Best 10 Car Lift For Home Garage To Buy In 2020

10 Best Car Lift for Home Garage to Buy

Possessing a car lift for a home garage is still a dream for many car lovers. A car lift is a jack that lifts your car to desired height. It is an essential element of home garage, especially for those who find their love in car. Car lift allows them to keep multiple cars in a small space. Car lifts also serve various other purposes.

You can use a car lift to access the lower machinery part of your car. But sometimes fulfilling the dream of buying a car lift becomes a nightmare. It is because the specs of car lifts can overwhelm you. Here is a comprehensive look to select the best car service lift that meets your purpose.

10 Best-Selling Car Lift for Home Garage

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Car Lift for Home Garage

1. A-Plus Lift Two Post Car Lift For Home Garage

APlusLift HW10KOH 10000LB Two ( Asymmetric) Arms / 24 Months Parts Warranty)
Product Highlights:
  • shipping from nearest warehouses to minimize possible freight damages (al; il; mo; oh; sc; pa; tx; wa)
  • combo (symmetrical and asymmetrical) arm assembly with screw-in pads!
  • ce certified lift structure and hydraulic system; 6'9" lift height maximum with truck adapters
  • durable powder coated finish on steel; all robot welded structure
  • strong double "s" column design; ; carriage material q355 stronger than normal q235 steel

A two-post car lift is a lift with two beams to hold the car. It is one of the most searched car lifts for several reasons. However, it is most famously known for its durability. The two posts car lifts are firm and hold the car securely.

A-Plus lift is the best two post car lift. It has four arm assemblies; it includes front and rear arm assemblies on both sides. When you hit the buttons of the hydraulic power unit, these assemblies start moving up.

Design of A-Plus two post car lift

The designs of A-Plus post car lifts are quite unique. It has a top trough assembly attached to offside and onside columns. One side of the two post car lift will include the hydraulic power unit to lift your car.

Safety Features That It Includes

  • Double-point safety lock
  • Locks on the arms in case of power failure
  • Redundancy measure to stop overloading

Pros of A-Plus Lift Two Post Car Lift

  • Can lift up to 10,000 pounds
  • Hydraulic system
  • CE-certified
  • One year parts warranty
  • can lift up to six feet nine inches
  • Double S-column for durability
  • upgraded floor plate
  • Q345 steel plates for additional efficiency
  • can be used for trucks, SUVs, and other cars

2. Triumph NSS-8 Four Post Car Lift

TRIUMPH NSS8TL 8000Lbs Taller ( Car Auto Lift Truck Hoist)
Product Highlights:
  • overall height 94 inches
  • overall length 190 inches
  • drive thru width 99 inches
  • runway length 180 inches
  • maximize your vertical space by storing a car on the lift and another below!

Four post car lifts are the lifts with four side assemblies to hold the car. It is usually the best option if you want to stack two cars in one space. Four side assemblies hold on to the ground more strongly. Thus, it keeps you more secure as compared to the two posts.

The four-post car lifts usually have ramp instead of arm assemblies. You can drive your car up on the ramp and move it up using the hydraulic power unit. You can adjust the height of the ramps as per your need. But you should also see the specs while buying a four-post car lift. Most of the car lifts are four standard passenger vehicles. If you own an SUV, you must check the details.

NSS-8 is exceptionally unique from all other car lifts. It lifts your car quickly and smoothly.

Design of Triumph NSS-8

As per the Design, there are no groundbreaking developments in an NSS-8. The runway to the ramp is 165 inches. The maximum height that NSS-8 can list is 84 inches. You can easily fit in a passenger vehicle in this car lift. However, if you have SUV, you should check the specs first.

Pros of Triumph NSS-8

  • Reasonable price
  • Lifting capacity up to 8,000 pounds
  • Easy operation
  • Quick installation
  • Can be used for car storage

3. A-Plus Lift HW-10KOH Overhead Auto Hoist Car Lift

APlusLift HW10KBP 10000LB Two ( Asymmetric) Arms / 24 Months Parts Warranty)
Product Highlights:
  • improved design from apluslift hw-10kbp model
  • shipping from nearest warehouses to minimize possible freight damages (al; il; mo; oh; sc; pa; tx; wa)
  • combo (symmetrical and asymmetrical) arm assembly with screw-in pads!
  • ce certified lift structure and hydraulic system; 6'9" lift height maximum with truck adapters
  • durable powder coated finish on steel; all robot welded structure; strong double "s" column design; ; carriage material q355 stronger than normal q235 steel

This car lift has all the features that you would love about. The most interesting fact about this lift is you can raise your car to full height and bring it down within a minute.

The lifting capacity of this car lift is 10,000 pounds. It is more than enough for almost all the average user. You can easily elevate a vehicle up to 83 inches. This provides you plenty of space beneath it. Thus, you can also use it for car storage.

Design of A-Plus Lift HW-10KOH Overhead Auto Hoist

The design of this car lift is quite straight. It has a bar overhead. And this offers extra stability to your car lift. Q345 steel and increased width make it one of the most desirable car lifts.

Perks of Buying A-Plus Lift HW-10KOH Overhead Auto Hoist Car Lift

  • Easy installation of the car lift
  • CE-certified
  • Offers you maximum elevation up to 6 feet 9 inches
  • Extra durable
  • Q345 steel
  • Lifts up to 10,000 pounds

4. Mayflower Blacksmith Two Post Lift Car Lift

Mayflower Blacksmith Base Plate ( BP10000 / 1 Year Full Warranty)
Product Highlights:
  • lifting weight capacity: 10,000 lbs
  • lifting height max: 75" / lifting height max with truck adapter: 79"
  • heavy duty two hydraulic cylinders, chain drive
  • double two point safety lock release with built-in 18 locking positions
  • a set of 4'' truck adapters included

It is one of the strong rivals of all other car lifts available in the market. It is easy to use due to its simplistic design. It carries up to 9000 pounds and offers you a maximum height of 75 inches.


It has quite an asymmetrical design. The Arms are adjustable and include a safety lock. It keeps your car safe in a power failure. The company has used high-quality steel to manufacture these car lifts. Thus, it is quite durable and is more affordable.

Perks of buying Mayflower Blacksmith Two Post Lift car Lift

  • Better internal width
  • 134-inch overall width
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable

5. Auto Lift Car-Park-8 Four-post Car Lift

Auto Lift CarPark8 4 ( Car Lift 8,000 Lb)
Product Highlights:
  • carriages completely enclosed for safety. redundant ladder lock safety system with "auto engage" locking bar in the event of cable failure. 10 lock positions.
  • aircraft quality cables rated at 14,500 lbs. easy operation: lock release handle located near power unit.
  • 18" wide runways formed with one-piece 3/16" non-skid diamond plate. extra-large slider blocks for added stability.
  • large 3" diameter. many options available!

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 has many more things to offer. It is quite cleverly created. The car lift has a strong motor that can lift up to 8,000 pounds to a height of 74.75 inches. The runway to these four-post car lift is 18 inches wide that offers accommodation of vehicle having a larger wheelbase.


It has a standard design. But the security features will attract you. The company has employed a failsafe system that keeps your vehicle secure. It also has a ladder lock that engages immediately during the cable failure.

Perks of Buying Auto Lift Car-Park-8

  • Potential for smaller space
  • Durable
  • Can elevate up to 8000 pounds
  • Offers you the maximum height of 74.75 inches

6. TRIUMPH NT-11 Car Lift

NT11 11000 Lb Two ( Lift Hoist Base Plate)
Product Highlights:
  • overall height 116"
  • lifting height 72" ... lowered height 4.5"
  • overall width 138" ... distance between posts 112"
  • iso 9001 and ce certified/compliant
  • lifts come with free set of truck adapters and floor anchors

Performance of this car lift is impressive as compared to any other car lifts. It is one of the best 2 post car lift for money. It can lift up to 11, 000 pounds effortlessly. The motor of this car lift is smooth and silent. The lift is CE-certified and compliant to ISO 9001.


It is quite straight forward in design. It may not be a massive Hydraulic car lift but offers you flexibility. It can easily fit into a smaller space as compared to any other car lifts.

Perks of buying TRIUMPH NT-11 Car Lift

  • Reasonable price
  • Strong and efficient
  • Lifts up to 11000 pounds
  • Can lift up to height of 72 inches

7. Atlas OH-10X Car Lift

Atlas OH-10X Car Lift is a reliable two post car lift. It can elevate a vehicle up to 10,000 pounds. The maximum that it can reach is 70 inches, which is most for almost all the cars. The company provides you high-grade steel that provides complete support to your vehicle.

Perks of Buying Atlas OH-10X Car Lift

  • Durable
  • Can lift up to 10,000 pounds
  • Provide enough space for larger vehicles
  • Easy to install
  • Provide space for a car underneath

8. TRIUMPH 9000 Pound four-post car lift NOS9000

9000 Pound 4 Post ( Car Truck Hoist NOS9000)
Product Highlights:
  • secondary redundant safety system - added safety measure for you and you vehicle
  • rolling jack tray with drain plug
  • automatic dead bolt locks with oversize release linkage
  • boxed tracks for extra strength
  • 36" aluminum ramps weighing only 29 lbs.

TRIUMPH 9000 delivers you enough benefits. This model can flawlessly raise your car up to 9,000 pounds. The Car lift offers you an elevation up to 77.5 inches, which makes it the highest car lift in this list.


It offers you the most attractive design as compared to other car lifts. The high-grade steel is coated with red paint that makes it hotter in look. It has clean and distinctive lines that enhance the look of your home garage.

 Perks of Buying TRIUMPH 9000 Pound

  • Lifts up to 9000 pounds
  • Offers maximum elevation to a height of 77.5 inches
  • Two full safety system
  • Compact
  • High-quality material

9. BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

BendPak DualWidth 2Post Asymmetric ( Gray, Model Number XPR-10AS)
Product Highlights:
  • revolutionary 30deg rotated column offers added door-opening clearance and interior car access
  • exclusive tru‐metric carriage and arm design combines to give users the ability to load vehicles either symmetrically (centerline of vehicle at column) or asymmetrically (centerline of vehicle behind column) - it's almost like having two lifts in one
  • expandable top beam accommodates wide or narrow drive-thru configuration
  • padded overhead safety shutoff bar
  • single-point safety release

BendPak offers you maximum efficiency in this car lift model. The column place and shape of the car lift makes it the most convenient car lift. It moves the car up and down seamlessly. The car lift can lift up to 10, 000 pounds, and can rise up to 69 inches.


The design of this car is unique. The top beam is expandable that provides you more space underneath. The width of the columns of this vehicle is 100 inches that makes it an excellent choice for vehicles with a broader base.

Perks of Buying BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

  • Can lift up to 10,000 pounds
  • Offers maximum height of 69 inches
  • Expandable top beam.’
  • Good quality
  • Arms can be set symmetrical.

10. Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two Post Car Lift

Dannmar MaxJax Portable 6000lbs ( Portable 2-Post Lift)
Product Highlights:
  • free shipping. free lift-gate & residential. each maxjax system comes with a cast iron gear flow divider providing precisely equalized lifting
  • a dual voltage single-phase power unit is small enough to be stored out of the way
  • optional motorcycle adapters. fully adjustable lift arms with stackable adapters. automatic arm restraints.
  • maintenance free load bearing. solid steel safety lock bars. detailed safety instructions. 24-month limited warranty.
  • durable direct drive cylinders. ability to create multiple installation positions. durable powder coat finish. portable power unit cart.

It is an interesting two post car lift. It appears solid and has a solid design. These two post car lift models can lift to 6000 pounds. It is quite portable. That means you can take it to remote areas. It is best for all passenger cars. However, for heavy vehicles, you should check the specs.

Features Of An Ideal Car Lift for Home Garage

If you are looking to buy a car lift, you should begin with features. Here are some tips for beginning with:

1. Installation

It may not be a primary element to consider while buying a residential garage car lift. But it is an essential part. You must choose a car lift that provides you a professional installation. Installation of the car lifts, especially for the two posts and 4post car lift, involves a lot of work. It is not a job that you could do it yourself. Thus, you should always make sure you get the most professional installation.

2. What do you need in your car lift?

There are various types of car lifts that serve you with different purposes. Thus, it would be great if you make it clear about your need. Before you start buying, you must inquire about some details like the capacity of the car lift and the weight of your vehicle. You must ensure that the car lift that you buy is capable enough to lift your car.

Car lifts have various capacities, like 11,000 pounds, 15,000 thousand pounds, and many more. It will be ideal if you buy a car lift that is 2000 pounds heavier than your vehicle. It will serve your purpose unless you own a monster truck. Another essential factor that attracts everyone is the cool features of a car lift. There are some excellent features that are only found in limited car lifts. Thus, you should be realistic about your needs and buy a car lift that meets your requirement.

3. High-quality first!

It is evident that most of the buyers feel tempting to look for the cheapest deal. But that can turn a nightmare for you. You should never compromise quality for money, especially while buying a car lift. A Car lift will hold your car worth thousands of dollars. Thus, you would never want the lift to fail. Imagine how foolish would it be, if you had to pay thousands for your car damage because you felt tempted with a cheaper deal. So, you should always keep this in mind while buying a car lift.


In conclusion, now that you know the specs of various car lifts, you can find it easy to spot the best car lift. However, you should always check all the specs carefully and make sure that they meet your needs.

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