Best First Aid Kit For Garage

5 Best First Aid Kit for Garage

Since none of us has the ability to see the future, we really can’t know when something bad is going to happen. One second everything might seem fine, then the next, a child might end up with a wound after having stepped on a scattered rusty nail, someone’s wife might have burns from being too busy in the kitchen, and someone’s dad might be bleeding because of a deep cut he got after a long day with his tools at his workshop. 

5 Best-Selling First Aid Kit for Garage

It is due to these unforeseeable unwanted events that you might want to consider getting a first aid kit that you can store in your garage. You might think that you are probably never going to need it but emergencies can happen to anybody’s family at any time of day, which is why it would probably be best if you take such a simple precaution. 

Reviews of 5 Top Rated First Aid Kit for Garage

1. First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit

First Aid Only 298 ( Emergency Kit (FAO-442))
Product Highlights:
  • kit includes: adhesive fabric and plastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, bzk antiseptic towelettes, burn cream packets, aspirin, ibuprofen, gauze roll and pads, wound closures, cold pack, and other multi-use items for any potential emergency
  • convenient packaging: fabric case with clear plastic pockets for organization and easy access to first aid supplies in an emergency
  • compact and spacious: two separate layers with individual compartments make retrieval easy and quick. soft sided, zippered case great for travel and on the go use
  • first aid care ideal for: first aid care for home, travel, and on the go use

This first aid kit comes in a small blue bag that you can easily pack away in your backpack or store in one of the shelves in your garage, but guess what, despite its size, it contains a total of 299 items inside including various kinds of bandages, aspirin and ibuprofen tablets, a cold pack, gauze pads of different sizes, a disposable thermometer, cotton tipped applicators, tweezers, antiseptic towelettes and more. 

Once you open up the bag, you will find everything tucked away under transparent compartments which is really essential in case of emergencies, so you will not have a hard time looking for what you need. If you are not quite certain of what to do with the kit’s contents, do not worry since this kit also comes with a first aid guide that might be really helpful. 

2. Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit

BandAid Johnson Johnson ( Car, Travel And Outdoor Emergencies, 140 Count)
Product Highlights:
  • 140-piece johnson & johnson all-purpose portable and compact emergency first aid kit for use at home, in cars, outdoors, dorm rooms, camping, offices & on-the-go. helps care for minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns, itches, pain, skin rashes & insect bites
  • all-purpose, compact first aid kit includes essential first aid and wound care supplies like cleansing wipes, gauze pads, assorted bandages, rolled gauze, antibiotic cream, itch stopping cream, acetaminophen caplets, an instant cold pack, and much more
  • emergency kit includes a variety of band-aid brand adhesive bandages in assorted sizes for minor wounds, as well as band-aid brand first aid products gauze pads, non-stick pads and rolled gauze for larger minor wounds
  • includes full size 0.5 oz neosporin plus pain relief topical cream to help prevent infection while relieving pain and full size 1.0 oz extra strength benadryl itch-stopping topical cream to help soothe itching
  • travel first aid set also contains tylenol extra strength acetaminophen caplets and a bengay non-medicated instant cold pack to help ease minor aches and pains, as well as 2 pairs of gloves and a helpful first aid guide

We grew up seeing a lot of products in our household bearing this brand’s name. Apparently, they make one of the best first aid kits too. 

A lot of first aid kits you can find online come in sturdy bags made of durable fabric, and while all the components of this kit is also packed in a container, the container is made of plastic, making the entire thing more compact and portable. Inside this kit, you can find just about anything you might need in minor emergencies, such as gauze pads, cleansing wipes, antibiotic cream, an extra strength Benadryl anti-itch cream, acetaminophen caplets, an instant cold pack, and so much more. All in all, 140 pieces make up this handy first aid kit, which is perfect for both home and outdoor use. The best part is that it comes with a helpful first aid guide in case you are not quite sure how to use the contents of the kit. 

3. Pac-Kit 57-piece First Aid Kit 

First Aid Only 57 ( Aid Kit (6060))
Product Highlights:
  • kit includes: adhesive fabric and plastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, bzk antiseptic towelettes, burn cream packets, gauze roll and pads, gloves, scissors, tweezers, and other multi-use items for any potential emergency
  • convenient packaging: durable plastic storage case with easy-to-carry handle for transporting first aid supplies in an emergency
  • compact and spacious: individual compartments keep supplies organized and make retrieval easy and quick
  • first aid ideal for: small offices, vehicles, home, and job sites

This one is among the bestselling first aid kits you can find on Amazon and to be honest, that is not surprising at all considering that it comes in a compact container that you cna store and mounts just about anywhere and it also has a first aid guide that would be extremely helpful for those who are not familiar with using the contents of a first aid kit. 

Inside this first aid kit, you can find antiseptic towelettes, adhesive plastic bandages, burn creams, gloves, gauze pads, antibiotic ointments, and tweezers just to name a few. It comes with a compact box that has a rubber seal, which prevents accumulation of moisture. 

4. Coleman All Purpose Mini First Aid Kit 

Coleman All Purpose Mini ( Kit - 27 Pieces)
Product Highlights:
  • one coleman 27 piece all purpose mini first aid kit - for car, home and emergency prepardness
  • small travel first aid kit offers commonly used first aid essentials for minor emergencies including latex free bandages, antibiotic ointment and antiseptic wipes
  • travel first aid kit also includes safety pins, sting relief wipes, razor blade, butterfly bandages, spot bandages and knuckle bandages
  • mini first aid kit has a reusable, crush proof metal tin case to protect first aid kit contents
  • embossed logo allows for quick identification of this travel first aid kit

Looking for a first aid kit that will not take up so much space at your house? If you are, you might want to consider getting this kit from Coleman. As it turns out, Coleman does not just produce the best camping equipment. They make good first aid kits too. 

This one can fit the palm of your hand, but despite its size, it has bandages of various types and sizes, safety pins, sting relief and antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointments, and a razor blade, all of which are carefully packed in a compact tin container that is crush-resistant. This is perfect for you if your only concerns are minor scratches, cuts, and wounds and if you want something that you can easily keep in one of the pockets of your bag. 

5. Carlebben First Aid Kit for Home and Outdoors

RipAway EMT Pouch Molle ( Carlebben (with Medical Supplies Tan))
Product Highlights:
  • ★included: 180 piece essential medical supplies for backcountry expeditions. be desmond thomas doss saving your family and friends in an emergency.
  • ★premium quality: the rugged 1000d nylon fabric and sturdy double stitching give the kit great durability in any environment, compared with the other versions 600d and 800d on the market, it's four and eight times stronger than them.
  • ★extra space updated: 8"h x 8"w x 6"d, and the old version on market dimension is 8"h x 6.5"w x 6"d. extra space meet diy needs facing different situations.
  • ★molle system updated: molle system on the back can attach the kit to any molle compatible gears and also a bicycle, motorcycle, backpack, belt, vehicle seat etc, easy to attach and unfasten.
  • ★rip-away feature updated: open the buckle, rip the kit away from velcro platform. save a lot of valuable time that makes wounded faster to get first aid support.

This first aid kit is unique because it does not come in a red or white box. All of its contents are neatly packed up in a brown bag that is made of durable waterproof and wear-resistant material. Inside, you can find 180 medical supplies including bandages, adhesive tapes, scissors, tweezers, wound dressings, antiseptic wipes, and even cotton buds.  

With this kit, you will not have to worry about having a hard time opening it, since it has a unique tri-fold design that will allow you to quickly access its contents and render first aid. It also has a MOLLE system design, so it is perfectly suitable for other MOLLE compatible gear such as tactical vests and backpacks. If you are searching for first aid kits with buckles and some extra pockets for storing other stuff, then this one just might be the right one for you. 

Buying Guide

1. Size 

When looking for the perfect first aid kit, think about how much space you are willing to free up for its storage. There are really large first aid kits available online, and while these tend to have more supplies inside, they tend to be very bulky. Fortunately, there are smaller ones you can purchase, which are perfect if you want something that you can easily bring to places. 

2. Contents 

Not all first aid kits are made equal. Some contain less than fifty supplies inside, others contain more than a hundred. If you want to have a longer lasting supply of gauze pads, creams, and bandages, you might want to get a bigger first aid kit. If you don’t have the budget for such kits or if you are fine with just a few of everything, a smaller one should suffice. 

When buying a first aid kit, it would also be good to take note of all of the contents of the one you are planning to buy. For example, there are some first aid kits that do not have medical tapes, which are important for making certain gauze pads or bandages stick. Better get a kit that is complete so that you will not have to make a separate purchase for all the things that are lacking. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I do not know how to use the contents of the first aid kit? 

Most first aid kits have a guide that can help you out if that is the case, so there is nothing to worry about. 

How big should my first aid kit be?

That depends on your needs. If you want an extra piece of everything just to be sure or if you know you are going to be using its contents a lot, it would be best if you buy something that contains more medical supplies. 

How do I take care of my first aid kit? 

Make sure the tools inside are clean and disinfected, throw out expired creams and products when you have to, and clean the bag or the container every now and then. 


We do not know when an untoward incident might happen and while we might think that there is absolutely no point in investing in a first aid kit, the truth is, it is so much better to be safe than sorry. 

When looking for the perfect first aid kit, make sure that you get something that will not be bulky, in case you are planning on bringing it with you on one of your outdoor trips. Most importantly, look for something that has all the essentials.