Best Foot Candle For Garage

5 Best Foot Candle Meter for Garage

Lighting is essential if you are using your garage as your workspace. It is also one aspect that many of us disregard. 

5 Best-Selling Foot Candle for Garage

Having the right amount of lighting is important mainly because of safety issues. We normally do the heavy work in our garage. Using heavy-duty equipment and other tools. 

The last thing that we would want to happen is to get into an accident due to insufficient lighting in our garage. In this article, we will be looking at the best measuring tool to check the foot-candle of our garage

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Foot Candle for Garage

1. Dr.Meter Light Meter

Drmeter LX1330B Digital Illuminance ( Measurement Range Lux Meter)
Product Highlights:
  • ▶【4-range settings】: this high-quality digital illuminance/light meter has 4-range settings, 0/200/2,000/20,000/200,000 lux, for a dynamic metering ability.
  • ▶【high accuracy】: with auto zeroing capabilities, you can be sure you'll always get a reading with pinpoint accuracy, and it will always be fast!
  • ▶【ez-read display】: clearly readable info lets you read units and signs easily, and stay informed with the over-range indicator.
  • ▶【convenient switches】: get better control over your readings with data hold & peak data hold for when you're recording information. you'll also benefit from its lower power consumption and short rise and fall times.
  • ▶【bring anywhere】: from squeezing into tight places to keeping your load light, you can bring the dr.meter digital illuminance/light meter wherever you need to. fits easily into a work bag or large pocket and barely adds any weight. it's the ultimate in light-metering convenience!

This digital light meter has four settings that allow you to measure from zero to 200k Lux. It has a dynamic approach to its metering ability. The device allows you to reset its settings as well every time you are in a new environment. 

This function allows you to zero in with pinpoint accuracy. The reading is also very fast. It has a LED display that allows you to see the readable information that it gives out. 

This device has a built-in database as well allowing you to review the information of your previous weddings. This light meter is very compact and can easily squeeze into your work bag. 

2. BTMETER Digital Illuminance Meter

BTMETER BT881D Digital Illuminance ( Sensor For Plants LED Lights Indoor Outdoor Light Tester)
Product Highlights:
  • ☀【high accuracy】+/- 4% of readings for 10000 lux, 1000 fc; +/- 5% of readings +/- 10 digits for 400000 lux, 40000fc
  • ☀【0.4 second response】2~3 times sampling per second, instantly to measure out how much luminosity intensity you’re getting, no more guessing
  • ☀【wide measure range】 this light meter can measure luminance at 0.01~400,000 lumens, (0.01~40,000 foot candles), which is much wider than the others. resolution 0.01
  • ☀【easy to use】the light sensor can be rotated 270º, so you don’t need to turn around the light meter to measure luminosity intensity from different angles. just rotate the sensor, and you can still read the illuminance at front
  • ☀【memorize the light readings】this lux meter can help you record 33 sets of readings,temp testing, the relative measuring mode will show you the difference between current / recorded data. ideal lux meter to measure light intensity for led grow lights,garden, plants, school, office, state, led lights, indoor and outdoor

The foot-candle lux meter comes with a 270-degree sensor that you can use to thoroughly measure the foot-candle rating of your garage. This device is highly accurate and is capable of doing two to three samplings per second. 

It is capable of measuring a very wide range from 0 to 400K Lumens. You can mount this device and just rotate the sensor on its pivot to allow the device to measure the foot-candle rating from different angles. 

The database of this device can hold up to 33 readings and temperature testing. 

3. HOLDPEAK Digital Foot Candle Meter

Light Meter HOLDPEAK HP881D ( Detector For LCD Lights And Plants Lumen Meter)
Product Highlights:
  • 💫【professional lcd light meter】hp-881d come with wide measure range 1 - 400,000lux/1 - 40,000fc,so whether you're a photographer, a designer, or a plant lovers,this light meter will meet all your needs.
  • ✨【high accuracy】±4%rdg ±0.5%f.s (less 10,000 lux;1,000 fc) / ±5%rdg ±10dgt (over 10,000 lux;1,000fc) ;resolution:0.1lux / 0.01fc ; 0.1 - 400,000lux/1 - 40,000fc;measurement speed: 2 times / second.
  • 💫【270 degree rotatable detector】keep an eye on the light level anywhere in the room;the light meter sensor can rotate 270 degrees, so you don't need to move the light meter,just need to rotate the degrees to measure the lights that you need.
  • ✨【multifunction and easy to use】rapid response, auto zeroing, data holdpeak-data hold switches, low power consumption, max/min hold,relative value,℃/℉ switch,with lcd backlit
  • 💫【after-sales guarantee】holdpeak come with 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support.if there is any product issues, please feel free to contact us!

This foot-candle meter is the go-to brand for professionals. This is highly recommended by interior designers, photographers, and plant aficionados. 

It is highly sensitive and can detect from 0 to 400K Lumens. It is fast and accurate as well. It can analyze a spot two times per second. 

With its 270 degrees field of view, you can easily rotate the sensor on its pivot to measure all the spots in an area. You do not need to move around the device from one location to another. 

The device also has a database for your perusal and is very energy efficient. This product comes with a one year warranty. Technical support is also available in case there are issues. 

4. Cresea Light Meter

This light meter is specifically engineered to measure indoor foot candles. It is used for setting up the grow lights for indoor plants, as well as for indoor photography. 

This light meter comes with an LCD and has a measurement range of 0 to 200K Lux. it can also measure the temperature within the area with a range of -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. 

Its Lux reading is very accurate as well coupled with a fast sampling rate of 2x per second. It comes with an extended wire sensor which you can use to measure hard to reach areas. 

5. Klein Tools Digital Foot Candle Meter

Klein Tools ET130 Digital ( Light Meter)
Product Highlights:
  • easy to operate light meter to monitor light levels
  • measurements in foot candles (fc) and lux
  • auto and manual range: 4000 fc; 40,000 lux
  • features backlit lcd display with 40-segment bar graph
  • data hold, max/min, and auto power off

This light meter is widely used commercially since it is very easy to operate. This is normally used in commercial establishments and is also recommended for home use. 

The device has a maximum measurement limit of 4000-foot candles or 40K Lux. It comes with a backlit LCD that features a bar graph. It also comes with a built-in database and auto power-off feature. 

Buying Guide

1. Purpose Of This Guide

This guide is intended to help you decide on which kind of Foot Candle meter you should purchase for your garage. There are many kinds, from the ones that professionals use to those that are widely used commercially and in homes. 

2. Accuracy, Range, and Speed of Reading

Industrial light meters are expensive but very accurate. They can also give out readings at a speed of two to three samplings per second. Their range can also read up to 400K Lux. 

But are these what you need? The recommended foot candle reading for your garage is around 8 to 10k Lux. There are also devices available for mid-range use. 

But if you are fond of photography then having a premium device for general use is highly recommended. 

3. Metering

Metering is the way the device determines light exposure. The sensor either measures the incident light or the reflected light spot. 

The first one refers to the light that falls on the subject, meaning the area where you are pointing the sensor of our device. 

Make sure that your device can easily read both to get the accurate reading of foot-candles. 

4. Database

Normally when you get the foot-candle reading of a certain area, you will get different results. This is where a database comes in handy wherein you could easily review the data from the device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a light meter worth it?

Yes, it is if you are using it for a hobby like photography and caring for indoor plants. The latter is normally done inside a garage making the device invaluable. 

What is the use of a light meter?

Light meters measure the foot-candles or the amount of light that illuminates a certain area. 

What is a foot-candle?

Foot Candle or FC is the measure of ambient light in a given area. 

Why are light meters expensive?

These items are expensive because the sensor is hard and expensive to make. The same situation goes with digital cameras. That is why they are expensive. 

Is there a light meter app on smartphones?

Yes, there are. But the range of measurement is very limited. 


Our safety must not be compromised due to bad lighting. These foot candles are also useful to have for your other hobbies. It is an essential tool to have if you are fond of having indoor plants in your garage.  Light meters are not obsolete at all and the choices that we have provided are the best that you can get in the market.