The device is certainly a must-have for big construction projects.

4. Makita Lithium-ion cordless Impact wrench

Makita XWT08Z 18V LXT ( Drive Impact Wrench, Tool Only)
Product Highlights:
  • bl brushless motor delivers 740 ft.lbs. of fastening torque and 1,180 ft.lbs. of nut-busting torque
  • 3-speed power selection switch (0-900/ 0-1,000/ 0-1,800 rpm & 0-1,800/ 0-2,000/ 0-2,200 ipm) provides precise fastening control for a wide range of applications
  • 1/2" anvil with friction ring for quick and easy socket changes
  • efficient bl brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50% longer run time per charge
  • the bl brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the bl motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life

This is most likely the “silver bullet” to all bolt tightening and loosening problems. The cordless tool has a max torque of 740 ft-lbs and breakaway torque of 1,180. It comes with 3-speed selection, a half-inch anvil with friction rings to enable quick socket changes. The brushless motor improves the life of the motor by eliminating carbon brushes. The efficiency and durability of the electronically controlled brushless motor are unequaled.

There are so many things we love about this impact wrench. The LED lights illuminate dark areas, it comes with electric brakes to improve productivity, it has a forward and reverse switch and weighs 7.9 lbs. whether its construction duties, carpentry, or automotive, you are certain of perfection.

5. Milwaukee M12 impact wrench

M12 Fuel Stubby 38 ( Wrench (Bare Tool))
Product Highlights:
  • greatest access in tight spaces at 4.8" in length
  • 250 ft.-lbs. breakaway torque
  • 4-mode drive control
  • auto-shut off mode reduces over fastening and increases productivity
  • one of 90+ tools on the m12 system

It goes without saying that the Milwaukee brand is one of the best in the industry, so you can easily expect a good buy. The M12 does not fall short of expectations. It can access tight spaces at 4.8” and has a 250 ft-lbs breakaway torque, 4 levels speed control, and auto-shutoff mode that helps to maximize productivity, and lots more. The device weighs 2 lbs and is tough on stubborn bolts. It is certainly one of the best tools that you can stash away in your home or garage.   

Buyers Guide

Are you a newbie to the impact wrench tool or a regular handyman looking to upgrade his tools to make your work seamless? There are a few things we need to clarify before you take that leap. Let’s talk wrenches for a second.

Impact wrenches are some of the most powerful work tools used in tightening and loosening bolts. If your work consists of a lot of bolt tightening and undoing then you know that impact wrenches are a huge time saver and so easy to use. They are widely applicable in construction, automotive industry, machinery maintenance, and other heavy metal jobs.

1. Types of impact wrenches

There are two categories of impact wrenches.

Standard chuck impact wrenches – this is the most common type of impact wrench. It has a square chuck that holds the socket in position by a protruding ball bearing.

Hog ring Impact wrench – comes with a hole and ring of rubber that holds the socket in position. Standard sockets can also be used because of their square fitting. The socket sits on the chuck and a split pin goes through both socket and chuck, holding it in position. The rubber ring is run around the socket to prevent the pin from escaping during use.

Things to consider when buying an Impact wrench

Here are the most important things that you have to look out for if you are looking to buy the best impact wrench for your work.

2. Power

The power of your impact wrench is measured by its torque. The torque itself is measured in Newton-meters (nm). The greater the numerical value in nm, the greater the force of the wrench. Impact wrenches have power variations from 100nm to 1000nm and even more. The impact wrench has an upgraded feature called the “breakaway.” This feature allows an initial burst of extra energy in order to loosen a tight bolt which may be difficult due to rust or expansion. A standard 1000nm impact wrench may have a breakaway torque of 1700nm.

3. Size

The size of an Impact wrench largely depends on the bolts and the torque required. A 1005nm tool will work best with M12-M30 bolts, while a 280nm wrench will work best for M8-M16 bolts. It all depends on the size of bolts you may be working with.

4. Power source

Most impact wrenches are cordless, but you may also look out for some externally powered 110v  impact wrenches if you require 24-hour power use. The corded types aren’t as powerful as the cordless types though. The 18v cordless is the most generally used. They come with two batteries.

5. Speed

Most of the impact wrenches have a speed selection plate

6. Chuck type

There are a few varieties of chuck squares available. There are mostly: 3/8, ¾, and 1. The chunk size should match with impact socket available.

7. Extra tools

There are extra tools that come with impact wrenches for high power use. Standard sockets may break because they are not necessarily designed for heavy-duty work.

8. Application

Some impact wrenches are suited for specific applications. While some jobs such as scaffolding do not require a high torque, other jobs may require high torque.

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact wrench size is needed to remove lug nuts?

Either ½ or 3/8

Can I use normal sockets with an impact wrench?

No, normal sockets will crack due to how brittle the material is

What strength of impact wrench do I need?

one in the 1500-1800 in-lb. range can do most jobs

can I use an impact wrench for screws?

Yes, it is easier and faster than other tools

Is buying an impact wrench worth it?

Yes! It may seem expensive at first thought until you have used one. The difference is highly significant.


Our recommendations are some of the finest and safest impact wrenches in the market. You may not get a better deal as far as quality, effectiveness, and durability goes. So, if you are looking to up your game on home garage tools, then these are great options for you.