Best Central Vacuum For Small Garage Woodshop

5 Best Central Vacuum for Small Garage Woodshop: Allow the Whole Process of Vacuuming Easy and Efficient

Vacuuming is a job that we all wish we could desist from but cannot. This is especially true when it comes to the small garage woodshop. The process can be noisy, inconvenient, and expensive. If you are using a portable vacuum cleaner, you have to move it from one place to another.

5 Best-Selling Central Vacuum for Small Garage Woodshop

Luckily, with the central vacuum system, you don’t have to carry heavy equipment from one place to another. You just need to use the long light-weight hose, with receptacles mounted on every room and every floor of the garage.

If you intend to invest in a central vacuum for a small garage woodshop then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best units you should consider buying for your garage.

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Central Vacuum for Small Garage Woodshop

1. TurboCat Air Powered Central Vacuum Powerhead/Brush

Turbocat Air Powered Central ( Powerhead/Brush)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful, air driven turbine powerhead
  • for all central vacuum systems
  • low profile, no electricity needed
  • deepsweep brush roller
  • model 8695, rd1990 - replaces all other turbocat and tp210 models.

If you are looking for a central vacuum system with a good appeal and that works well, TurboCat Air Powered Central Vacuum Powerhead is the best unit. Just like other central vacuum cleaners, it has a disposable sealed HEPA that sucks up to 99 percent of the dust.

Fitted with good suction, it will help you pick anything from the floor. Additionally, it has a Soft Start Technology that allows it to increase its lifetime technology by up to 20 percent.

Besides this amazing technology, it helps you in keeping the hose and piping network clean after work.  After pressing the off button, it will run for 3 more seconds to allow enough air to go through.

 As compared to others, it matches most accessories hence installing it should not be difficult. Even if you are a lone you can set it up within minutes. As one of the best units, you can rest assured it won’t disappoint you.

2. VacuMaid GV50PRO Hose Central Vacuum System

VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted ( 50 Ft. Hose And Tools.)
Product Highlights:
  • includes 50' hose, hanger, caddy, wands, dusting brush, and floor/upholstery tools
  • galvannealed steel and powder-coated for corrosion-resistant lifetime use. 7 gallon dirt capacity.
  • big 5.7" ametek lamb motor, up to 75% more life than comparative brands.
  • sealed hepa-style bag - no messy cans to empty or filters to clean
  • this system mounts quickly & easily to the wall eliminating tipping over

Manufactured in the USA, The VacuMaid is perhaps one of the most popular systems for small garage woodshop owners. Just like other machines, it has an extension, a long reach hose, and storage attachments among other things.

This comes in handy when cleaning. More so, it features a disposable sealed HEPA that traps up to 99 percent of dirt, dust, and small particles thus keeping them from getting back to the room.

Apart from this, you can comfortably mount it in your small garage woodshop. This way you don’t have to carry it a long every time you want to clean the house. It’s also been made with durable galvanized steel and powder coated materials.

With its durable construction, it’s strong enough to avoid corrosion thereby significantly increasing its lifetime.

For a cleaner small garage woodshop environment, it has a disposable multilayer sealed HEPA bag that’s simple and very easy to maintain.

The best part is that it comes with high-quality accessories and tools including a 50-foot crush system, caddy bag, hose hanger crevice tool telescopic wand mounting bracket among others.

3. Nutone Pure 500 Air Watts Central Vacuum System

The Nutone Pure central vacuum system is the best vacuum system if you have a small garage woodshop that measures 1000 to 4000 square system.

With its self-cleaning system, you’ll remove all the dust and all the other allergens easily and effectively.

Because of its ultra-silent technology, this system produces one of the lowest noises thus making it among the quietest vacuums in the market.

With this system, you don’t have to worry about any sound coming off while cleaning.

Besides this, it has a sleek modern design that allows it to fit in small spaces in your garage. It also has a large 6 U.S gallon bag that you only need to empty once after every 6 months.

This helps it trap bacteria and dust much better than all the others.

If that’s not all, it’s fitted with a through-flow combined with sound-absorbing high performance and assembly technique that makes its one of the best in the industry.

Whether you have a small or big garage woodshop, this is a perfect choice. 

4. OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System, Hybrid Filtration

OVO Heavy Duty Powerful ( 9.25Gal, 700 Air Watts, Large Vac, White & Silver)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful: 700aw, 5.7’’ 2-stage motor - 140.2 cfm
  • soft start / stop technology: adds 20% to the life expectancy of your ovo central vacuum motor
  • silent system: integrated muffler and noise-blocking foam added in the motor compartment
  • heavy duty: covers up to 9000 square feet area, 8 inlet or more
  • hybrid filtration: can be used with disposable bags ( recommanded) or without disposable bags (included) - 1 permanent machine washable filter ( included)

So you are shopping for one of the best central vacuum systems for a small garage woodshop? Look no further because OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum System unit is one of the best. Manufactured of high-quality materials, it captures dirt and dust of up to 3 micrometers in size.

This ensures your garage environment remains clean and dirt free. With its 20 liter tank capacity, it will continue cleaning your air for a long time before you can empty and clean it.

With its fan and motor segregated, it will remain cool, powerful and clean for several years. This means it will serve you for long without any issue.

If you are using it for the first time, it will only take you two days to set it up and start cleaning. As one of the most powerful units, it’s fitted with almost everything you could ask for.

As a new customer, you’ll be pleased with the product, purchase and shipment. With all its attachments, it’s among the best in the market.

5. Electrolux Quiet 600 Air Watts Central Vacuum System

The Electrolux Quiet central vacuum system has a self-cleaning HEPA filter that allows it to capture up to 99% of dust, dirt, and allergens down from 0.3 microns.

Unlike other units, you can comfortably use it with or without a bag thus giving you the flexibility that you need.

When using it without a bag, its dirt capacity can hold up to 4 gallons of debris and dirt. This way, it’s able to clean your entire small garage woodshop before taking care of the collector.

In addition, it comes with an anti-vibration mount which will keep it well adjusted to the wall and avoid any risk of damages.

With its integrated exhaust pipe and direct muffler connection, you’ll cool it down even more. If safety is an issue, you can rest assured that the system is safe.

To ensure it remains firmly in place and doesn’t damage anything around, it has an anti-vibration mount. Amazingly it comes with a 10-year warranty hence guaranteed to last a lifetime. Plus, with its 10 years parts and labor warranty it’s the best unit out there.

Buying Guide

Here are the most important factors to consider before buying the best central vacuum for small garage woodshop.

1. Air Watts

The higher the air watts the higher the suction power of the system. Thus you need to look for a system with a higher air watts figure.

2. Filtration System

Based on your cleaning need you should choose something that works. If you are looking for a washable filter, choose a self-cleaning system that’s much convenient.

3. Type of Motor

There are generally two types of motors namely bypass and thru flow. As compared to a thru flow, a bypass motor is much more effective.

4. Motor System

Since there are two motor systems, choose one that can serve you well. While a double-age motor system is able to provide more power its maintenance cost is a bit higher.

5. Noise Operation Level

Noise is a very important consideration when looking for the right central vacuum system for a small garage woodshop. If you have aggressive neighbors you need to go for a unit with a muffler system. This way, you’ll be able to reduce the chance of disturbing someone.

Types of Garage Vacuums

1. Hand-held Vacuum

These are budget-friendly vacuums if you don’t want to spend on expensive vacuums. The thing is that it has a small capacity that needs you to frequently empty the tank if you are doing extensive vacuuming.

2. Rolling Vacuum

If your garage has a fair amount of mess and looking for a portable one, then a rolling vacuum is perfect for you. These are usually known as a wet and dry vacuum that has a fairly long cord and extension hose.

3. Wall-mounted Vacuum

Besides being powerful, these vacuums do not occupy a lot of space. Fitted with extension wands and a long hose, you can use them to reach any corner of your garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does air-watt affect the cleaning performance of the central vacuum for a small garage woodshop?

This refers to the power of the fluid flow that’s equal to the pressure times. With a higher number, the cleaning results are much better.

Why should I invest in central vacuum system for small garage woodshop?

As compared to portable vacuums that throw dust and allergens into the air, a central vacuum system draws all the dust and allergens out of the house into the basement. This means it gives a cleaner and healthier environment.

What’s the best central vacuum system for small garage woodshop?

The best central vacuum system should reduce allergy and respiratory problems and keep your small garage woodshop air fresh and clean.

Are central vacuum systems for small garage woodshop worth it?

While central vacuum systems are good they may not be worth it if your small garage woodshop is 1200 sq ft or less.

How long can a central vacuum for small garage workshop last?

Well, a central vacuum system can last for up to 20 years.


While central vacuums for small garage woodshops are good they need some form of consideration. Purchasing one is a bit different since you’ll have to make sure it fits your garage. If you know about the technical stuff you’ll find them the easiest and the most efficient models you can buy.