Best Garage Door Opener For Heavy Wood Garage Door

5 Best Garage Door Opener for Heavy Wood Garage Door

A lot of garage doors these days are made out of metal, which is why having a wooden garage door is unique and a blessing, since things that are made of wood never go out of style. Not only do such garage doors appear classy and stylish. They are also durable, especially when they are made out of tough, high-quality wood. 

5 Best-Selling Garage Door Opener for Heavy Wood Garage Door

Wooden garage doors tend to be more expensive than the one that is made out of steel. This only makes sense, considering that wood is more resistant to bumps and scratches. However, note that they are usually heavier as well, which is why you need to pick a relatively more expensive garage door opener if you are planning on getting one so you can be certain that it can carry the weight of all the wood. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Garage Door Opener for Heavy Wood Garage Door

1. Genie StealthDrive Connect Model 7155-TKV Garage Door Opener

Genie 7155TKV Smart Garage ( Backup - Works With Alexa & Google Home)
Product Highlights:
  • strong and quiet: the stealth drive connect smart garage door opener has a 1 1/4 hpc dc motor that is paired with a steel-reinforced belt drive making this garage door opener perfect for garages that are attached to bedrooms and/or nurseries
  • smart garage system: this smart stealth drive connect garage door opener integrates with the most popular smart home automation systems, so your garage can be part of your favorite smart home. works with alexa, google assistant, smartthings, walmart inhome and many more. make part of your routines or utilize voice control- so many smart possibilities
  • battery backup included: the stealth drive connect garage door opener comes equipped with a battery backup that allows for the garage door opener to be used when the primary power is out. you have peace of mind that you can open the garage from inside or outside in the event of an emergency.
  • easy to install: this smart garage door opener features a strong 5-piece rail system that snaps together for easy installation. it’s lightweight with no added hardware needed. plus, this smart garage door opener works with bilt intelligent 3d interactive instructions, for extra easy assembly
  • works on: the genie stealth drive connect smart garage door opener works on residential sectional garage doors up to 7ft in height. for 8ft high doors use extension ektb

If you are going to use your garage door opener on wood, it would be a good idea to buy an opener that has a power of at least 1 HP such as this one (this producT has 1.25 HP to be specific). 

Aside from being powerful enough to lift heavy wooden garage doors, this is also quiet, which makes it the perfect choice if your garage is close to a bedroom. You can also link it with Alexa or Google Home, which allows you to turn your very own phone into a handy remote. It is also easy to install, so you can pretty much do the entire process by yourself without hiring anyone to do the job for you. 

2. Chamberlain Group B1381 Garage Door Opener (Blue)

Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage ( MAX Lifting Power,1.25 HP, Wireless Keypad Incl, Blue)
Product Highlights:
  • see your garage in a new light: corner to corner lighting, smart garage opener features 3, 100-lumens of led lighting to fill your entire garage.
  • smart garage control: open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone through the myq app.
  • max lift power system-1. 25 hps: delivers the highest lifting force in the industry for effortless lifting and reliable performance.
  • battery backup: keep your garage door accessible even during power outages
  • ultra-quiet & strong belt drive: steel-reinforced belt drive and constructed with high-grade materials for years of reliability and quiet, smooth performance—perfect for attached garages.

This garage door opener is blue, which is quite unique, and it has built-in LED lighting which provides enough light to assist you when you are parking your car late at night. It is made of high quality materials and it works quietly. 

It is also very helpful that like most modern garage door openers, this one can be controlled easily through an app that you can install on your phone. It also has a battery backup feature, which is helpful in situations when there is no power. 

3. The Centurion BU800 Two Car Garage Door Opener

BeamUP Centurion BU800 ( Sensors Included, No Subscription Fees - White)
Product Highlights:
  • ultra lift power transmission: powerful enough to lift the heaviest of carriage house doors, the sentry's quiet & ultra-reliable 3/4 horsepower equivalent dc motor will provide safety, reliability, and security for many years to come.
  • will it open my garage door? whether your garage is 8'x7' single door or 16'x7' double door, the bu400 sentry provides smooth & quiet operation of your garage door. ** designed for garage doors up to 7 feet high garage doors. 8 and 10 feet in height will require an extension kit (8bx or 10bx). **
  • quick & easy setup: the sentry smart garage door opener installs without any special tools. all beamup products come with step-by-step installation guides, product manuals, video tutorials, and telephone tech support.
  • engineered with security in mind: the sentry smart garage door opener allows for smartphone access & control. with an integrated motion-activated 3000 lumen (200w) edge-to-edge led security lighting system, beamup blankets the entire garage with motion sensors — not just near the door control.
  • sustainable led lighting: integrated 3000 lumen energy-efficient led security lighting reduces lifetime cost – never replace a lightbulb!

Simply put, this garage door opener is fantastic. It is very easy to install, it does not make noise and the best part about this is that it is extremely strong, with 1.25 HP of power, which is why this one of the best choices if you are searching for something to use on a garage door that is made out of heavy wood. 

Even without a remote in hand, you can control this opener since you can easily control it with your phone. It also has a lighting system which is extremely handy if you usually pull up into your garage at night. 

4. Chamberlain Group C870 Durable Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain C870 Smart Garage ( Lifting Power (1.25 HP), Wireless Keypad Included, Gray)
Product Highlights:
  • smart garage control: open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone through the myq app
  • new in garage delivery with key by amazon: prime members in select areas can opt in with the c870 to get amazon packages securely delivered right inside their garage; simply link your myq account in the key app
  • max lift power system 1.25 hps: delivers the highest lifting force in the industry for effortless lifting and reliable performance
  • durable chain drive: rugged steel construction with precision fabrication for dependable performance, use after use
  • battery backup: keep your garage door accessible even during power outages.superior remote range: exclusive triband technology boosts remote range up to 1,500 feet for quicker entrance and exit.trusted safety & security: unmatched security + 2.0 100 billion code encryption protects against hacking; posi lock anti theft protection stops attempts at forced entry.perfect fit: compatible with garage doors up to seven feet high 8 feet and 10 feet doors require an extension includes: wireless keypad, full function wall control, 2 three button remotes, safety sensors

Like all garage door openers from Chamberlain, you can use your phone as the remote for this opener just by using the myQ app. And do not even think about your garage door being less secure because it is linked to your phone, since this opener has been made to prevent any forms of forced entry. 

This 1.25 HP garage door opener is great for lifting the heaviest of garage doors and it also has a battery backup, which means that even if the power goes out because of a storm, you do not have to worry because this opener can still do its job.

5. Genie QuietLift Connect 3053-TKV Garage Door Opener 

Genie QuietLift Connect ( With Alexa And Google Assistant, Model 3053-TKV)
Product Highlights:
  • ultra-quiet operation: the genie quietlift connect is an ultra-quiet garage door opener that is ideal for garages attached to living spaces.
  • smart garage system compatible with alexa & google assistant: the integrated aladdin connect technology allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. new features allow you to operate the door with voice control using the aladdin connect custom skill for alexa or google assistant
  • easy to install: this smart garage features a strong 5-piece rail system snaps together for easy installation. it’s lightweight with no added hardware needed. plus, pre-programmed remotes are ready to use out of the box to eliminate additional steps.
  • ¾ hpc power: the dc motor will smoothly and quietly lift a sectional garage door up to 7’ tall, up to 500 lbs. (or 8’ tall with additional extension kit - sold separately). plus, the steel-reinforced belt drive system adds strength, durability & value.
  • garage door accessories: this smart garage door opener comes with built-in aladdin connect, two pre-programmed 3-button remotes, a wireless keypad, and a multi-function wall console.

This one is a ¾ HPC garage door opener, but if your wooden garage door is made of somewhat lighter wood, then this should be enough. It is extremely quiet so you do not have to worry about waking anyone up in the dead of night, you can easily put it up by yourself, and you can also connect it with Alexa or Google Home.

Buying Guide 

1. Power 

If you are looking for the perfect garage door opener for a wooden garage door, you need something with a lot more power than the ones that are used to open garage doors that are made out of steel since wood is much heavier. It would be best if you purchase something with at least 1 horsepower to ensure that it can carry the heavy weight of the wood. 

2. Sound 

Some garage door openers make a lot of sound, but there are a lot of good ones that do not. Find an opener that does the work efficiently in silence and functions smoothly. Look for something with a quiet belt drive. This way, you would never have to wake everyone up by the noise of you pulling up into your garage. 

3. Technology 

A lot of garage door openers that you can find online these days are very modern. There are some that you can close simply by asking Alexa, there are those that can send notifications straight to your phone for added security, and there are openers that have motion-activated security lighting which is very helpful. These features are nice, but they can also make garage door openers expensive. 

Why Do You Need a Garage Door Opener?

This is probably one of the questions that have crossed your mind while fiddling with the idea of getting one. You may be looking at evading extra expenses but, you would soon find out that garage door openers are not just for aesthetics, they actually play a vital role in your home. Here are some reasons why you need a garage door opener:

  • It provides security lockdown for your home
  • It allows you the convenience of driving in and out with just the push of a button
  • It even allows voice-controlled operation for convenience, saving you the hassle of pushing a button or manually opening the door yourself
  • It allows you to lockdown even when you forget to lock up and are far from your home
  • Some garage openers have dual door operation or triple garage door operations  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if a garage door opener is perfect for a door that is made out of wood? 

The best way to do this is to look at the power of the opener. Get something with at least 1 horsepower. 

Should I get a garage door opener that I can link and control through my phone? 

That is not really necessary, however, being able to control your opener right from your phone may come in handy at times. 

How much should I save up for a nice garage door opener? 

The ones that are perfect for wooden garage doors usually cost more than a hundred dollars. 

Do garage door openers come with a warranty? 


Do garage doors have remotes? 

Yes, a lot of modern ones do have remotes so you can easily control them. 


A high-quality garage door opener can allow you to open your garage and pull in with ease after a long, exhausting day. But note that if your garage door is made out of wood, you have to be more meticulous, since wooden garage doors are heavier, which means that you need something with a lot more power than the ones used for steel garage doors. 

These days, garage door openers do a lot more than they used to–now, they are packed with a lot of cool features that increase ease of use.