Best Garage Door Insulation Kits For Hot Weather

5 Best Garage Door Insulation Kits for Hot Weather

Your garage without the proper ventilation and insulation could become very warm during the summer.

5 Best-Selling Garage Door Insulation Kits for Hot Weather

Furthermore, if your garage is connected to your house and you are running air conditioning inside, it would not be energy efficient. Every time you open your garage door, all the cold air will be sucked out into your warm garage. 

However, you can use garage door insulators to solve this dilemma. Studies show that insulators can keep your garage cooler by around 20 degrees below the outside temperature. This can make a big difference in terms of comfortability and efficiency. 

There are many insulators that you can purchase in the market but we only want to provide you the best options that you can get. Let us now check the best insulators that are fit for hot weather.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Garage Door Insulation Kits for Hot Weather

1. US Energy Products Insulation Kit

NASA TECH White Reflective ( Improved Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape (ALSO FITS 18X7))
Product Highlights:
  • this kit includes: 4 rolls of 2ft x 18ft white/foil foam core insulation, heavy duty double sided tape, razor, squeegee, easy instructions
  • made in the usa / ships form usa / meets all us and intl fire codes

This insulator consists of a foam core and is sandwiched by a reflective polyethylene layer on the inside and an aluminum layer on the outside facing the garage door. This kit is specially packaged to fit on a two-car garage door. 

It measures 18 x 8 feet and can be installed on your garage door by using double-sided tape. The R-value of this insulator is 8 and is also a good soundproofing material. It is lightweight and very durable. 

The kit comes with insulation, heavy-duty tape, a razor, a squeegee, and installation instructions. 

2. Reach Barrier Insulation Kit

Reach Barrier 3009 Kit ( Insulation, Silver)
Product Highlights:
  • reach barrier(tm) reflective insulation and bubble barrier technology blocks up to 95-percent of radiant heat which will help save energy and money
  • panels include 2 layers of 5/32-inch barrier bubble laminated between 2 layers of reflective polyethylene, which will help deliver more consistent r values
  • exceeds new fire codes and requires no maintenance easy to use and install pre-cut panels require no protective clothing or special tools when installing
  • kit includes: 8 reach barrier(tm) bubble insulation panels, permanent bond adhesive tape, garage door cleaner sponge and easy to follow instruction guide

This reflective insulation and bubble barrier kit are very are guaranteed to block 95% of outside radiant energy. This kit consists of 2 layers of barrier bubble. It is sandwiched by two layers of reflective polyethylene. 

The layers are laminated together to ensure durability as well as consistency in delivering R values. No maintenance is needed for this kit.

Installation is very convenient as it comes in pre-cut panels. No special tools are required in the installation process. Included in the kit are adhesive tapes, a cleaner sponge, and the installation guide. 

3. MWS White Pre-Cut Insulation Kit

NASATECH White Precut 8 ( Star Rated R8 Fits 8x7 8x8 9x7 9x8)
Product Highlights:
  • one car garage door!!! creates an air pocket to obtain an r8 value insulation!!! 8ft and 9ft 4 panels doors
  • saves heating costs in winter, reduces heat loss through the garage!!!
  • can reduce the inside garage temperature 8 degrees in summer and turn it into a comfortable working
  • very clean, finished look!!!non toxic / non carcinogenic
  • class 1 class a fire rated / made in usa / ships from usa / super fast shipping

This insulation kit is made for one-car garage doors. It consists of layers that create an air pocket that gives out an R-value of 8. 

This insulation works for both summer and winter seasons and is guaranteed to keep out 98% of radiant heat. It works so well that it can aid in reducing the garage temperature around 8 to 10 degrees during the warm seasons. 

The surface is very clean looking and is made out of non-toxic material. 

4. Ant Enterprises Insulation Kit

2 Car Reflective Foam ( 16x7 16x8 17x7 17x8 18x7 18x8 Garage Doors))
Product Highlights:
  • includes: 4 rolls of 24inch wide x 18ft long double sided foil foam core material
  • r value is 8.5
  • easy to install / step by step instructions
  • water proof long lasting 1/4 foam core material
  • made and shipped from th usa

This reflective insulation kit is made out of a polyethylene inner layer and is covered by aluminum on both sides giving it its reflective properties. 

The kit includes four rolls that measure 24 x 18 inches. The layers are waterproof and very durable. It also has an R-value of 8.5. 

An installation guide is included in the kit as well as the necessary tools needed for its installation. 

5. MWS Reflective Insulation Kit

MWS Reflective Foam Core ( Roll Size 48"x50')
Product Highlights:
  • mws reflective foam core insulation kit: roll size 48"x50'

This insulation kit is another variant from MWS. It consists of two polyethylene layers, industrial air bubble foam, and is laminated in between two layers of aluminum polyester film. 

The surface is highly reflective and is guaranteed to shield 97% of outside radiant energy. This kit was engineered for industrial use making it highly durable. 

The material it is made of is non-toxic, and safe to handle. Installation is very simple. You can either use adhesive tape, glue or staple it in place. 

The insulating material is waterproof as well and does not absorb humidity and moisture thus it is resistant to mold and mildew formation. 

Buying Guide

1. Purpose

The purpose of this buying guide is to guide homeowners in choosing the right kind of kit for their garage doors. We will also be discussing the significance of having one in our homes. 

Insulation kits do not have to be expensive as long as you get the correct material for the job. 

2. Kit Variation

There are many variations on insulating kits for garage doors. The main types are polystyrene foam, reflective foil insulating kits, and panel insulation.

Kits that are made out of polystyrene foam are the most effective when it comes to insulation. The only problem is that it is less flexible when compared to foil insulators. These are normally sold in large sheets and are portioned to feet the panels in the doors. 

Reflective foils are good at keeping out radiant energy during the summer season. These normally come in rolls with two reflective sides. 

Panel kits are made out of fiberglass. Some also come in laminated plastic. They are sold pre-cut and you only need to fit them into your door frame. 

3. Energy Savings and Benefits

The most significant contribution of proper insulation is the energy savings that come with it. Especially during summer when you have your airconditioning working the whole day, proper insulation helps in keeping radiant energy from raising the temperature inside your house. 

4. Multi-Purpose Use

The ideal kit for your garage is those that work in both summer and winter. During the summer, they function to keep radiant energy from raising the ambient temperature of your garage. During winter, they also work to keep the heat inside while shielding your garage from the cold weather outside. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insulate my garage during hot weather?

The most effective way is to install insulating kits on your garage doors. 

What is the best insulation for garage doors?

The most effective insulators against radiant energy during the summer are the aluminum type insulators. This is because they are highly reflective and can easily reflect the heat without absorbing it. 

Will garage door insulation keep the heat out?

Yes. Insulators aid in dropping the ambient temperature of your garage by around 10 degrees during the summer. 

What is the R-value of a good insulator?

The ideal R-value of an insulator is at least a rating of 8. 

How do I cool down my hot garage?

The most effective way is to install insulation and increase the ventilation of your garage. 


There are times when the heat during the summer could get unbearable that’s why we resort to the use of air conditioners. But normally, we do not have airconditioning in our garage. 

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the right kit for your garage now.