Best Cigar Ash Cans For Garage

The Best Cigar Ashcans For Garage: Get The Right Can For your Garage and Improve Your Smoking Experience

If you are a cigar smoker, having the right ash can greatly improve your smoking experience. This is especially true if you want to smoke in the garage. Nothing is as good as the smell of the perfect cigar smoldering in the ashtray while spending time in the garage.

5 Best-Selling Cigar Ashcans For Garage

Since ashtrays for cigarettes will not work for cigars, getting the right ashcan is a bit challenging. Thankfully, this list will help you find the right cigar ashcan for the garage. Continue reading to explore the top picks.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Cigar Ashcans For Garage

1. Stinky Cigar Ashtray, 4 Stainless Steel Stirrups

Despite its name, this is probably the best cigar ash can for garages. If you are a cigar lover, you’ll realize that this is the best. Whether you love smoking outdoors or in the garage, this ash can has everything you need.

Featuring a bowl shape design, it’s both waterproof and windproof. With its stable base, it won’t easily tip over. It also has a large capacity and four stirrups that will securely hold your cigar.

But given that it’s short, you should be very careful when placing your cigar. Any incorrect placement may make it flip. As compared to other cans, it’s very easy to clean. It’s also dishwasher safe thus you don’t need to worry about anything.

If you are looking for a functional, durable, and attractive ash can for a garage this is the right one for you.

2. CiTree Cigar Ashtray, Cigar Travel Ashtray

CiTree Cigar Ashtray Cigar ( Metal Ashtray (Silver))
Product Highlights:
  • compact design with single cigar rest, deep ashtray reservoir for ashes. works in any setting where smokers are accommodated.
  • soft non-slip bottom design, avoid scratching the desktop, also avoid being blown away by wind.
  • material: made of solid aluminum, so it’s durable, heavy-duty, not easy to break, corrosion resistant and impact resistant.
  • easy to clean by using a wet sponge or cloth. 30 days money back guarantee.

Whether you are at home or on the road this cigar ash can won’t disappoint you. Small and compact, it can only hold one cigar. Fitted with a long rest your cigar won’t easily fall off.

Made of solid aluminum, it’s strong and durable. This means it’s unlikely to tip over. Impact-resistant, dishwasher safe, and corrosion-resistant, this unit has everything you need in ash can.

Featuring a non-scratch bottom, it won’t harm your wooden furniture or desks. It will, therefore, allow you to enjoy your cigar anywhere.

Equipped with a non-slip bottom design, it won’t easily be blown away by wind. Besides being easy to clean, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So in case of anything you can get back to the company.

3. Hillvo Stainless Steel Car Ashtray with Lid

Hillvo Stainless Steel Car ( Ashtray For Indoor Outdoor, Large)
Product Highlights:
  • premium stainless steel: 304 stainless steel,durable and anti-rust; it made of stainless steel so it doesn't get burned like the plastic ashtrays when putting out cigarettes.
  • lid design: 30°funnel lid design, when the car vibrates, the soot automatically slides into the ashtray.
  • top groove windproof design: narrow mouth prevents smoke from escaping in the car or soot flying out.
  • side recess design: easy to place cigarettes.
  • portable size &easy to carry: fits most car cup holders. 2.75 inches in diameter, 4.57 inches in height.

Made of premium stainless steel, this ash can easily get burned like other ash cans. Featuring a lid design, once you are done you can easily close it up.

With its top groove windproof design, it will prevent smoke. Having a side recess design placing the cigarettes is very easy.

Since the body and the lid can be separated, it’s quite easy to clean. With its narrow mount, it will prevent the smoke from flying out.

If you are looking for the best cigar ash can for garage, this one won’t disappoint you.

4. OILP Cigar Ashtray Big Ashtray

OILP Cigar Ashtray Metal ( Cigar Ashtrays-(Square,Alloy))
Product Highlights:
  • sturdy metal wooden cigar ashtray for cigar smoker,polished chrome finish,durable
  • useful and convenient.the cigar ashtray have 4 large cigars grooves to hold cigar or cigarette steady,fit any cigar or cigarillo
  • easy to clean.polished gunmetal finish small dome in the center, large basin tray for cigar ash
  • dimensions: 6.1"x 6.1" x 1.58", weigh:1.6 pounds.a nice size cigar ashtray
  • modern fashion design,great cigar ashtray for outdoor/ indoor,perfect gift for a cigar smoker

Featuring a modern look, OILP Cigar Ashtray Big Ashtray is a cigar ash can that you can rely on. As compared to others, it’s big enough to accommodate your friends. With its stable design, it won’t easily tip over.

Made of silicone, even if it drops, it won’t break. Simple and easy to wash, you just need to turn it so you can reach all the corners.

However, you should not leave it outside during the winter. You should also avoid placing it on a mantle or fireplace where.

Given that its durable and modern it’s an excellent design if you are you are looking for something that can serve you well.

Simple and easy to clean, with just soap and water you can comfortably clean it by hand. Overall it’s great for the garage, patio, restaurants, meeting room, and hotel bars.

5. Ashtrays with Lid Stainless Steel for Home, Outdoors

Ashtray With Lid For ( Outside Patio Outdoor Balcony(3.55"x3.0"x3.35"))
Product Highlights:
  • ➤ made of heavy-duty, high-quality stainless steel, never deform, windproof and rainproof.
  • ➤ perfect suit for homes, yard, office, bar, cafe, hotel, restaurant, party, buffet, etc.
  • ➤ conical design helps the ash tray stand firmly on the table, even when it is windy or rainy, it is not easy to be blown down.
  • ➤ perfectly retains ash and cigarette butts and reduces odor, keep the table clean and smooth, and make your mood pleasant.
  • ➤ the minimalist design can matches any of your furniture to create a comfortable home environment.

Manufactured from heavy-duty high-quality stainless steel, this ash can is windproof, stainless steel, and rainproof. Whether you have a hotel, garage, patio, or office, this is the right choice.

Featuring a conical design, it will stand firmly on the table while enjoying your cigar. Unlike others, it’s not easy to be blown away. Whether it’s rainy or windy you can still use it outdoors.

By perfectly retaining ash and cigarette butts you can minimize the odor and ensure your table remains clean.

Additionally, it has a bottom non slip mat that prevents scratching and slipping. Coming with a minimalist design it will match any furniture in your garage.

Besides making you feel comfortable, it will keep your garage clean and tidy.

Buying Guide

Now that you know about the top 5 cigar ash cans for garage, there are a few things to consider when looking for one. Here are some of the things to know.

1. Materials

You might have noticed that ash cans are made of different materials. From silicone to porcelain, steel to wood, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best. While stainless steel is a good choice, avoid the ones coated metal because it can scratch or fade.

2. Capacity

This is one of the most important things to consider when looking for the best ash can. The right can should hold more than one cigar and good quantity of ash. It should also be deep such that the ashes cannot blow away. Plus, it should have special grooves to hold your cigar.

3. Tip Proof

The right ash can should have long deep channels to hold the cigar. This way, there is no chance of your cigar flipping out and damaging the surface. It should also be stable enough and have some weight so it doesn’t tip over. Also, check the bottom to ensure it doesn’t scratch your wooden desk.

4. Ease of Clean

Make sure your cigar ash can is easy to clean with soap and water. You also need to confirm whether its dishwasher safe. For thin coated materials, avoid using scratch pads. Alongside this, avoid the ones with small grooves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use a ash can?

Since ashcans come in different forms and shapes, you need to place the ash tip of the cigar and inside the age of the ashcan and then roll off the ash in the correct way. If the can does not come off easily, it’s not yet time to ash. While doing this, you do not need to tap the cigar.

How can I clean dirty ash can for garage?

This basically depends on the material of the ashcan. For instance, using warm water and soap, you can comfortably clean a ceramic ashtray. On the contrary, you only need to wipe glass or wood ashcans.

What’s the purpose of cigar ash can?

Besides keeping the ash from the cigars, you can use the can for decorative purposes. For instance, you may have a DIY ashcan for friends, guests, and relatives who enjoy smoking cigars.

What can I do with old cigar ash can for garage?

You can repurpose your old ash can to serve as nail varnish holder, soap dish, container, or even a jar of candies.


When shopping for cigar ashcans for the garage, always consider the price, construction, and durability. This way, you will surely end up with the right one for your needs.