Best Garbage Cans For Garage

5 Best Garbage Cans for Garage

If you want a clean and orderly home, it is very important that you have a good waste disposal system and of course, that means that you have to have a proper garbage can. There are some people who do not want to spend much on garbage cans and there are also those who prefer to use other containers such as cardboard boxes for their waste to save money when in fact, this is not enough. 

5 Best-Selling Garbage Cans for Garage

A high-quality garbage can is a good investment in the long run since it will keep your waste away from rodents and other pests and also from making the rest of your house smell. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Garbage Cans for Garage

1. iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Stainless Steel Trash Can & Recycle Bin

ITouchless 16 Gallon Kitchen ( Close Lid And Airtight, For Home, Office, Business)
Product Highlights:
  • our promise to you – your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a full-service manufacturer's warranty and dedicated customer support (see user manual for details)
  • smart recycle & trash home solution – blue side for recycling, black side for trash. quick and easy way to separate trash and recyclables
  • gentle & silent lid close – durable, ergonomic pedal requires minimal force to open; easy to replace air damper for years of like-new performance
  • sophisticated & stylish – elegant, fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant brushed stainless steel is easy to clean and complements any décor
  • easy & mess-free emptying – two separate, color-coded 8 gallon removable inner buckets make it easy to take out the garbage and recycling fits standard 8 to 10 gallon trash bags. no custom bags required.

The iTouchless Stainless Steel Trash Can is perfect if you are looking for something that looks modern. It has a 16 gallon capacity and it has two parts–a blue side for stuff that you want to have recycled, and a black side for your garbage. If you want to throw in something without having to open the garbage can with your hands, don’t worry because this one has an easy-to-use foot pedal for exactly that purpose. 

Upon closing, you will notice that the lid of this can closes very slowly instead of slamming shut, thanks to its air damper which can be easily replaced if you have to. The best part is that it has odor filters for both parts which allows it to tone down the scent of unwanted odors. 

2. Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Heavy-Duty Trash/Garbage Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE ( Home/Garage/Mall/Office/Stadium/Bathroom)
Product Highlights:
  • constructed with the highest quality material plus a uv inhibitor ensures long life in even the most extreme environments. assured to never fade, warp, crack, or crush
  • innovative venting channels make lifting out liners up to 50% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of injury.
  • integrated cinches secure the liner, allowing for efficient knot free liner changes. tested to 20,000 cycles.
  • rounded handles make lifting and moving easier, and are reinforced to resist tearing or damage from even the heaviest loads.

If you have a lot of space in your garage, then might as well get a garbage can that is large just like this one. It can hold a large amount of waste and you can leave it out under just about any weather and still you are sure to be unable to find any cracks or signs of tear on this very tough garbage can. 

Some good features of this can that are worth noting include the handles for easy handling and transfer, the strong base which can survive a lot of friction, and the tough locks which you can easily remove if you wish. 

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Fg9W2773 Heavy-Duty Wheeled Recycling Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute ( Of House/Warehouses/Home, Blue (FG9W2773BLUE))
Product Highlights:
  • encourages recycling: blue color and universal recycling symbol for improved waste diversion
  • effortless movement: easy mobility for material handling, general refuse, and bulk waste collection in commercial locations, homes, garages, and driveways
  • durable wheels: heavy-duty wheels with high performance treads are optimized for use indoors and outdoors
  • strong construction: reinforced rim for superior structural integrity and robust lid designed for added strength
  • full range lid: rollout lids open fully and stay in place to prevent swinging during transport

A garbage can with wheels such as this is perfect if you are the type who wants something that you can easily move around without having to carry anything. Everything about this garbage can is tough and durable, from the wheels, the lid, and the walls. You can never go wrong with this trash can since it has a large capacity (it can hold up to 50 gallons of waste) and it is made of really thick plastic that does not easily crack or break. 

This massive garbage can survive any season or weather and it can last long even if it is exposed to extremely cold or hot temperatures. 

4. Suncast Hideaway Resin Outdoor Trash Can 

Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway ( Deck, Or Patio, 33-Gallon, Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • outdoor patio trash can: features a decorative wicker-style design for a stylish addition to your outdoor space
  • functional design: lid is hinged for easy access and latches securely so garbage stays in the can
  • convenient use: compatible with standard 30 gal. garbage bags for easy and convenient use
  • durable construction: constructed with durable resin that resists fading and keeps water out through every season
  • compact size: measures 16" x 15.75" x 31.7" to keep your porch clean without taking up too much space coverage area (sq. ft.): 1.75 ft²

Garbage cans often look boring so it is quite unusual to find one that can be easily described as beautiful just like this one. This can is made out of resin and has a nice brown, taupe or white color and wicker-style design which makes it perfect not just for garages but also for backyards. You can even use it inside your house, if you want! It can be assembled in as fast as ten minutes and it does not just look pretty, it does a pretty decent job, too! It is very sturdy, it appears sleek, and inside, you can easily place and secure your 30-33 gallon trash bag in place. 

5. Keter Rockford Resin 38 Gallon Trash Can with Lid and Drip Tray

Keter Rockford Resin 38 ( Kitchens, And Outdoor Entertaining, Grey)
Product Highlights:
  • dimensions: 16. 14 in. l x 16. 14 in. w x 34. 4 in. h
  • trash bag size: uses 30-39 gallon trash bags
  • resin construction: durable resin construction so no worry of rust, rot or moisture damage
  • durable and strong: weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling and denting - unlike real wood
  • easy cleaning: dedicated fluid drawer makes cleaning the trash can as easy as possible.double lid: innovative double-lid hides the unsightly trash bag and keeps the unit securely shut even when overturned

Garbage can often look plain, but this one has a nice natural wood design which is great if you want something that does not look boring. Note that this garbage can does not just look good. It is also very tough due to its resin construction and double walls, and it also has quite a large capacity considering that inside, you can fit a trash bag that can hold up to 39 gallons of waste. 

Even though it appears a lot like actual wood, this garbage can survive just about any weather since one of its components is polypropylene. If the waste you throw has liquids, it will not simply accumulate in the bottom since this garbage can has a drawer which you can just easily pull out and clean. 

Buying Guide 

1. Size 

Find a garbage can that can fit the usual amount of waste in your household. Also, take note of the amount of space you are will to set entirely for your garbage can. 

2. Design and Functionality

Some garbage cans look modern, some look plain. Some have foot pedals for easy opening, while there are also some that are more traditional–you have to open them by hand. Some have unique features that enhance their ability to reduce the unwanted odors coming from your waste. Pick something that suits your needs, your taste, and your budget. 

3. Material 

Usually, garbage cans used at home are made of either metal or plastic. Metal garbage cans are good, but if you want something that can last longer and has a greater capacity, consider getting one that is made out of tough plastic. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What material should my garbage be made of? 

Often the ones used at home are made of either metal or plastic. Plastic is generally the best choice since it is more durable.  They also have a larger capacity. Metal ones tend to get worn out more quickly especially if you throw liquid waste. 

What brands make the toughest garbage cans for garage use? 

If you want tough garbage cans, you might want to look at the ones made by Rubbermaid. 

How big should my garbage can be? 

That depends on your needs and the space you have in your garage for your garbage can. 

Why should I invest in a good garbage can? 

They are better than using plain containers or low-quality garbage cans since they do not get damaged easily, they can hold more weight, they are better at keeping pests or stray animals away from your can and your home, and they can also help reduce unwanted odors. 

What color should my garbage can be? 

It does not really matter since there is no uniform system for this. If you want, you can set your own color coding system for your waste for proper segregation in your own household. 


Note that when purchasing garbage cans, they must be appropriately sized for your needs, they must be made out of tough material, they must have a functional design, and if you can afford one with nice additional features, that would be great, too.