7 Garage Makeover Ideas On A Budget Be Inspired With These Inexpensive Diy Makeovers

7 Garage Makeover Ideas on a Budget | Be Inspired with These Inexpensive DIY Makeovers

The main purpose of a garage is to have a place for you to store your car bat at some point, you’re going to start placing all your stuff in order to clear more space inside your home. Sooner or later, your garage is going to become a huge cluttered mess and you’re going to wonder why there’s no more room left.

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In order to keep your garage neat and organized, you need to make a huge makeover that is able to store the same amount of things while being able to make the room more spacious.

We’ve organized a few inexpensive ideas that you can do to your garage which is able to utilize the entire room to increase its storage capacity.


Vertical Magnetic Storage 

A magnetic storage is able to maximize the vertical storage space that’s currently available in your room. It allows you to keep your tools organized and easily accessible to use at any time.

Storing them in a toolbox is also an efficient alternative but placing them in an organized manner relieves you from the effort for searching for a specific tool.

With an open display that’s hanging on the wall, it allows you to grab anything you need and place it back whenever you’re done. They’re very affordable and you can just buy them at your local hardware store.

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Foldable Workbench

Image Credits: 2BP

Having a foldable workbench lets you save a lot of space in your garage and it’s actually quite easy to setup. You’re able to have a place to work which you can just fold it up whenever you’re not using it.

What’s also great about installing this into your garage is that you can use it as a wall storage mount. All you need to do is to attach a storage space that’s able to hold your stuff even if you’ve collapsed your workbench.

This lets you have a cleaner-looking garage that’s more spacious compared to using a normal workbench which can use up a lot of space.

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Overhead and Ceiling Storage Shelves

Image Credits: Costco Static

When installing overhead and ceiling storage shelves, you’re able to store everything that you don’t usually need into a specific area. This allows you to clean out your floor space while also utilizing the overhead area of your garage. 

This is an easy DIY job where you just need a budget of $50 to $200 dollars and a few large storage crates to place all of your unused items. 

You can store several belongings in this compartment like decorations, unused clothing, or specific tools that you don’t need that often. Just make sure that you’re not placing anything that’s way above the weight limit of this storage system.

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Storing Specific Items in One Corner

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All you need to do for this is to properly organize your garage by placing equipment that are related to each other into one area. You’re able to further declutter the room and it’s going to take you less time to search for a specific item that you need.

Place the items into a specific corner in your garage and narrow this down by grouping tools like wrenches into one section and power tools in another. 

You can also make a dedicated corner to place sporting equipment like bikes, snowboards, or fishing rods. 

Garage Door Insulators

Image Credits: Overhead Door Co

Insulation is necessary to keep your garage in proper room temperature. This lets you have a more comfortable garage where it’s still cool during the summer heat and warm during harsh winters.

It’s also going to prevent the belongings that you’ve stored in your garage from any damages that can occur from extreme heat or from the harsh cold. 

Installing insulators to your garage door is an easy task where you can just do it by yourself. You won’t even have to spend that much as all you need to do is purchase a couple of garage door insulators to attach it to the back of your garage door.

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Installing Outlets

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If you’re constantly crafting and building things inside your garage then it’s a good idea to install outlets rather than just using extension cords. Outlets are able to let you have a place to plug in your power tools and minimizes the number of wires that can clutter around your garage.

Installing them won’t even take a day and you can just mount plastic wiring channels and outlet boxes to make them look clean. 

A good tip for installing this is to place them in areas where you’re more likely to use them soo you won’t have to run a lot of extension cords if the wire on your tool is too short.

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Epoxy Floor Coating

Image Credits: Zahnarzt Planet

After you’re done decluttering, organizing, and storing all your belongings inside your garage, you can then proceed to give the floor a good makeover. Adding an Epoxy Floor Coating might sound costly but it’s able to help your garage look a lot cleaner.

Using epoxy will make your garage floor look clean no matter how filthy of a job you’re doing in the garage. It’s able to resist stains from oil, grease and it’s also not easy to chip.

All you have to do is buy epoxy and a sealing coat from your local hardware store. With proper application and the patience to wait for it to dry, you can have a cleaner looking garage floor in just a couple of days.

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Having a clean looking and well-organized garage can help you have an easier way of finding things that you need in a short amount of time.

Doing a huge makeover on your garage can also show you the amount of usable space that you can actually have to store more things inside it. 

The cost of remodeling your garage isn’t really expensive. All you need to do is to get the right ideas and sprinkle of inspiration and you can turn a cluttered mess into a good looking storage area.