Best Foam Board Insulation For Garage Door

5 Best Foam Board Insulation for Garage Door

When you are fond of using your garage as a place to work the insulating the garage door could come in handy for several reasons. The first is that it can keep outside noise out and inside noise in. The second is it can help regulate the temperature inside your garage.

5 Best-Selling Foam Board Insulation for Garage Door

The second reason is the most essential. During summer, having your garage door insulated can help keep the garage temperature up to 20 degrees cooler and during the winter, it greatly helps in keeping the garage around 10 degrees warmer.

This can aid greatly when you are working in your garage a lot. The insulation process is quite easy and many options are being offered. In this article, we will be checking the best possible choices that we can find online.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Foam Board Insulation for Garage Door

1. Ant Enterprises Door Insulation Kit

NASA Tech Single Car ( Insulation Kit (Fits 5 Panel 9x7 9x8 Kits))
Product Highlights:
  • special size: fits 5 panel" 5 rolls of 21inch x 9ft double sied foam
  • 1/4 double sided foam core insulation
  • r value of 8
  • waterproof super strong durable material
  • made and shipped from th usa

This product which they fondly call NASA tech insulations is specially made for a single-car garage. It comes in size 5 panels made out of non-fiberglass material. 

This reflective insulation has a foam core and can fit 5 panels. They come in five insulation foam rolls that measure 21 x 9 feet. This insulation kit has an R-value of 8 and is made out of durable material. 

The panels are also waterproof you do not have to worry if you spray water on them. This product is made in the USA. 

2. MWS Garage Door Insulation Kit

US Energy Products 2 ( Garage Doors With 5 Horizontal Panels)
Product Highlights:
  • nasa tech reflective white foam core garage door insulation kit 16l x 8h 5 panel
  • 16x8 reflective foam core white vinyl finish
  • two layers of highly reflective radiant barrier foil.
  • blocks radiant heat by up to 95%
  • double sided gdk tape

This insulation kit is made out of reflective whiteboards with a foam core. It is specifically made for installation on two-door garages. 

This kit measures 16 x 8 feet and comes in five rolls. The surfaces have a reflective white vinyl finish which is guaranteed to block radiant heat from the outside for up to 95%. 

Installation is very easy., It comes with GDK double-sided tape that you can use to install the panel to your garage door. 

3. Insulation Market Place LLC Smartshield

SmartSHIELD 3mm 16x50Ft Reflective ( Insulation Shield, Commercial Grade (16"x50'))
Product Highlights:
  • . extremely effective - reflect 97% of radiant energy, perfect radiant barrier.
  • vapor barrier - unaffected by humidity and moisture, can be used outdoor/indoor.
  • supreme quality - 3mm closed cell polyethylene foam (not a cheap bubbles) sandwiched between pure aluminum foil on both sides. easy to install, easy to cut, strong but lightweight.
  • sound barrier - excellent soundproofing material.
  • fire rate - fire rate class 1 / class a, non toxic - will not irritate skin, eye or throat. non allergic.

The SmartSHIELD is a commercial grade reflective insulation roll that has a foam core. This product is very effective against radiant energy and is guaranteed to block 97% of outside radiation. 

It doubles as a vapor barrier as well. It is waterproof and cannot be affected by moisture and humidity. It is also mold-resistant and can also be used outdoors. 

This item is also an effective material to be used for soundproofing. It is 3 mm thick and is made out of closed-cell polyethylene foam. This foam is compact and does not have any bubbles.

The core is sandwiched by pure aluminum on both sides and not polyester film. This product is strong and lightweight. It is also easy to install. 

4. MWS Garage Door Insulation Kit

This insulation kit is for a one-car garage and measures 9 x 7 feet. It has an aluminum foil exterior finish with a foam core for better insulation. 

This kit can cover up to seventy square feet. The kit comes with a razor knife, double adhesive tape, as well as a squeegee. 

Installation is very easy, just follow the instructions that are provided in the kit. 

5. Miloo Garage Door Premium Insulation Kit

Premium Heat Reflective Insulation ( Air Ducts, Windows, Radiators. HVAC And Garages)
Product Highlights:
  • 3mm closed cell polyethylene foam: enclosed between two layers of radiant reflective 100% aluminum. strong lightweight, yet durable material that is easy to cut and install and can be stapled or nailed into any surface without compromising the insulation barrier
  • effective thermal radiant barrier: reflects 98% of radiant energy (heat) with a thermal resistance. prevents heat from escaping during colder seasons and does not allow heat to enter during the summer months.
  • water resistant: while being an effective humidity and moisture barrier as well. can be used in outdoor and indoor applications.
  • sound reduction: effectively reduces sound travel creating a soundproof environment
  • at miloo we are committed to designing quality products that we know you will love. if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, contact us so that we can be of assistance.

This insulation kit is made out of 3mm closed-cell polyethylene foam. This means that it is very compact with no bubbles in it. The foam is enclosed in between two layers of 100% aluminum. 

This material is lightweight, yet is very strong and durable. It is quite easy to cut and install as well. You can either nail, staple, or use a double-sided adhesive tape for its installation. 

This insulator is a very effective barrier against any form of radiant energy. It functions both ways as well. It keeps the heat out during summer while it retains the heat inside during winter. 

This product is water-resistant and is an effective barrier against moisture and humidity. It also has good soundproofing qualities that ensure that all noise is kept where it’s supposed to be. 

Buying Guide

1. Material

When it comes to effective insulators for your garage, the material it is made of is of the utmost importance. All of our choices have the same good quality material and is guaranteed to be very durable. 

The ideal foam board insulators are those that have a polyethylene core and is packed with pure aluminum on both sides. This design is strong and very durable. It is also guaranteed to be very effective. 

2. Barrier Properties

What’s the point of having foam boards when the product you installed are very ineffective. The qualities of a good foam insulator are it is a good reflective barrier against all forms of radiant energy. The next quality is effective waterproofing. 

A good barrier is effectively waterproof and does not absorb moisture and humidity. It does not mold as well so you do not have to worry if you splash water on your barrier. This also makes cleaning an easy task. 

3. Soundproofing Properties

If you are fond of working in your garage or just simply fond of hanging out in your garage where your entertainment system is installed, then good soundproofing is a must. 

You would want to keep your noise inside while effectively blocking off the outside noise as well. A soundproofed garage can also improve the audio quality of your entertainment system. 

4. Ease of Installation

Installation should not be an issue for these kits. Choose those that can be installed immediately through double-sided adhesives and staples. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach foam board to the garage door?

You can use construction adhesive or double-sided tape to attach the foam boards to the garage door. 

Which insulation is best for the garage door?

The best insulators are made out of polyethylene foam which has a high R-Value. 

Can you install an insulator to a garage door?

Yes, you can. Foam insulators are widely available in the market. 

What R-value is needed for a garage door?

To provide effective insulation, R-values should be from seven to nine. 

Does insulated garage doors make a difference?

Yes. They make the most difference for homes with attached garages. 


Garage door insulators help in moderating the temperature in your garage especially if it is attached to the main house. It is perfect for both winter and summer applications as well. So grab one for your home now.