Best Grow Tent For Garage

5 Best Grow Tent for Garage

Grow tents are smaller versions of grow rooms that originated from herb growers from way back. It is a good way to grow your plants in a controlled environment before they are replanted and exposed to the outside world. 

5 Best-Selling Grow Tent for Garage

Garages on the other hand are perfect for this kind of activity. You do not need to convert your whole garage into a grow room since grown tents exist for this very purpose.

This type of equipment is very useful if you are a plant enthusiast. The early stages of plant growth are quite critical and may very well affect their whole lifespan. Grow tents provide you with a haven for your indoor garden which you can fully control.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Grow Tent for Garage

1. PYLYFE Grow Tent

This tent guarantees to keep all light in. It is built with a heavy-duty zipper that is constructed with double stitching. 98% of its interior is composed of mylar lining, which is reflective and helps to keep the light and temperature from escaping the tent. 

This tent guarantees that your grow light does not go to waste to maximize the growth potential of your plants. The grow tent is made out of tear-proof 600D oxford cloth material that is double-stitched to provide maximum durability. 

The poles are made out of stainless steel and are capable of supporting up to 120 lbs. The grown tent has an observation window as well as multiple vents. Installation is easy and no special tools are needed during the process. 

2. Vanerdun Grow Tent

This tent measures 24 x 24 x 48 inches and is perfect for your garage. A larger variant is also available depending on your need. This tent is lined with 98% mylar material that reflects the grow light inside the tent as well as blocking it from escaping. 

It is made out of durable 600D fabric that is also tear-resistant. The tent also has viewing windows that allow you to peek inside without the need to open the tent entrances. 

The tent is supported by a frame that is made out of metal which provides it with stability and security. Installation is very easy and does not require special tools. 

3. VIVOSUN Grow Tent (Complete Kit)

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Complete ( Filter And 8ft Ducting Combo, 24" X 24" X 48")
Product Highlights:
  • complete kit included: 24 x 24 x 48-inch grow tent, 4-inch 190 cfm inline fan, carbon filter, 8 feet of ducting, 2x stainless clamps, vs1000 led grow light, grow room glasses, rope hangers, 3 x 3-ft. elastic trellis netting, 5-pcs. 5-gallon grow bags, temperature humidity monitor, pruning shears, and digital timer
  • effective ventilation: powerful blower with a fan speed of 2300 rpm for an air flow of 190 cfm; moves air through your target location efficiently for optimal ventilation; 1200+ rc 412 australian virgin charcoal bed; the air aluminum ducting featured with the flexible length for exhaust fan blower or inline fan
  • lower costs & high efficiency light: vs1000 led grow lights use the latest led plant light technology, including samsung lm301 diodes, high-energy efficiency with 2.75 μmol/j; extremely high output but consumes only 100w of electricity, making it more efficient than traditional hid lamps and other plant lamps on the market
  • strong supports for plants: elastic trellis netting provides a sturdy support structure; the grow bags provide excellent air circulation and drainage; the design of pruning snips is perfect and easy to use whether you are right- or left-handed; the digital timer, thermometer, and hygrometer make it easy to control the climate in your grow room
  • advanced grow made easy: the tent is supported by strong metal poles that are specially finished for smooth installation; don’t waste time buying and returning parts that may or may not be compatible or safe to use together; this vivosun complete system includes every part you need to get set up for advanced grow

If you are looking for a grow tent that comes with all the necessary accessories, then this product is for you. This grow tent measures 24 x 24 x 48 inches and comes with its ventilation system. 

Its ventilation system is composed of a 190 CFM fan, a carbon filtration system, as well as ducting. It also comes with a LED grow light as well. Despite all of its electronics, this kit is very energy efficient. 

The installation process is very easy and does not need any special tools. The tent is supported by metal poles and the kit comes with an installation guide for all the accessories that come with it. 

4. GreenHouser Grow Tent

GreenHouser High Reflective Grow ( Removable Water-Proof Floor Tray)
Product Highlights:
  • size: 32''x32''x63''. inside: 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar(enhance the reflective effect). mid side: friendly peva material of pvc free. outside: heavy duty 600d lightproof oxford cloth.
  • durable: heavy duty 600d lightproof oxford cloth and diameter 16mm white paint coated metal rods and large heavy duty zippers & double stitching for protection against light leaks
  • vents: round vents with mesh for better ventilation and multiple vents for fan and filter output
  • frame: diameter 16mm white paint coated metal rods and 16mm (diameter) sturdy plastic connectors key product features
  • package includes: 1x 96% 600d reflective growing tent cover / 1x set 16mm frame of rods and connectors/ 1x removable water-proof floor tray / nylon belts can be used for filter straps/ 1x assembly instruction

This tent comes in various sizes from 24 x 24 x 48 inches as the smallest to 60 x 32 x 80 inches as the largest grow tent available. It is lined with 96% diamond mylar. It is also waterproof and is made out of 600D material. 

The middle side of the tent is made out of PEVA. This material is non-toxic and is friendly to the environment. Constructed along with the tent are the necessary vents for its ventilation system. 

The fans and grow light needs to be purchased separately. 

5. TopoGrow Grow Tent

TopoGrow 2in1 48X36X72 Grow ( Plant Growing Hydroponics Growing System With Floor Tray)
Product Highlights:
  • multi-room grow tents: this tent features one 36"x36"x72" large tent area room equals to a middle and large plant growing tent for vegetation and flowering. this 3’x3’ space is perfect for 3-5 plants growing. meanwhile 2-tier 12"x36"x72" small tent is the perfect nursery area for propagation.
  • quality: durable 600d oxford maylar outside and high-reflective waterproof diamond mylar inside(enhance the reflective effect),large heavy duty zippers & double stitching and also 2 mylar around the zippers for protection against light leaks. rectangle vents with mesh for better ventilation and multiple vents for fan and filter output, easy entry and access.
  • advantage: allowing gardeners to manage plants in different stages of development while remaining compact for small spaces or areas with little height. you could grow seedlings at the 2-tier small tent, and transfer them to the larger tent after they grow taller.
  • combination suggestion: 600w mh/hps grow lights, led 600w/ 800w/1000w/1200w grow lights or cmh 315w grow light in growth space and small watt t5 light in the seedling space. 6" ventilation kit is advised.
  • attention: this is a great hydroponics growing tent kit for all kind of growth need. you could grow mushroom, vegetable or flower. when you are using this tent, please adjust the inside flap around the zipper to avoid zipper getting stuck.

If you are looking for a grow tent that has tiered compartments then this product is for you. This tent has two separate compartments that are meant for flower plant growing and propagation. Ventilation and lighting can be installed in the compartments as well the same as the main grow tent. 

This tent measures 36 x 36 x 72 inches and the smaller tiered compartment measures 12 x 24 x 72 inches. The insides of this grow tent is fully lined with mylar. This is a material that is very effective in reflecting light from the inside and helps in keeping the light in. 

The advantage of having separate compartments is that it allows you to manage plants that are from different stages of growth. 

Buying Guide

1. How To Choose The Right Grow Tent

There are many grow tents that you can purchase and some of them come in complete kits that include ventilation and lighting while others come in just the tent alone. If you want to customize the ventilation and lighting systems then you can just purchase the tent online. 

Some come as a complete kit. All you need to do is to assemble and you will be ready to go. Make sure that the material is highly durable. 

2. Difference Between A Grow Room, Grow Tent, and a Green House

A grow tent is a smaller version of a grow room while a greenhouse is an enclosed garden that is not completely sealed.  When you use grow tents, the factors that promote plant growth can easily be controlled unlike when it is in a greenhouse. 

3. Grow Tent Size

The size of your grow tent depends on the size that you would allocate to for your indoor garden. Always plan before you purchase one of these. 

4. Factors That Will Affect Plant Growth

Many factors would affect plant growth and you must be aware. If you live in a warmer climate, your ventilation system should be capable enough to compensate. 

Make sure that all the conditions are satisfied before you can proceed with your plan. 

Frequently  Asked Questions

Can plants survive in the garage?

The answer is dependent on the immediate environment of your home. For plants to grow inside your garage, all factors that would affect plant growth should be satisfied. 

Can you start seeds in the garage?

Yes, since it only takes up a little space. 

Can you grow vegetables in your garage?

Yes, you can if you have the right setup. Using a grow tent is handy as well for this task.

Are grow tents worth it?

Yes, they are. Especially when you are caring for delicate plants. 

Are grow tents dangerous?

No, these items are generally safe for use. 


Grow tents are very handy when you are opting to have a garage garden. Growing your plants inside a grow tent will make them propagate faster as well. That is why it is best to put plants inside the grow tent whenever they are still in their early stages.