Best Dust Collector For Two Car Garage Workshop

5 Best Dust Collector for Two Car Garage Workshop: Tips to Finding A Dust Collection Solution That Suits Your Needs

A two-car garage isn’t a tiny space, though it isn’t ridiculously spacious either. As such, you may not need a central dust collection system. However, a powerful dust collector, up to 3-hp, can do the job just fine. This is because any dust collectors between 1hp and 3hp can pull upwards of 600 CFM with more than 6 inches of static pressure.

5 Best-Selling Dust Collector for Two Car Garage Workshop

If your garage is particularly dusty, with debris, you need a powerful dust collector that can effectively pull it all. You can opt for a stationary and/or portable dust collector depending on the results you want to achieve. Here are a few tips on how to get the best dust collector for your double car garage.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Dust Collector for Two Car Garage Workshop

1. Shop Fox 2HP Dust Collector with Steel Impeller

Shop Fox W16662 HP ( Collector)
Product Highlights:
  • motor size: 2 hp, 220v, single phase, 3450 rpm
  • motor amp draw: 12 amps
  • has a 6" inlet with a removable "y" fitting with two 4" openings
  • portable base size: 21-1/2" x 33-1/2"
  • bag volume: 5.4 cubic feet

For garage workshops that have a lot of wood debris and sawdust, this dust collector could be your perfect choice. It is equipped with a 12-inch steel impeller that handles the wood debris, and a 2.5-micron filter bag.

This 220 V, 2HP dust collector moves up to 1550 cubic ft of air per minute. It comes with a 12.3-inch static pressure and a 3450 RPM motor size. Each dust collection bag is 5.4 cubic ft in volume.

Shop Fox dust collector comes with a safety paddle switch that prevents unauthorized use. the paddle comes with a removable lockout key so as to eliminate chances of accidents from unauthorized use.

2. Bucktool 1.2HP Dust Collector with AutoStart Function

BUCKTOOL 12 HP Auto ( Capacity And 5 PCS Reducer For Woodworking DC50)
Product Highlights:
  • power:1.2 hp, 120v motor, 3450 rpm,750cfm csa listed . full load amp 6.5a.
  • auto-start function:user friendly auto-start function provides power outlet for your power tools, no longer need to find a new outlet for your tools but also reduces the trouble of frequent opening and closing, can be connected with machine 7a max
  • easy bag install:the well-designed clasp makes bag install and removal easy, soft pet bag clamp won't cut your hand
  • versatile size: features a portable base size of 16-1/2 x 26-3/8 inches and caster wheels, working as both a mobile or stationary compact dust collector unit that maximizes shop space
  • include: 5 pcs reducer; 5 ft. x 4 in. dia. flexible dust extraction hose; plastic lower collection bag; cloth lower collection bag; 2.5-micron cloth upper collection bag; pet bag clamp

If you work with sanders, saws, and other machines that are likely to leave a lot of debris in your garage workshop, this would be a good option. This dust collector is built to deal with plastics, wood, polishes, and other materials. It comes with large capacity bags for collection – each can hold up to 5.4 cubic ft.

With an air suction capacity of 750 CFM, this 120V, 1.2HP dust collector is powerful enough to clean a double car garage. Its metallic fan blades make the induction motor powerful, delivering a maximum suction of 3450 RPM. It comes with casters to make it easy and smooth to roll away to locations where dust collection is needed.

3. WEN Dust Collector with Optional Wall Mount

WEN 3401 57Amp 660 ( And Optional Wall Mount)
Product Highlights:
  • 5.7-amp brushed motor combined with the 6-inch impeller moves over 660 cubic feet of air per minute
  • 4-inch dust port allows for connection to your favorite woodworking tools
  • compact design includes an onboard carrying handle for easy storage and transportation
  • features lockable swivel casters, an optional wall mount, and a 12-gallon zippered collection bag
  • measures in at 34.25 x 13 x 14.2 inches in size with a weight of 18.5 pounds

WEN’s 5.7A motor powers an air suction capacity of 660CFM. The 4-inch dust port in addition to the 6-inch impeller makes it suitable to use with woodworking tools. It comes with a 12-gallon dust collector bag.

This is a portable dust collector that features swivel casters for easy movement. The 4 castors come with a lock mechanism that holds the machine in place when it is in use. This dust collector also comes with a built-in wall mount which makes it easy to mount in case you want it on the wall.

4. Grizzly 3HP Industrial Dust Collector with Aluminum Impeller

Grizzly Industrial G1030Z2P ( With Aluminum Impeller)
Product Highlights:
  • motor: 3hp, 240v, single-phase, 3450 rpm
  • motor amp draw: 12a
  • air suction capacity: 2300 cfm
  • static pressure: 16.7"
  • 7" inlet has removable "y" fitting with three 4" openings

Garage workshops that are particularly dusty, dirty, and with a lot of debris need an industrial-grade 3HP dust collector such as this Grizzly. It’s a 12A, 240V dust collector with 2300 CFM air suction capacity and 16.7-inch static pressure. It also comes12.45-inch cast aluminum impeller

This Grizzly has a paddle safety switch that has a removable key. It also comes with casters for easy mobility and 2.5-micron bag filtration. The bags’ capacity is 11.4 cubic feet, pretty big for a room with a whole load of dust and debris.

5. JET 2HP Dust Collector with Vortex Cone Technology

JET DC1200VXCK1 Vortex Cone ( 1200 CFM, 1Ph 230V (710702K))
Product Highlights:
  • continuous duty: permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors.
  • fast debris removal: quick-connect collection bags with elastic band.
  • vortex cone technology: improves chip separation and collector bag packing efficiency.
  • high air velocity: stands up to any competitive specifications.
  • total portability: includes four casters for easy maneuverability.

Vortex cone technology means that this dust collector can efficiently separate and bag chips and dust. The bags that come with it are easy to connect and remove. These bags capture 98% of 2-micron and 86% of 1-micron particles. Additionally, the dust collector periodically rotates the filters so as to minimize the amount of dust that can get to you.

This Jet dust collector comes with an enclosed, fan-cooled, and permanently lubricated motor for smooth operation over time. It comes with an all-steel impeller. This dust collector also has heavy-duty casters that make it easy to move around the garage workshop.

Buying Guide

1. Air Suction Capacity

Also referred to as airflow, this is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). It refers to the volume of air that the dust collector can clean within a specified time. Machines that are over 600CFM are efficient for garage workshops.

2. The Filters

Dust collectors come with varying filter types. Depending on the filter, a dust collector can trap only large particles or all the particles including tiny dust particles. It is advisable to go for a dust collector whose filter can trap particles that are less than 5 microns.

3. Ease of Movement

Do you want a dust collector that is fixed or portable? This depends on your preferences. Portable options work best if you have multiple stations in the garage workshop that you need to clean.

4. The Type of Particles in Your Garage Workshop

While some dust collectors are made to collect dust particles only, others can collect wooden chips, metallic dust, and plastics as well other debris. When making a purchase, go for the dust collector that can efficiently work with the type of debris in your workshop.

5. The Noise

If you prefer working in a quiet environment, you can opt for a quiet dust collector. Manufacturers always indicate the amount of noise that a machine will produce through the decibel rating. For a quiet working environment, choose a dust collector that is less than 50 decibels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a dust collector that will work for me?

Apart from choosing a reputable brand, go for a dust collector that will work with your size of the garage, is durable, efficient in cleaning out the air in the workshop, and fits your personal preferences. Write down your non-negotiable features and your negotiable preferences and hold that against the machines that you like.

Can I put my dust collector outside the garage workshop?

Yes, you can store it in a safe, enclosed area outside the garage workshop. In addition to saving space, the garage will be less noisy. Be sure to make arrangements to have the filtered airflow back into the workshop.

Do dust collectors come with remote controls?

It depends on the particular unit in question. Some do, but most don’t.

Will the dust collector come with a hose?

In most cases, no. However, there are units that come with accompanying hoses. Be sure to confirm from the seller when making a purchase.


Finding the best dust collector for your two-car garage workshop is as easy as knowing which features to look for. The best part is that these features are usually clearly displayed in the product description so you need not strain too much to get the info you need. Always choose functional over aesthetics.