7 Garage Upgrades That Will Add Value To Your Home

7 Garage Upgrades That Will Add Value to Your Home

It’s common for homeowners to have a cluttered and disorganized garage, filled with belongings that they haven’t looked at in years. As a result, homeowners who are considering how to update their home, often overlook how much a well-maintained garage can add to a house’s valuation

7 Garage Upgrades That Will Add Value to Your Home
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Garage Upgrades That Can Add Value To Your Home Include:

  • Adding square footage
  • Installing custom storage solutions
  • Creating a functional workspace
  • Adding a new garage door
  • Applying new floor coatings
  • Painting the walls
  • Designing a hangout space

Whether you’re selling or staying, you should consider the benefits of upgrading that often-wasted space in your garage. Using garage space properly can benefit your day-to-day life and will impress homebuyers whenever you’re looking to sell. Keep reading to find out why these seven garage upgrades can have such a big impact on your home’s value.

1. Adding Square Footage

People don’t often put garages at the top of their wishlist when shopping for homes, but a house not having a garage tends to be an automatic strike against it. Nowadays, people shopping for homes expect two-car garages, at a minimum.

People are looking for space for storage, for their hobbies, and for the often three or more cars they need to park. If it’s a feasible option on your property, adding onto your garage, such as with a bump-out addition, can be a great selling point. 

Even if you’re not thinking of moving any time soon, garage space adds to your overall square footage. With an attached garage with no second floor, a garage add-on can be a relatively simple way to use available space to get a great return in future years.

Buyers will see the extra parking and space as a stand out feature that other homes in your neighborhood don’t have. With many families sharing space with older generations and adult children, some extra garage space can go a long way to adding convenience to your daily life.

2. Installing Custom Storage Solutions

Upgrade Garage - 2. Installing Custom Storage Solutions
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The trend towards larger garages while buying homes is only growing because people want more functional and useful space. Current homebuyers might overlook the potential of their garage because, so often, garages are overloaded with old belongings that just didn’t fit anywhere else in the house.

The most important first step to making garages more functional? Clear out the junk.

Once you can see what space you’re working with, with all the distractions out of the way, you can make plans to customize and maximize the space you do have. There are many types of garage storage solutions that can work for any size garage, as long as you tailor your upgrades to the space you have.

Garage storage solutions can include:

You can pick and choose which options work best for the square footage and the budget you have available. 

Cabinets can be the most expensive, with custom builds running into the thousands, but buying a variety of the other options can help you create more storage in the space you have. Overhead storage racks that hang off the ceiling above an open garage door are great options for smaller garages.

Homebuyers and owners will get a lot out of storage that is designed to maximize the space. And, you don’t have to make the space purely functional. Storage solutions can have visual appeal, too, which is why it’s important that you choose options that make the garage feel like an extension of the house.

3. Creating a Functional Workspace

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Homeowners want garages to extend the amount of useable space in their homes. Often, garages become the area where family members can indulge hobbies or do projects that would be best completed outside the main house. Since DIY projects are becoming increasingly popular, more people value having a well-designed workspace within the garage. 

Getting items as simple as an adjustable workbench and convenient organization and compartmentalized, accessible storage for tools can provide you with a multi-functional space that several families members with different needs can share.

In the past, only more serious carpenter or woodworkers might have set aside this kind of space, but nowadays more and more hobbyists want to have at least a desk space and accessible storage for their projects. Families with older children can have space for them to use without taking over needed office space or guest bedrooms with messy projects.

4. Replacing the Garage Door

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As more people are becoming design-conscious when shopping for homes, little details can make a big difference. People want the outside of the house to have a cohesive look, and that means a stylish garage door can increase a home’s value in their eyes.

Having an outdated garage door takes away from your house’s curb appeal, especially considering how much of the front face of the house a garage door can take up. If your house has a distinctive style, such as the craftsman pictured here, it might be a good idea to consider your options and look for a more creatively styled garage door.

Regardless of whether you want to go for a more stand-out look, if you’re bringing the rest of your house up to par, it only makes sense not to leave a weathered, stained garage door to take away from the impact of the rest of the house. Consider whether adding higher design quality to the front face of your home will make it stand out among the listings in your neighborhood.

5. Applying New Floor Coatings

Applying new floor coatings for garage
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Another feature to consider upgrading is the floors. This is definitely a worthwhile upgrade because it’s part of the trend of homeowners wanting to feel like their garage is an extension of the rest of the home.

The thing you have to consider is what kind of flooring you’re going to choose because there are actually quite a few options for garage flooring. We recommend you go with a floor coating, as opposed to other types of flooring, like vinyl or rubber tiles.

Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

A floor coating, like the epoxy floor coating you see pictured here, can lift the drab look of plain concrete in most garages, but won’t cost more than it’s worth. At the end of the day, it’s still a garage, so adding fancier tiles that cost quite a bit more than a floor coating won’t have the same return in increasing your home’s value.

6. Painting the Walls

This one is a no-brainer – if you want any room in your house to look brand new, you can’t beat the impact of a new coat of paint

In a garage, a fresh coat on the walls can enliven the space more than you’d expect. Since many homeowners don’t refresh garage walls as often as they do the rest of the house, you might be surprised to see how dramatic of an impact the change can have. 

Make sure to choose a light, airy color, to keep the larger sense of space, but don’t feel compelled to stick with white. Remember, the trends in garage design today are to keep the same sense of personality that is in the rest of the house. An easy way to design a more colorful garage would be to choose muted versions of non-white colors already in your home.

7. Designing a Hangout Space

Finally, for those of you who have the space (and the inspiration) to a go a bit beyond, adding a hangout space to your garage can add massive appeal and functionality to your home, for yourself and for touring homebuyers. 

Stools for Industrial look inside garage

Many home buyers like to lean into the idea of designing a living space in a garage. A popular choice is to create a bar and add industrial-style stools to create a relaxed area to enjoy drinks with friends and added seating for barbecues. Another great idea is to make a cozy hangout space for your friends and kids to enjoy with a comfortable and low maintenance futon.

8. Upgrading Your Own Garage

Whichever of these upgrades you choose to do when updating your garage, make sure that it fits your home and your family’s needs. Whatever value garage upgrades bring come from what will make living in your home more functional. 

Don’t wear yourself out trying to imagine what would make your house perfect for the hypothetical homebuyer. You know best what would make your day-to-day life easier, so keep that and your budget in mind when choosing any of your garage upgrades.

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