8 Budget Friendly Ways To Organize Your Garage

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Garage

If you’ve explored the growing garage makeover trend, you might have garage envy and feel that the mess piled up in your own garage is starting to weigh heavily on your mind.

While you’ve been contemplating taking the first step toward having an orderly garage of your own, you might not be sure where to start, especially because of the wealth of options you have to choose between.

For many, the most off-putting part about regaining control over their garage organization is the sticker shock that they get when looking into how much custom fit cabinetry and shelving can cost.

What you should realize is that there are many ways that you can attack this problem, and, as long as you employ sound organization strategies that should go into any deep cleaning project in your home, you’ll be able to use these 9 budget friendly solutions to custom-fit your garage’s space to fit your needs:

1. Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets

Image: “Storage Basket Cutout” by Alane Golden

One of the most important concepts in home organization is visibility.

When many people conceptualize “good organization,” they imagine everything being labeled and tucked away in its perfect place. Everything you put in your garage should have a planned destination to be stored but it doesn’t need to be meticulously labeled and color-coded. 

If you plan your organization around making commonly used items as visibly and logically arranged as possible, you will be able to make a system that is functional and easy-to-maintain.

That’s why using simple, cost-effective wire baskets can be one of the best (and cheapest) ways to maximize the space you have in your garage. You can hang them over locations where you need storage for smaller items you need access to, and you won’t have to dig and search for your car cleaning cloths or bike pump and undo all your hard work.

2. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Image: “Garage Storage Shelf Solution” by Bill Hutchison

Another way that you can have easily visible storage is to include floating shelves in your garage.

Floating shelves can be incredibly sturdy when mounted into the studs of your walls, which means they can help store heavier tools or equipment you want to keep accessible. Also, you can customize what lengths you use and how many you use on top of or after one another in order and make your organizational system fit your needs.

Another great aspect of using floating shelves over traditional shelves is that they are both easy to clean and can be simple to move. Since all you have to do is clear off what’s on top of them to get full access to the shelf, if you need to do some cleaning or you decide you need to rearrange your space later, the shelves can accommodate that easily.

While there are benefits to using the sturdy cabinetry and shelving that you often see in garage makeovers, rearranging your organization later if things change won’t be simple or cheap.

3. Ceiling Storage

Ceiling Storage for Garage Organization

Keeping the space where you need to move and work clear is another great way to develop a workable organizational system. Just as you should prioritize items’ visibility according to how often you use them, you can also determine if things that you don’t need regular access to can be put a little further out of reach.

A lot of people have had great success is compartmentalizing the clutter that ends up in their garages by getting creative and deciding to use all the space available to them: including the ceiling space. 

As long as you make sure to choose storage options that will still allow you garage door to open without obstruction, ceiling storage options like track storage (where you can slide on and off large bins) and ceiling racks can be great ways to gain more storage space, especially in smaller garages.

Track storage would work best for storage soft items, like winter clothing or beach toys that you don’t need in the way, while ceiling racks are a more heavy-duty option for tools and weightier sports equipment.

4. Garage Wall Tool Holder

While keeping items out in the open so you know what you’re working with can help you keep tabs on your belongings, you still need ways to organize what’s laid out for you to see. This will help you make sure to spend time actually using your garage space instead of constantly cleaning, rearranging, and searching for things.

While wire baskets can be a great open for smaller items that can be grouped together by size, purpose, or category, having more specific storage options will help you know where to put larger items that can be hard to store without them getting in the way.

A garage wall tool holder, which can often have openings to hold garden tools, like rakes, shovels, and other items, is a wonderful and inexpensive addition to your garage organization system.

Instead of having to constantly find a corner to lean these longer tools up against, only to trip over them later, you will have a wall-mounted holder so you always know where they are and won’t risk breaking them or hurting yourself otherwise.

5. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks for garage

Wall hooks are another way to prioritize visibility and specificity in how you store your tools

They can be placed anywhere, can be mounted into wall studs so they can carry more load, and can be used for a variety of items.

Plus, they’re a very inexpensive option that you can buy in packs, so you can keep extras if you need to add on to your storage and organization options as your cleaning project progresses.

6. Wall-mounted Bike Racks

Wall mounted bike rack for garage

One type of item commonly stored in garages that takes up a ton of space is bicycles. Especially because of their length, it can feel like you have no room left when you even store one in your garage.

Getting a bike rack that stores your bikes upright can help you claim back some of that space to add in all of your other organizational tools as you clear up space in your garage.

7. Pegboards

Image: “DSCN9426” by mtneer_man

One of the best options for organizing smaller tools, like hammers, wrenches, drills, and more are pegboards.

Pegboards are probably an option that you’ve seen featured in a lot of well-organized garages, but you might have overlooked just how versatile they are. In fact, they can work hand in hand with a lot of the suggestions from this list, including the garden tool holder, floating shelves, and wire baskets.

Pegboard for Garage

Using a peg board to organize a wall of storage can make it simple to try out different arrangements that will allow you to see all your tools and other important belongings that you want to have access to as you use your newly freed space in your garage.

8. Corner Shelves

Corner Shelves for Garage

Finally, if you still need just one more way to take advantage of every inch of potential storage, you can get simple corner shelves.

These work great if you need to have a small surface without taking up headspace that a full floating shelf requires.

And, you can put multiple of them right on top of one another, to create a triangular ladder of storage that can have water height in between each level that you need, which can work great for storage small sports equipment in an out-of-the-way location that you can still get to quickly.

Whatever approach you decide to take when cleaning and organizing your garage, don’t let a budget get in the way of you customizing your set up to your needs and how you use your space. 

Use as an opportunity to come up with adaptable, affordable solutions that can change along with your needs, so that you can appreciate the bright side of opting out of options that are out of your price range for now.

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