5 Best Exterior Paint For Garage Metal Door

5 Best Exterior Paint for Garage Metal Door

Decorating, rearranging, or building a garage is no easy feat. There are a lot of things to consider, especially your garage doors’ exterior paint job.

Choosing the right paint brand is a must. And we highly recommend brands such as POR-15, Rust-Oleum, or Total Boat, just to name a few.

Most garage doors are made of metal. And there’s no better way to give it its much-needed coat of paint than now. Can’t decide which paint brand suits your garage door best?  Then seeing you today in this article is no accident.

Below is a curated list of the best paint brands to spruce up your metal garage door. Let’s have a look at them!

5 Best-Selling Exterior Paint for Garage Metal Door

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Exterior Paint for Garage Metal Door

1. POR-15 Semi-Gloss Rust Preventive Coating

POR15 Rust Preventive Coating ( Barrier, 128 Fluid Ounces, Semi-gloss Black)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ why choose por-15 rust preventive coating – por-15 is the gold standard in high performance coatings. trusted by diy and professionals to stop rust permanently by forming an impenetrable barrier that protects a variety of surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, corrosive contaminants and everyday wear and tear. no other paint, coating, or even powder coat can match por-15 rust preventive coating when applied using the 3-step stop rust system.
  • ✅ cured by moisture – the secret strength lies in the curing process. unlike most paints that dry through evaporation, por-15 rust preventive coating dries faster when moisture is present. it has the opposite chemistry of ordinary paints. once cured, the coating forms an indestructible, hammer tough finish.
  • ✅ application - remove grease, oil, and other foreign substances using por-15 water-based cleaner degreaser followed with por-15 metal prep to etch the surface and neutralize rust. stir por-15 rust preventive coating thoroughly, do not shake. always apply thin coats, minimum of two. may be recoated or top coated when dry to the touch, typically 2 to 5 hours. topcoat when surface will have exposure to uv light.
  • ✅ when do i need this – automotive, farm, industrial, commercial marine, and construction industries all use por-15 rust preventive coating to protect valuable equipment against rust, abrasion, & corrosion. our coating has excellent surface tolerance on porous surfaces, such as wood, fiberglass, concrete, bricks, and more!
  • ✅ our satisfaction commitment – at por-15 we strive to bring the ultimate in rust prevention. known for the unbeatable 3-step stop rust system, por-15 is trusted by diy & professionals. we are committed to innovation, quality control, and excellent customer service.

It’s a rarity to see paint brands that cost more than $100. This is because we are fixated on the fact that they come at cheap prices. But the POR-15 Semi-Gloss Rust Preventive Coating is an exception for that. POR-15 guarantees that this paint will not crack, chip, or peel. 

This paint’s level of toughness will keep your garage door looking great for years. Although this product’s price may put some people off, it’s a worthy investment if you want long-lasting paint that withstands the test of time.

So if you are looking for paint that survives in tough conditions, then this one is a must-have!

2. Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint

RustOleum 206999 Marine Topside ( Gloss White, 1-Quart)
Product Highlights:
  • ideal for use on fiberglass, wood or metal surfaces above the waterline
  • oil-based formula is flexible and applies easily with excellent leveling
  • dries to the touch in as little as 1 to 2 hours and covers up to 100 sq ft
  • durable coating resists abrasion and extreme weather conditions and provides long-lasting uv protection
  • superior gloss retention and smooth finish help maintain the beauty and elegance of your surfaces

Rust-Oleum is already a household name when it comes to excellent paint products. Originally founded in 1921, Rust-Oleum has already made a name for themselves for decades. There’s no denying that many people have already known this brand because of its reputation. 

The Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint is a multi-surface product. Which means it can be painted on different types of surfaces.

It can be applied not only on metal but also on fiberglass, wood, and concrete, just to name a few. It also has a quick-dry formula and a durable, high-gloss finish with built-in UV protection.

3. Rust Bullet Automotive Rust Inhibitor Paint

RUST BULLET Automotive Quart ( No Topcoat Needed - Metallic Gray)
Product Highlights:
  • patented - awarded two united states patents
  • low prep - little to no prep required! one step, multiple coat process, apply directly over surface rust or clean metal.
  • durable - uv resistant - no topcoat needed - will not fade or crack.  does not contains: zinc, chromates, or other heavy metals
  • easy application - apply with brush, roller, or spray
  • made in the usa - rust bullet, llc was formed february of 2001 in reno, nevada, where our corporate offices still operate.

Rust Bullet loves to experiment when it comes to paint. And the Rust Bullet Automotive Rust Inhibitor Paint is a primary example of that. This paint boasts a unique formula protected by no less than two US Patents. 

What’s best is its usability because this paint can be applied directly over the rust with no top coating required. Not to mention, it also has UV protection too.

But do keep in mind that its price will vary depending on how much paint you need. One gallon costs $150.95. But you can also avail of it cheaper if you opt for the pint or quart sizes, which have a price of $30.14 and $34.09, respectively.

4. Rust-Oleum 7215502 Hammered Metal Finish Paint

RustOleum 7215502 Hammered Metal ( 1-Quart (Packaging May Vary))
Product Highlights:
  • weather and corrosion resistant coating protects exterior/interior surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, masonry and more
  • oil-based formula provides a durable protective coating with excellent rust prevention
  • dries to the touch in 2-4 hours and covers up to 100 sq ft
  • excellent resistance to abrasion, fading and chipping
  • hammered metal finish hides flaws and imperfections found in scratched, rusted or pitted metals

We are not quite finished with Rust-Oleum just yet because this is our second product recommendation from the brand. However, this is far different from the Marine Topside Paint we listed earlier. 

This one has a Hammer Metal Finish feature, which means that a patterned finish appears when the paint dries. This makes your metal garage door surface more attractive than ever. It’s also an excellent option for covering up dents, dings, and scrapes on the door surface too.

5. Dulux Weathershield Multi-Surface Paint

This multi-surface paint by Dulux offers durable protection once coated on your metal garage door. It has a mold-resistant coating and a touch dry formula that makes the paint dry after an hour. 

It’s also rainproof so you don’t have to worry when heavy rainfall will suddenly pour unexpectedly. And since it is a water-based paint, you can easily wipe it out using a cloth without hassle.

Buying Guide

1. Prevention

Painting or repainting a garage metal door will make it much more appealing and help prevent rust and future damage to the surface! This saves you cash from replacing your garage door when things get rusty.

2. It’s all about the aesthetics

Painting your garage door will make it look more aesthetically pleasing, most especially when the door’s painting complements the color of your garages’ entirety. 

3. A fresh coat of… security

Paint also acts as an added layer of security for your garage door. Not only will it protect your garage door from rust and corrosion, but also insects, dust, and harsh weather conditions as well. And the best part? Paints are cheap and won’t cost you a fortune. 

4. Adds garage value

The more beautiful the garage, the higher the chance it will be sold to potential buyers. And since painting the garage door adds to its aesthetics, rest assured that homebuyers will indeed have their eyes on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there conditions that need to be met when painting?

Yes, there is. Painting metal doors in wet, cold, or hot weather conditions can make the metal alloy shift and expand depending on the temperature. Thus, making the paint look soggy and bubbly when it starts to dry.

What kind of paint should you use on garage doors?

Use paint that is designed for exterior use and compatible with metal. This includes satin or semi-gloss paints. Pro tip: apply a minimum of two coats to ensure a consistent finish that will last for longer.

How do you prepare a garage door for painting?

Rub your garage door using coarse sandpaper or a wire brush. Wash the door with a detergent solution to remove accumulated dust, grease, or dirt that may prevent the paint from sticking to the surface.

Do you have to sand a metal door before painting?

Yes, it is. Doing so smoothens the garage door so that you can spread the paint evenly from top to bottom.

Is it needed to use a brush roller to paint garage doors?

Any brush will do when painting garage doors. But we highly recommend using a foam roller on the front and an angled brush to the sides.