Best Garage Hangers For Fishing Kayak

6 Best Garage Hangers for Fishing Kayak

Kayaking is one of the fun outdoor activities that you can do with friends and family when you are off work. However, while using a kayak may be enjoyable, storing it properly may be quite a challenge, especially if you have a small space in your garage.

6 Best-Selling Garage Hangers for Fishing Kayak

Fortunately, you can now purchase garage hangers or hoists to store your kayak in an organized manner. This way you will not just be able to keep your garage in order, you will also be able to protect your kayak from incurring damage. 

Reviews of 6 Top Rated Garage Hangers for Fishing Kayak

1. RAD Sportz 100 LB Capacity Kayak Wall Hangers 

RAD Sportz Kayak Wall ( Storage For Garage Or Shed)
Product Highlights:
  • kayak wall mount – the hangers provide an easy way to mount your kayak, snowboard, or surf board neatly on the wall of your garage or shed.
  • secure storage – constructed from sturdy powder coated steel, the hooks can be mounted right into your wall studs to safely store equipment up to 100-pounds.
  • foam padded hooks – the hooks are designed with a foam padding to protect your kayak or sporting equipment from scratches.
  • easy installation – the hooks can be easily mounted right onto the wall with minimal assembly or tools needed.
  • product details – materials: powder coated steel and foam; dimensions of each hook: 15.25" x 3" x 25”; 100-pound weight capacity.

These hangers which are made of powder coated steel are very affordable but they are among the best ones you can find online. They have a 100 lb capacity and with these hangers, you can protect your kayak from scratches and other sorts of damage that it could incur if you were to just place it on the floor or against the wall. 

These hangers from RAD Sportz are very easy to install but they do the job really well. You will surely get the most out of your money with these. 

2. RAD Sportz 1004 125 LB Capacity Kayak Hoist Lift Garage Storage Canoe Hoists 

Kayak Hoist Set ( Ladder Storage By Rad Sportz (2 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • set of 2 ceiling hoists – the set of 2 storage hoists are ideal for keeping your kayaks, canoes, bikes, or ladders suspended overhead for convenient out of the way storage in your garage or shed
  • pulley system – the hoists utilize a pulley system with a safety locking mechanism that makes it easy to lift and safely store equipment up to 125-pounds
  • rubber coated hooks – the hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect your kayak or canoe from scratches
  • easy installation – the pulleys can be used on ceilings up to 12 feet. please note, you can mount this item as pictured on a 2 x 4 and screw the 2 x 4 to the joist or mount it right to the joist itself
  • product details – 125 weight capacity per hoist. set of 2

There are two ways you can store your kayak properly in your garage. The first is through wall hangers and the other way is through hoist lifts such as this product from RAD Sportz which leave your kayak hanging from the ceiling. This is perfect for areas with a ceiling height of around 12 feet. These are very easy to install and once they are up, they can hold kayaks as heavy as 125 lbs and you will be able to free up a lot of floor space in your garage. 

If you are quite scared about the safety of hoist lifts, do not worry since these lifts have safety locks to prevent accidental release. The hooks are also coated with rubber to prevent scratches. 

3. RAD Sportz 1220 Kayak Wall Hanger 

Kayak Storage Hooks ( Paddleboards By Rad Sportz, Orange)
Product Highlights:
  • kayak wall mount – the hangers provide an easy way to mount your kayak or paddleboard neatly on the wall of your garage or shed
  • secure storage – constructed from sturdy powder coated steel, and equipped with nylon holding straps and clips, the hooks can be mounted right into your wall studs to safely store equipment up to 125-pounds
  • foam padded hooks – the hooks are designed with a foam padding to protect your kayak or sporting equipment from scratches
  • easy installation – the hooks can be easily mounted right onto the wall with minimal assembly or tools needed
  • product details – materials: powder coated steel and foam; 125-pound weight capacity

This product probably has everything that you are looking for in the perfect kayak wall hanger. It has a large capacity (it can hold up to 125 pounds of weight), it can be installed easily and even though it is cheaper than its competitors, it works just as well, if not better. 

Just one look at this wall hanger and you will know right away that it is made out of high quality materials. Each bracket is made of powder-coated steel and has a foam that provides additional protection for your kayak. The straps also clearly look durable. They also look good on the wall once installed. 

4. Extreme Max 3004.0204 Kayak/Canoe/Bike/Ladder Hoist & Lift

Extreme Max 30040204 KayakCanoeBikeLadder ( Or Garage - 120 Lb. Capacity)
Product Highlights:
  • kayak hoist system lifts and stores kayaks, canoes, bikes, ladders and more in shop or garage
  • easily lift and lower stored items - one person operation
  • includes pulleys, lift hooks, mounting brackets and hardware, 50' hoist rope, and 2" x 94" saddle straps
  • 120 lb. capacity
  • limited lifetime warranty

This hoist system which was especially manufactured for kayak storage is on the affordable side, but it works really well. It has a 120 lb-capacity and it also comes with extremely tough ropes and lag bolts. It is also very easy to install since the instructions provided were very clear. If it ever seems that it is too loose for your kayak, you can easily tighten it up. 

5. BEST Marine Kayak Storage Racks

Best Marine Kayak Storage ( Cradles For Garage. Kayak Accessories With 100lb Capacity)
Product Highlights:
  • extend the life of your sports equipment: when you've found your perfect watercraft, you want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. using the best marine storage racks will help you do just that. our wall mounts are strong and sturdy. they come with straps and fasteners so you can secure your watercraft on the mounts and keep it out of harm's way.
  • suitable for kayaks, paddleboards, and surfboards: getting out on the water is fun, but once the recreation is done for the weekend, where do you store your watercraft? with the best marine storage rack, you can store kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, and more. with its 100 lb carrying capacity, our storage rack is built to hold some of the heaviest watercrafts.
  • gain more space in your yard or garage: whether your kayak is leaning against the house, lying in the yard, tucked away in the corner of the garage, or laying in the middle of the patio, it can take up quite a bit of space. gain some space and maneuverability back with our heavy-duty storage racks. they offer a safe and convenient way to store your watercraft. our wall racks make the perfect creative gift for that kayaker that is in your life!
  • quick and simple installation: with best marine's storage rack, you don't have to rely on a handyman to help you with installation. the setup is simple. most of everything you need, including instructions and heavy-duty screws, comes in the package. the only thing you'll need is a drill. each wall rack is 22" tall and extends 19.5" inches from the wall.
  • hang it anywhere – indoors or outdoors: don't have space in your garage? no worries. our kayak hangers can easily be installed in a shed, under a deck, or on a dock/pier. the versatility of our mounts makes it convenient to access day or night. too tired to move things around? easy. install the mounts on an outside wall. they’re made of powder-coated steel which makes them resistant to rust.

If you are looking for the perfect kayak hanger, look no further than these storage racks by BEST. Indeed, these are probably among the best ones you can get on Amazon. They are made out of heavy duty powder coated steel and they also have a nice foam padding to prevent your kayak from getting damaged. 

Even though these racks are made out of steel, they are not heavy, and yet they can hold 100 lbs of weight. Unlike other hangers or racks sold online, these come with great screws that can easily grab into the studs, which makes the entire installation process a breeze. The brand that produces these racks also have great customer service, so if you ever encounter any issues with your purchase, you can easily seek help from them. 

6. StoreYourBoard Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist Pro

StoreYourBoard Kayak Ceiling Storage ( Hanging Organizer Pulley Rack, Pro)
Product Highlights:
  • adjustable ceiling storage - (2) heavy-duty nylon straps hold your kayaks in place and can be adjusted to fit the width of your kayak. protective rubber casings around each cam-action buckle prevents scratching and helps hold straps in place.
  • auto-locking hoist - the pulley's 4 to 1 mechanical advantage allows you to raise and lower your kayak with just one person. it's locking brake uses gravity to pinch the rope and hold the system in place. easily raise and lower your kayak
  • advanced kayak support - this ceiling hoist comes with an additional center connecting strap for an extra secure hold on your kayak. this keeps both ends of the pulley connected to prevent the straps from shifting during storage.
  • space efficient overhead storage - by storing your kayak overhead against the ceiling, you can prevent excess damage to your boat during storage. great for keeping out bugs dirt, and preventing sun fade from being stored outside. keep your kayak in great shape for your next trip.

Kayak hoist systems may look complicated at first glance, but they really are not. Take for example this one, which you can install in a little over ten minutes. The ropes and the metal parts of this hoist are tough and this entire system can hold really heavy kayaks. Unlike the classic version, the Pro version has additional straps for enhanced security.

Buying Guide 

1. Wall Hangers or Hoist Lift System 

If your kayaks have been lying around and you have decided that you will finally take some time to organize, then you have to decide whether you want them on your wall or if you prefer to have them hanging from the ceiling. Either way, you will be able to free up a lot of space, but note that a hoist lift system is perfect if your ceiling height is quite high. 

2. Space 

Before getting hangers for your kayak, make sure that you have enough space in your garage for storage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I just leave my kayak outside especially during winter? 

It is better to store your kayak under warm weather instead of snowy weather since it can crush under the weight of snow. However, note that it is not a good idea to leave your kayak outside, whatever the weather. If you do not have space inside your house, store it under the deck or any sort of shelter. 

Should I store my kayak upright?

No, since it may destroy the ends of the kayak. 

Normally, how long does a kayak last? 

If taken care of properly, a kayak may last as long as 10 years. 

Should I get hangers or a hoist lift system?

Consider the space that you have and the ceiling height of the room wherein you are planning to store your kayak.

Where can I get kayak hangers?

You can get good ones online, in kayaking stores, and in some hardware stores as well. 


With hangers, you will also be able to save a lot of space. They can also make your kayaks appear like decorations on your garage walls instead of seeming like piles of junk on the floor that only accumulate a lot of dirt. This way, investing hangers for your kayaks will surely last much longer than if you were to just keep them lying around on the floor.