8 Easy Steps To Keep Your Garage Cool During Summer

8 Easy Steps to Keep Your Garage Cool During Summer

The weather can get warmer during the summer, which means that the world will soon start to come alive after its long winter slumber. But the excessive heat level can also take its toll on your house, especially your garage.

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The scorching heat can make a garage feel like a hot oven during the summer. Fortunately, there are ways to beat the heat with a few simple modifications. So, how do you give your garage it’s much-needed care? Here are the tips to keep your garage cool during summer:

Garage Cool During Summer

Steps to Keep Your Garage Cool During Summer

1. Declutter Your Garage Space

Sure enough, all that space inside your garage can make it quite tempting to fill it with stuff that you no longer use. But using it as a storing space can kick your car to a curb. Soon enough, the boxes that you now have can pile over until you don’t even know where you stored any of the things that you need. 

So, use your free summertime to declutter your garage and start organizing all your stuff. Try to sort through all your things and arrange them in three different piles— sell, toss, or keep. Although most of your stuff may hold a few fun memories, keeping things that you’re no longer using will add unnecessary clutter to your already limited space.

Once you get rid of all the clutter, it’ll promote proper air circulation, which can keep your garage space fresh. 

2. Choose a Lighter Color For Your Garage Exterior

Experts say that white paint can bounce off the solar heat better compared to other colors. So, if you want your garage space to feel less hot and humid, repainting the garage doors can immensely help.

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Depending on the orientation of your house, you can choose lighter colors to make your space’s interior much cooler. It’s also wise to choose a design that doesn’t have windows to reduce the chances of letting the sun enter the garage.

3. Upgrade Your Space Ventilation System

One of the primary reasons why the garage can get hot is because of a weak ventilation system. So, if you have an extra budget, installing a dedicated garage ventilation system can help, too. Having a passive ventilation system installed on the roof will dissipate the heat from the garage’s attic. Thus, reducing the temperature inside your space.

Another option is an active ventilation system. Although it’s more complicated and a lot pricier than the latter one, it’s also more efficient and much more effective. You can install it on the roof or even the garage door in a high position.

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4. Park Your Recently Used Car Outside

One of the easiest ways to keep your garage cool is by leaving your car parked outside for the meantime after driving it. Keep in mind that the heat will radiate from your vehicle even after shutting it off. Thus, adding a few degrees to your garage’s temperature.

Once the car is already cool, remember to park it inside for safety. Although it doesn’t help you reduce the heat inside your garage space, it won’t add any more heat to its interior.

5. Schedule Your Garage Use

When dealing with the summer heat, the best way to beat it is by being smart. You can make the time that you spend in the garage more bearable when you choose the most sensible time of the day to use it.

The heat wouldn’t spike up until the middle of the day. So, it’s best to use it during the early morning, before the temperature starts to rise. If you’re doing garage workouts every day, choosing the most sensible time of the day can make things more comfortable.

You can also open the garage doors a little to let the air circulate properly. However, please refrain from using it between 3 to 65 P.M. since it’s when the temperature starts to spike. 

6. Install Some Fans

Another least expensive option that you can consider reducing the heat is by installing a few fans. A simple oscillating household fan can do wonders to get the air circulating inside your space.

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If you have an extra available fan, you can put them at a window to blow the hot air out while using the other fan to keep the cold air in while you’re inside. However, do note that having fans won’t reduce the temperature inside your garage. Instead, it generates airflow, which can provide little relief from the scorching summer heat.

7. Use a Dehumidifier

If you live in a place with high humidity, consider having a dehumidifier inside your garage. A dehumidifier can effectively remove the moisture from the air, which helps reduce the heat inside your space.

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Having a dehumidifier is also perfect for garages with a sound ventilation system installed. That’s because it helps reduce the condensation inside your home, which can be helpful throughout the year.

8. Having an Air Conditioning Unit

For those with more than enough budget saved for their garage, installing an air conditioning unit is a viable choice.  Although it’s expensive, it’s the most effective way to bring the heat down immediately.

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If you have the means to pay for it, you can get a central air conditioning fitted in your garage for an active cooling solution. Meanwhile, for those with a small garage that has a window, getting a window-mounted air conditioner can keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Another option is a portable air conditioner to cool it down.


Spending your days outside during the summer can be fun, but don’t forget to give your garage it’s much needed TLC. You’ll surely be glad of all the effort you put in once the winter rolls around.

Just follow all the steps in these guidelines, and you’ll look at your garage differently the way you see it now. You could even start using the space that you have in your garage to create summer projects with your kids, which can be fun, especially when they’re on vacation.