Best Garage Dust Collection Systems

10 Best Garage Dust Collection Systems

Health and safety are two major points of concern when it comes to working in your garage or workshop. Power tools are dangerous enough, so when you combine them with the dust that they produce, you’ve got something that can harm your health as well.

10 Best-Selling Garage Dust Collection Systems

Inhaling too much dust can be dangerous for your health. It might affect your lungs or may trigger allergies like asthma. Fortunately, it’s easy to eliminate to minimize the risk of dust. All you need is a garage dust collection system

There is an overwhelming number of options. So, to narrow down your choices, these are the best garage dust collection systems that you can shop online.

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Garage Dust Collection Systems

1. POWERTEC Dust Collector

POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Mounted ( Micron Filter Bag | 537 CFM)
Product Highlights:
  • includes: (1) wall hanging dust collector with mounting bracket and (1) 2. 5 micron dust collector filter bag
  • reusable micron bag: ensures optimal air quality, free from harmful pollutants and fine dust particles – comes with built-in window to view dust level and an easy-dust disposal zipper
  • compact size is ideal for small pro or hobby shop
  • "power specs: features 1 hp electric motor with dual voltages 120v/240v | 7 amp at 120v, 3. 5 amp at 240v; motor speed: 3450 rpm | airflow capacity - 537 cfm"
  • "compatibility: possesses a 4 inch inlet port – allowing you to attach the dust-collector hose directly to whatever machine you are using "

Like its namesake, the POWERTEC dust collector is all about power and performance. It’s currently the best option under $500, which is a complete bang for your buck. 

It comes with a convenient mounting system that makes it easier to store. It’s also an ideal option for smaller garages or workshops as it can cover any floor space. With a CFM capacity of 537, this dust collector has enough juice to yield the best cleaning result. 

2. Shop FOX Dust Collector

Shop Fox W1826 Wall ( Micron Filtration)
Product Highlights:
  • 1-horsepower motor, 120 or 240v, prewired at 120v, 7 amp at 110v, 3.5 amp at 240v
  • features window to gauge how much dust is in bag and bottom zipper for easy dust disposal
  • single 4-inch intake hole
  • 2.5 micron bag has 2 cubic feet capacity
  • 44-inch height with bag inflated

Are you looking for a dust collector for other areas in your home? Shop FOX has something special for you. At just under $230, this compact dust collector comes with a 1HP electrical motor that also supports dual-power systems.

With a strong CFM capacity of 537, the Shop FOX dust collector can handle all of your dust-producing tools and machines. It can even collect sawdust and small wood chips.

3. Rikon Portable Dust Collector

Rikon 1Hp Portable Dust ( Dust Collector)
Product Highlights:
  • great for small shops
  • versatile
  • 2-micron cloth bag

If you have an oversized two-car garage, a portable dust collector is the best option for you. Rikon’s versatile dust collector is perfect for all garage sizes. You can even use it for your workshop or garden shed.

This product is pretty versatile – you can store it on the wall using its built-in casters. It’s also very convenient to move around. The four-inch dust port can effectively draw 660 CFM, which is just the right amount of force, especially when you’re cleaning an oversized garage. It even comes with a durable 2-micron cloth bag. 

4. WEN Dust Collector

WEN 3401 57Amp 660 ( And Optional Wall Mount)
Product Highlights:
  • 5.7-amp brushed motor combined with the 6-inch impeller moves over 660 cubic feet of air per minute
  • 4-inch dust port allows for connection to your favorite woodworking tools
  • compact design includes an onboard carrying handle for easy storage and transportation
  • features lockable swivel casters, an optional wall mount, and a 12-gallon zippered collection bag
  • measures in at 34.25 x 13 x 14.2 inches in size with a weight of 18.5 pounds

The WEN dust collector provides superb cleaning with its powerful 5.7 amp electric motor. It also offers 660 CFM of capacity, which can easily clean large areas on a whim.

However, the elephant in the room that separates the WEN dust collector from other products is its massive, massive 12-gallon dust collector bag. With it, you can keep collecting dust nonstop.

5. Delta Power Dust Collector

Delta Power Equipment 50723T2 ( Dust Collector, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • standard 2 micron filtration bag keeps your shop safer and cleaner
  • sewn in, snap-in filter bag ring is faster, easier and eliminates the need for cam-over-lock style clamps
  • powerful tefc induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance with protection from damaging dust
  • 6 mil plastic chip collection bag shows you when the bag needs emptying
  • sturdy steel base with four easy-gliding wheels for moving from machine to machine or for storing out of the way

Dust collectors keep your health safe from dust. That’s why you need to protect your dust collector as well. The Delta power dust collector comes with a solid TEFC induction motor, offering smoother performance and protecting the product from dust damage.

This dust collector also offers better movement thanks to the two steel-based wheels at the bottom. With over 600 CFM suction capacity, you can clean every part of your garage without any restrictions.

6. Grizzly Dust Collection System

Grizzly Industrial G07101 HP ( Hanging Dust Collector)
Product Highlights:
  • motor size: 1 hp, 110v/220v, single-phase, pre-wired to 110v; amps: 14/7
  • intake hole size: 4"; bag size (diameter x depth): 13 1/2" x 24"; approximate shipping weight: 51 lbs.
  • optional bag replacement: g3591
  • impeller: balanced steel, radial fin; power coated paint;
  • air suction capacity: 450 cfm; maximum static pressure: 7.2"

Just because it’s an industrial-level dust collection system doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your garage or workshop. The Grizzly dust collection system can handle any dust in all of your machines. 

With its 1HP motor and 537 CFM suction power, this dust collection system will get the job done for you. It even comes with mounting brackets and a bag replacement for overall convenience.

7. BUCKTOOL Dust Collector

BUCKTOOL 1HP 65AMP Wallmount ( Bag 550CFM Air Flow DC30A-1)
Product Highlights:
  • 1hp powerful induction motor with 6.5amp 550cfm air flow
  • 4inch x 80inch hose
  • steel impeller supply 550 cfm air flow
  • 2 micron dust bag. to ensure a better experience, we suggest matching with our 2 micron filter bag
  • we have wall mount function and the wheels with brake for easy movement and fix position

BUCKTOOL Dust Collector wall mount dust collector features a 4×80-inch hose that works pretty well in tight spaces. Its 1HP motor yields up to 6.4AMP and 550 CPM worth of suction power.

It also comes with steel impellers, which offer superb airflow. The 2-micron dust bag also offers better dust cleaning results. For mobility, the movable wheels will push it anywhere you want to place it while working.

8. Jet Dust Collector

JET DC1200VXCK1 Vortex Cone ( 1200 CFM, 1Ph 230V (710702K))
Product Highlights:
  • continuous duty: permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors.
  • fast debris removal: quick-connect collection bags with elastic band.
  • vortex cone technology: improves chip separation and collector bag packing efficiency.
  • high air velocity: stands up to any competitive specifications.
  • total portability: includes four casters for easy maneuverability.

While other dust collectors use micron fiber dust bags, the Jet dust collected uses a 2-micron canister kit. Jet Dust Collector is ideal for both industrial and household use.

The dist collection capacity is at a decent 5.3 cubic feet. It also comes with a vortex cone that will significantly help during chip separation.

9. Oneida Dust Deputy Deluxe

Oneida Air Systems Dust ( Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums (DD Deluxe 5-Gal))
Product Highlights:
  • the original and still the best! patented cyclone design removes over 99% of fine dusts and bulk debris from the airstream. stops dust from reaching your vacuum's filter/bag, eliminating filter clogging and suction loss.
  • compatible with any make/model shop vacuum; tapered ports fit standard 1.5" to 2.5" hose fittings. portable design can be mounted directly to the vacuum. works with most materials: wood dust, drywall dust, concrete dust, clay/silica dust, blasting soda, cooled ash & soot, water, metal shavings, baking flour, grass & leaves, pet/animal hair, pharmaceutical waste, and much more!
  • neutral-vane technology improves separation efficiency by 20%. patented bucket lid design maximizes the cyclone’s separation efficiency, and see-through feature lets you see how full the bucket is.
  • collapse-proof buckets won't fold under high vacuum pressures. reinforced, quick-release, cyclone lid allows for quick and easy emptying. wire-reinforced, polyurethane hose provides superior flexibility and anti-static components significantly reduce the likelihood of static shocks.
  • made in the usa. us pat. #6833016, #7282074, #re40048, #d933321 and patent pending

At just under $100, the Oneida Dust Deputy Deluxe is the cheapest option on this list. But don’t let that price fool you.

This dust collector still packs a punch in terms of performance and longevity. Its superb filtration system ensures that the filter stays clean for a longer period. That way, you won’t have to worry about a replacement.

10. Powermatic Dust Collector

Powermatic PM1300TXCK Dust Collector ( CFM, 1Ph 115/230V (1791079K))
Product Highlights:
  • improved chip separation: turbocone improves chip separation and collector bag packing efficiency
  • peak performance: the large steel impeller is powered by a 1-3/4 hp motor
  • efficient dust collection: 10 cu. ft. capacity collection bag reduces the number of bag changes
  • ir remote control: remote-controlled digital timer can be programmed for up to 99 minutes
  • simultaneous collection: dual 4" dust ports allows connection to two machines

Finally, we have the Powermatic dust collector, which arguably has the most powerful motor on this list. At 1.5HP, this dust collector has more than enough strength to dust your entire garage and more. It also has better chip separation and a wide filtering area for high-efficiency performance.

Buying Guide

1. Purpose

The purpose of the buying guide section is to educate readers on what they should be looking for when buying a dust collection system. It also provides details about the type of dust collecting system they should buy for the best results.

One thing you should know about dust collectors is that they are separated into three different size categories:

2. Portable Dust Collectors

Portable dust collectors are the smallest and most compact variant available in the market. Dust collectors that fall under this category are light, mobile, and easy to use and store. Features to look for in portable dust collectors include the following:

  • Rollers for maximum portability.
  • Compact form factor for more accessible storage.
  • Good filtering system to ensure dust won’t escape from the bag or bin.
  • Longer hose for freedom of movement and overall maneuverability.
  • Lighter weight.

3. Medium-sized Dust Collectors

Medium-sized dust collectors are a bigger and more improved version of the portable dust collector. While it’s not as portable as the smaller variant, it does offer a better motor that can suction at a much higher rate. Features to look for in medium-sized dust collectors include the following:

  • Bigger dust bag for added dust capacity.
  • High motor capacity, typically at the 1HP range for better overall performance.
  • Noise-canceling features for improved comfort and reduced workplace noise.
  • Lighter bodyweight for easier portability, transport, and storage.
  • Stronger and more durable hoses for
  • Good filtering system.

4. Industrial Dust Collectors

As the name suggests, industrial dust collectors are the biggest and strongest variant. Dust collectors that fall under this category are typically used for bigger, industrial-scale facilities.

They can also be used for bigger-sized garages and workshops. Featured to look for in industrial dust collectors include the following:

  • Noise-canceling features for the overall convenience of use.
  • Larger and thicker hose for better performance, without any leaks
  • High rate of airflow for faster and more efficient dust collection.
  • Industrial-grade motors starting at 2HP for continuous high performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a garage dust collection system?

Dust can be harmful to your health. With a garage dust collection system, you can keep working without worrying about the dust in your surroundings.

When should I buy a garage dust collection system?

You Should buy a dust collection system when you work inside your garage or workshop constantly. If your work involves a lot of dust that can harm your health, a dust collector can help prevent that.

How do I know which dust collection system is right for me?

The dust collection system that you choose should be designed and installed with your specific operation in mind. For your garage, get one with enough suction power and dust-collecting capacity to get the job done without any compromises.

Do I need a permit to own and operate a dust collector?

No, you don’t need to have a permit to own and operate your dust collector inside your garage. However, if you use a bigger industrial-sized dust collection system, some states will require an air permit from your local permitting authority.


So there you have it! This list contains ten of the best garage dust collection systems that you can buy on Amazon. Click on the link and check them out.