Best Fluorescent Lights For Cold Garage

5 Best Fluorescent Lights for Cold Garage

Fluorescent does not work well in cold temperatures, especially during the winter season. It is not because of the light itself but the culprit is the type of ballast used in the fixture. The most common ballast use are magnetic ones and they do not work well in cold environments. 

5 Best-Selling Fluorescent Lights for Cold Garage

Setting up the lighting in your garage is one of the many good investments you can do in your home. You will never know when they might come in handy and when you are fond of working in your garage, it is always not advisable to be working in a poorly lit environment. 

Installing the right kind of lighting for your garage is a long-term investment. And if you are located somewhere where the temperature can drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then this article is especially for you.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Fluorescent Lights for Cold Garage

1. Sunlite FML27 Series

Sunlite Series FML2730K2PK Fluorescent ( Base, 2 Pack, 2 Count (Pack Of 1), 3000K-Warm)
Product Highlights:
  • these compact fluorescent bulbs efficiently utilizes only 27 watts of energy while producing a visible light at 1500 lumens
  • emanating a 3000k warm white light that is comfortable to one's eye, while being ideal for any setting that requires a large dome of light
  • quad tube bulb equipped with a 4-pin gx10q-4 base while lasting up to 10000 hours on average to outlast your equivalent incandescent light bulb
  • with a color render index of 80, these compact fluorescent bulbs are perfect for any room that requires a consistent light source for reading, writing, and/or dining
  • replacement light bulbs for any compatible residential, commercial, and even industrial desk lamp, floor lamp and other common lighting task light source for reading, writing, and/or dining

We all know that fluorescent systems are somewhat inefficient when it comes to energy usage but this one is different. The Sunlite FML27 only uses 27 watts of energy and is capable of producing up to 1500 lumens of visible light. When positioned properly, this light is more than enough to light up your garage.

It emanates 3000 Kelvin warm white light making it comfortable for your eyes. This quad tube lighting system can last up to 10,000 hours which is more than enough to outlast any incandescent bulb. 

It also has a color render index of 80 and its compact design is perfect for cramped areas that need consistent lighting. 

2. Bluex Bulbs F8T5 Fluorescent

2Pack F8T5DL T5 ( Bulbs 20,000Hr, By Bluex Bulbs (F8T5))
Product Highlights:
  • f8t5/day light pack of 2
  • 12" straight t5 fluorescent tube
  • 12,000 life hours, g5 mini bi-pin base

Another energy-efficient choice is the Bluex 12-inch Fluorescent tube. They only consume 8 watts of energy and can last up to 20,000 hours of operation.  

The package consists of two 12-inch straight fluorescent tubes that have a g5 mini dual-pin base. Color temperature is 5000 Kelvin for this product. 

3. LUMACTIV F20T12 Fluorescent Tubes

These 20 Watt fluorescent tubes measure 24-inches in length and have dual pins at their base. This product is one of the highly recommended fluorescent tubes in the market. 

Its color temperature is daylight or 6,500 Kelvins. The surface is coated with Lumactive, which is a patented photocatalytic coating. This allows the bulb to clean and purify the air through a process called photocatalysis. 

This nanotechnology is activated by light. The brightness rating for this product is 1025 Lumens. This product can be used to replace any GE F20T12 series fluorescent tubes. 

4. GE Advantage Fluorescent

Enbrighten Advantage 18in Fluorescent ( Flicker Free, No Hum, 15W, UL Listed, 16547)
Product Highlights:
  • light where you need it – adds light in the spaces where you need it most. ideal for kitchen, home office, studio, utility room, basement, workshop, garage and more
  • fully assembled – fixture comes ready to install with installation hardware and instructions included
  • energy saving – the warm white fluorescent lights are energy efficient and will help you save money on your energy bills
  • power rating – this light fixture is ul-listed and rated at 120v and 8w for 60 hz
  • instant on – the electric ballast system in this under cabinet light fixture provides a flicker free startup with no hum

The GE Advantage is an 18-inch fluorescent tube that comes with its fixture and is ideal for use in your garage workplace, home office, studio, or kitchen. It emanates warm white light and is energy efficient as well. 

The fixture comes with a built-in rocker switch and an electric ballast system that can withstand very low temperatures. This product comes with a three-year limited warranty. Do note that the installation process is direct-wire and it’s best to consult an electrician during installation. 

5. Philips FB32T8 Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb

Philips UBent High Lumen ( (4100K), Alto FB32T8/TL841, 10-Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • philips 32-watt, soft white linear fluorescent light bulb brightens laundry rooms, bathrooms, or workspaces.
  • versatile for multiple applications, this 4100-kelvin fluorescent bulb is suitable for indoor, commercial, and residential use.
  • features a bipin base. low-mercury design creates a smaller environmental footprint.
  • philips reuses as much glass and packaging material as possible, reducing environmental impact. lamp life of 24,000 hours.
  • this product ships as a 10-pack and comes with a 3-year warranty.

This fluorescent tube is the perfect solution to brighten garages, workspaces, bathrooms, and other closed-door areas of your home. It consumes 32 watts of energy and emanates 4100 Kelvin with a soft white glow. 

This product features a dual pin base and is environment friendly given that it utilizes very low mercury. The brand also reuses much of its waste products as well as packaging materials which greatly helps in reducing the environmental impact. 

This fluorescent tube has a lamp life rating of 24,000 hours with a three-year warranty. 

Buying Guide

1. Energy Efficiency in Cold Temperatures

Fluorescent tubes or strips are known to have the advantage of being very energy efficient when compared to incandescent bulbs. Not only that, but they also have a high lamp hour.

Purchasing one is relatively inexpensive thus making it light on the budget. Just make sure that you have the right fixture for your tube. The biggest factor is to have one with the right ballast which can operate consistently in very low temperatures. 

Normal ballast would result in inconsistent lighting and flickering which is quite disturbing when you are working in your garage. 

2. Types of Fluorescent Tubes

There are many types of tubes depending on their base size. The is the T2 tube which is the one with the smallest diameter. They normally measure around 7mm and can be used for lighting display cases and cabinets. 

The next is the T4 which is perfect for work surface lighting and is commonly used in small rooms. The next is T5 tubes. The T5 normally has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours and is commonly used in offices, garages, and general home use. 

It usually measures around 12 inches. The next type is normally for commercial use. These are the T8 and T12. 

3. Light Temperature Variations

The right lighting temperature depends on your preference and should also have a bearing on your choices. Normally fluorescent tubes emanate the following colors: warm white, white, cool white, natural, and daylight. 

4. Usage

Fluorescent tubes have a wide range of use, from residential purposes, commercial spaces, retail stores, and garages. It is a matter of installing it the right way. 

When you plan out the lighting for your garage, always consider the needs that you would need to satisfy before ordering online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fluorescent lights work in cold weather?

Many tubes do not operate or can not operate properly if the temperature is near freezing or during the winter. It is not because of the tubes but the culprit is its ballast. 

Do LED lights work in cold weather?

LED lights are normally the preference when dealing with colder weather. 

Does temperature affect fluorescent lights?

No, but it does affect the ballast. A specialized ballast should be used for the tube to operate. 

What type of lighting is best for garages?

T5 fluorescent tubes should be enough to illuminate your garage properly. 

Do fluorescent bulbs need to warm up?

Yes, they do need a little time to warm-up before they reach their maximum lumen output. 


As previously discussed, fluorescent lights may encounter a bit of a challenge under cold weather. But with the right type of ballast, it will operate just fine. 

The choices that we have presented are perfect for your garage during cold weather conditions.