Best Fireproof Coating For A Wood Garage Floor

The Best Fireproof Coating for a Wood Garage Floor

It is nice to have a wooden garage floor. It looks classy and you can make it shine if you wish. However, with wooden flooring comes the risk of untoward incidents happening such as fires.

4 Best-Selling Fireproof Coating for a Wood Garage Floor

This is particularly likely if you have wooden floors in your garage, wherein there might be chemicals such as gasoline or flammable paints and the like if you are the sort who uses their garage as a storage room as well. 

Thus, it would be a really good idea to put a fireproof coating on top of your wooden garage floor. This way, you can prevent fires or reduce the severity of their damage.  

Reviews of 4 Top Rated Fireproof Coating for a Wood Garage Floor

1. ForceField – FireGuard – Flame Retardant and Protection 650 mL

ForceField FireGuard ( Protection 22 Fl. Oz (650 Ml))
Product Highlights:
  • effectively retards flames when applied to water-safe fabrics.
  • perfect for clothing, draperies, furniture, carpets rugs and more.
  • safe to use; nonhazardous formula is environmentally friendly.
  • easy to apply; can be used in homes, offices, boats or autos.
  • proven effective using national fire protection association methods.

This flame retardant can be used for fabrics but it also works on furnitures and wooden surfaces. In the occasion that fire occurs, a layer of this helps in preventing its spread and reducing further development of smoke. 

What is great about this is that it has a nonhazardous formula, which means that even if you use it, you will not be harming the environment or your health. It is also easy to apply and clean up. Lastly, it has been tested to meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association. 

2. Flamecheck M-111″Class A” Fire Retardant Spray (Quart) Non-Toxic

Flamecheck M111 Fire Retardant ( Curtains And Other Absorbent Surfaces.)
Product Highlights:
  • this non-toxic, non- odorous universal fire retardant spray meets or exceeds nfpa 701 on fabric, (natural synthetic and blends). will not salt-out in humid weather, or stiffen the fabric. can be used on fine silks without discoloration. draperies, flags, exhibition draperies/tablecloths, banners, stage curtains, furniture and much more
  • "class a" on astm e-84 for wood, wood must be absorbent. use on barns, fencing, decking, straw, chistmas trees, rope, dried flowers. when treating exteriors it should be sealed after treatment with a weather durable flame retardant coating (flamecheck m-111pa fire retardant paint additive). test annually depening on the amount of rainfall. can be safely used to create a wildfire barrier without killing vegitation.
  • used by the movie industry when fire safety is of the utmost importance for over 30 years. use on costumes, props, polystyrene, foam rubber, backdrops, and other absorbent surfaces. great for haunted houses, escape rooms and seasonal decorations and buildings.
  • calfire reg # c-27001. meets or exceeds nfpa 701-705 & ca title 19, "class a" rating for astm e-84 on untreated wood, nfpa 701-705, nfpa 253, nfpa 255, faa 25, faa 853b, ubc 42-1, mvss 302, bfd ix-1, can 204.2 m77, french m1 & m3, bs 5852 & bs 476 part 7.
  • application: hand sprayer, airless spray gun, garden sprayer, and dip & squeeze for fabric mills..

This product works so well that it is often used in the movie industry for fire safety purposes. It has a non-toxic and non-odorous formula that can be used on fabric, furniture, draperies, banners, and of course, wooden flooring. Even with this one, the wood or the fabric it covers will not stiffen and this product also does not salt-out in humid weather. 

For easy application, you can apply a coating of this fire retardant spray using a hand sprayer, an airless spray gun, or a garden sprayer. 

3. No-Burn Original Fire Retardant 946ml

NoBurn Original Fire Retardant ( 32fl ( 946ml ))
Product Highlights:
  • spray on interior, unfinished architectural woodwork or wood surfaces and paper materials.
  • transparent product packaged in ready-to-use quart container; 32 ounce quart covers 75 square feet.
  • certified to meet cdph/ehlb/standard method v1.1 (sect. 01350) for low emissive coatings.
  • certified to meet astm e84, ul 723, nfpa 703 (class a fs/sd rating).
  • approved and registered by the california state fire marshal as flame retardant product.

This fire retardant can be used on a lot surfaces, such as woodwork and paper. It produces a transparent layer that will keep your wooden floors from catching fire. This retardant comes in a ready-to-use quart container.

4. Master Flame Fire Retardant

Master Flame Class ( Retardant - 1 Gallon)
Product Highlights:
  • helps prevent spread from dangerous flames
  • nfpa 255, 701 & astm e 84 tested, class 'a' rated
  • wood, fabrics, paper & other absorbent materials
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly -no pbde's or toxins

This fire retardant is Class A rated and ideally mixed 50/50 with a low gloss latex paint. It is perfect for wooden floors, but it can also be used for a variety of other surfaces such as paper, fabrics, and other absorbent materials. This has a non-toxic and eco-friendly formula so you can be certain that it is safe for both your health and the environment. It comes in a large container, so you might want to transfer it to a sprayer for application or use a brush. 

How to Prevent Fires in Your Garage 

Putting on a fireproof coating for your wooden garage floor is just one of the many things you can do to avoid fires. Here are some of the other preventive measures you can take: 

  1. Carefully store substances such as oil, gasoline, thinner, propane, paint, and other flammable substances in tightly sealed containers and dry, safe spaces. 
  2. Make sure to have a functioning fire alarm in your garage especially if you have the cash for it. 
  3. Regularly inspect and upgrade garage structures to ensure garage safety. 
  4. Use appliances, tools, and other electric-powered materials carefully. Turn off appliances when needed, and if you can, charge only one thing at a time. 
  5. Have a nicely functioning garage door that can keep your garage properly ventilated to prevent fires if you are doing any activities in your garage that generatures fumes. 

Tips for Installing Wooden Garage Flooring

1. Fill in the cracks. 

Before putting on the planks of wood for your flooring, make sure to fill in the cracks in the concrete first, since these may pose a challenge when you are installing your wooden flooring. If there are cracks, the epoxy might not stick well and you might not be able to put the flooring properly. 

2. Color it up with some paint. 

If you wish, you can choose to paint your wooden garage flooring. Pick a nice brown color, or something neutral, or a bright one if that is what you want. Remember that if you are using paint for your wooden garage flooring, it would be best to go for something that is slip-resistant especially if you know that there is going to be high traffic in the area to avoid unwanted accidents. 

3. Install your flooring under good lighting. 

Once your flooring is laid down and glued, it is going to be challenging to take them out if you find out that you made errors during the installation process. For this reason, it is important to do it correctly the first time. One of the things you can do to make sure you lay down your flooring properly is by using good and bright lighting. This way, you can reduce the chances of you making any errors. 

4. Keep your garage insulated. 

If you are planning to have wooden floors in your garage so that you can use it as a gym, a family area, or a living room, ensure that there is proper insulation prior to installation to protect the floor from getting damp and being easily damaged. One of the things you can do is placing a membrane to prevent moisture in the concrete from creeping into your planks. 

5. Choosing good wood. 

If you choose to have wooden floors for your garage, especially if you are converting it to a living space, it would be nice to choose high quality wood, especially if you know that there is going to be a lot of traffic in the space. One of the nice types out there is pressure-treated plywood. If you are planning to use it as a storage room particularly for fluids, then it would be best to go for those types of wood that are fluid-resistant.


Having a classic wooden garage floor is great. However, you must be careful since wood is not exactly a good idea if there is something flammable or if there is an actual flame nearby since this may lead to unwanted fire incidents. To prevent such untoward events, it would be good to put a fireproof coating on your wooden garage floors. This may cost you some cash, but it is definitely better to buy one than have to reconstruct your entire garage floor if something bad happens.