Best Countertop For Garage Workbench

5 Best Countertop for Garage Workbench: Make Your Garage Jobs Easier By Installing The Best Countertops

If you have a garage, you need to get the best workbench. By installing one, you’ll not only save time but also make your projects and hobbies easier. But for you to achieve this, you must get a good countertop.

5 Best-Selling Countertop for Garage Workbench

With several options out there, purchasing one is not easy. You must choose a comfortable and efficient one. Before settling on one, you must understand your needs and purpose.

If you are looking for one, this article can help you out. Continue reading to learn about some of the best countertops for garage workbenches.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Countertop for Garage Workbench

1. Gladiator Bamboo Top

Gladiator GAAC27BAYX Bamboo Top ( And/or Modular Geardrawer)
Product Highlights:
  • for use with gladiator premier garage cabinets
  • durable worktable for a variety of tasks and creative projects
  • solid bamboo work surface with multi-layer core and uv-cured protective coating for durability
  • sits on ready to assemble modular gearboxes and geardrawers (separately purchased), allowing you to create a work space that is unique to your style
  • easy care - the main working area is designed to clean easily by simply wiping the area with a wet cloth

Made of solid high-quality material, the Gladiator countertop will meet all your needs for small garage projects. Though it’s meant for the Gladiator Geardrawer, it’s a standalone unit that you can fit on any workbench design.

Measuring 23.6 by 26.4 inches and one inch thick, it’s big enough to take care of all lightweight projects. It’s also strong hence will withstand all the chiseling and lightweight pounding.

Furthermore, its rich bright tones will comfortably fit in any tone. With the wood treated and cured, it’s suitable for outdoor and indoor use. If you have portable workbenches this is the right countertop for you.

Once you set it on a couple of saw horses or fix it up, you are good to go.

2. The Quick Bench Raw Wood Top

The Quick Bench Raw ( Raw Wood Top)
Product Highlights:
  • beautiful solid hardwood butcher block top
  • heavy duty steel brackets with 500 lb rating lock into place when extended
  • folds down against wall using simple fingertip release mechanism
  • save valuable floor space when not in use
  • folding work bench

If you are looking for one of the best countertops for a garage workbench, this one won’t disappoint you. Measuring approximately 48” by 20” it’s probably the biggest hardwood tops out there.

The best part is that you can ask for UV treatment at no additional cost. Made of chopping board style of wood it will give you the durability and heft that you need.

Although it weighs only 34.5 pounds when you properly suspend it will comfortably hold up to 500 pounds which is more than enough for most projects.

It also has a set of hinged heavy duty brackets. If you don’t have enough space in your garage or need a minimum assembly this is the right table for you.

By properly fixing the brackets to the wall and attaching the workbench, you’ll create a bench that folds up without any issue. You can also fix it on custom legs and support.

3. Laminated Maple Bench Top, 70 Lbs.

24 X 60 Laminated ( Top, 70 Lbs.)
Product Highlights:
  • resistant to water, alcohol and solvent detergent
  • 1-3/4" thick
  • 24" x 60"
  • weight of 70 pounds
  • made in usa

The laminated Maple Bench is probably the best countertop for garage workbench. Measuring 24 inches by 60 inches, it’s bigger than most countertops out there.

Whether you are engaged in woodworking, laminated, or UV treated jobs it won’t disappoint you. As a matter of fact, it’s designed in such a way that it will withstand all the pressure and abuse out there.

With every inch crafted for perfection, this countertop is quite stable thus great for jobs that involve heavy use of materials. If you mount it well, it will remain stable through some of the most demanding jobs out there.

It’s, therefore, the best countertop for interior designers, professional workers, and garage workers who want good style and utility.

4. Grizzly Industrial G9912 – Solid Maple Workbench Top

Grizzly G9912 Solid Maple ( Workbench Top)
Product Highlights:
  • since the first day grizzly started we have been using these maple workbench tops in our shipping and service departments we estimated that we have
  • we estimated that we have over 200 tops in use and expected them to be in service probably for the next 50 years. our workbench tops are made of solid
  • the tops bottoms and all edges are sealed and the appearance is clear satin smooth low sheen and natural in color

As a solid maple workbench countertop, Grizzly is made up of one of the best and high-quality products out there. With every inch coated and sealed, it’s not only durable but also easy to maintain.

As compared to others, it’s a heavy-duty countertop workbench top that’s more than an inch thick. Although it’s slightly shorter than other benches, it will provide you with a more balanced workstation.

Weighing only 52 pounds it’s the heaviest countertop out there. With its quality material and built, you can comfortably use it to handle rougher jobs.

Plus, it has a durable sugar maple that can withstand your everyday hammering, prodding, and pounding. It also provides a set of optional heavy-duty adjustable legs hence making it the best option for any garage or workstation.

5. John Boos BL2425-O Blended Walnut Counter Top

John Boos WALKCTBL2425O Blended ( Finish, 1.5" Thickness, 24" X 25")
Product Highlights:
  • this walnut wood countertop measures 24 inches long, 25 inches wide, and is 1.5 inches thick
  • penetrating oil finish: natural wood surface is finished with the same food-safe oil john boos uses on their world famous cutting boards, allowing you to use the countertop as a cutting surface
  • edge grain walnut wood countertop is constructed with full length exterior rails and random finger-jointed interior rails for unique color variations. please note: this item is not intended to be reversible and the underside on some tops may show light imperfections that will not appear when installed and do not impact the function of the top. this allows us to honor each piece of high grade wood and our commitment to sustainability.
  • proudly made in the usa by skilled craftspeople. made from sustainably harvested american black walnut wood.
  • easy maintenance: re-oil the countertop periodically using john boos mystery oil (sold separately on amazon) to preserve durability and beauty. wooden countertops are a low maintenance alternative to marble and granite.

Measuring 24 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick, John Boos countertop is a unit you can rely on. Featuring a penetrating oil finish it will provide you with the best working and cutting surface.

Constructed with full-length exterior rails and finger jointer interior rails, it has the best color variations. As compared to others it’s not intended to be reversible.

Proudly manufactured in the US, It’s made from the best harvested American Black Walnut Wood. The amazing thing is that it’s very easy to maintain. You just need to re-oil it and you are good to go.

If you are using it as cutting surface, get prepared for slight erosion. Overall, it’s a truly wonderful material.

Buying Guide

1. Know Your Needs

One of the most important things to consider when looking for countertop is the kind of job you’ll be doing. If you are intending to use heavy power tools and sharp blades choose either maple or oak butcher block.

2. The equipment

 If you use mixture of hand and power tools, choose one with a rubber topper so you can absorb the force of any tool that’s coming your way.

3. How often you Use the Workbench

While all hardwoods last forever, there is no doubt that some of them can take a lot of beating. If you are looking for one for long term use, then a heavy-duty stainless steel countertop is a perfect choice.

4. Consider Portability

Since some countertops are heavier than others, if you are looking for one you can move once in a while then choose a portable one. The best ones to choose include maple, redwood, and oak.

Popular Countertop Materials for Garage Workbench

1. Ebony Star

These aesthetic appeal countertop works very well on workbenches because of its textured laminate and can hold up against any sharp and blunt impact from any sorts of tools. Also, it doesn’t get rusted or rotted by water. All you have to do is wipe the water spill and you are good to go.

Ebony star is definitely is one of the best countertop materials you can use in your garage workbench. It is corrosion-resistant, doesn’t cause splinters, and soft to touch compared to wood material.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops are the most common material used in the tool industry. Either you are planning to purchase a new set of tools or want a freshly installed countertop, using stainless steel is one of the materials you should consider. The smooth surface and is resistant to blunt and sharp objects make it popular around the world.

3. Oak Butcher Block

Oak butcher block is known to be a tough wood and a bit more expensive compared to pinewoods. The good thing is that it doesn’t scar easily unlike pinewoods and doesn’t require you to add a topper. Also, butcher blocks are so popular because even if it’s under proper maintenance, they can still last for decades that you’ll be able to pass it on to your children to grandchildren.

4. Medium Density Fiberboard

Also know as MDF, one of the most commonly used countertops because it is cheaper but offers a top-quality workbench countertop. It is made out of crushed and dusted hardwood so it is quite stronger as it gets the benefits of hardwood.

5. Maple Butcher Block

Maple woods are one of the toughest hardwoods on the planet, it is usually used on heavy-duty equipment, workbenches, tables, sports gear and more. The reason why people love it so much is that it is not expensive comparing to Redwood and other varieties of woods.

Mable butcher blocks are surely long-lasting, durable, and reliable for countertops as they can also withstand strong impacts without shattering and splintering the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should a countertop for garage workbench be?

The best countertop for garage workbench should be around 75mm thick. This is to allow you do most of the work.

Where should I put my garage workbench?

The location of your garage workbench generally depends on what you intend to do. If the garage is attached to your house, you should install the workbench on the wall that’s adjacent to the house. However, avoid placing it on your house’s wall.

What wood should I use for the countertop for garage workbench?

The best woods to use are ash and pine. You can also use oak if you are looking for the perfect material for countertop.

What should I use to coat my workbench?

If you are using the countertop in the workshop, use thinned coat of polyurethane varnish. The amazing thing about it is that nothing will stick on it.  It will also help you clean your countertop well.

Does plywood make a good countertop for garage workbench?

For most workbenches, the best wood products are marine grade plywood, Baltic Birch, Appleply, MDF, or phenolic board. As some of the best materials, they won’t disappoint you.


There you have it – the best material for garage workbench countertops. If you are looking for something to help you get the job done, settle on the right type of wood, rubber, or fiberboard to help you get the job done. You can also fit an additional layer to boosts its lifespan.