5 Best Energy Efficient Heater For Garage

5 Best Energy Efficient Heater for Garage

Looking for an energy-efficient heater is no easy feat, thanks to many heater brands in the market today.

A good rule of thumb in choosing one is considering the size of your garage and the reviews of the product. Such an example is the Dr. Infrared Portable Space heater and the Lasko Designer series, just to name a few.

The weather is unpredictable. It may be a sunny day, for now, then a storm will suddenly hit hours later.

So if you want to work at your garage during insane weather, then you should get a heater, specifically energy-efficient ones. 

Now that you know the benefits of an energy-efficient heater, here’s a curated list of the best ones you can buy today. 

5 Best-Selling Energy Efficient Heater for Garage

Reviews of 5 Top Rated Energy Efficient Heater for Garage

1. Dr. Infrared Space Heater

Dr Infrared Heater Portable ( Heater, 1500-Watt)
Product Highlights:
  • can heat up a large room with auto energy saving model with high and low feature. tip-over protection and overheat protection
  • dual heating systems featuring infrared quartz tube + ptc with 12hr automatic shut-off timer. amperage: 12.5 amps
  • ir remote control, high pressure low noise blower with noise level 39 db super quiet. heating can cover for a large room.
  • electronic thermostat: range 50 to 85 degrees. caster wheels and lifetime filter
  • weights 24 lbs and uses 12.5 amps of power. 1500 watts. electric cord is 72 inches long (6 feet)

Dr. Infrared is already a household name when it comes to heaters. And if you have a large garage in your home, then the Dr. Infrared Space Heater is just what you need. This heater is specifically designed for large spaces, making it suitable for your large garage.

It has a simple design but is packed with features. It’s equipped with a dual heating system and overheat protection for a much safer experience. It is also operable using an IR remote as well. What’s best is that it only has a 39 dB noise level, making it a very quiet energy-saving heater. 

Though the heater itself weighs 24lbs, you can install wheels on the bottom for easier maneuver. Just push or pull it around across your garage without carrying it by hand, and you’re good to go. 

2. Stiebel Eltron CK 15E

Stiebel Eltron 074058 120Volt ( 1500-Watts Heater)
Product Highlights:
  • surface mount design
  • quality construction
  • quiet operation
  • built in thermostat for maximum comfort
  • reliable performance.heat output for the ck 15e is 5122 btu/hr

If you prefer wall-mounted heaters, then the Stiebel Eltron CK 15E is for you. It has an ergonomic design that looks stylish and modern on your garage wall. However, it is suitable for smaller garage rooms only. So if you have a small garage, then this one is a must-buy.

The Stiebel Eltron CK 15E comes with a built-in thermostat and a timer function too. However, it is not controllable via an IR remote, just like the first one mentioned above. But fret not because a lack of remote function is not a deal-breaker.  

When it comes to quietness, it has a noise level of 49 dB, which is a tad higher compared to Dr. Infrared’s space heater. Pro tip: Install the heater about six to eight inches above the floor for optimal performance. Doing so heats your small garage effectively instead of putting it near the ceiling, just like an air conditioner. 

3. Lasko 6405 Ceramic Heater

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Designer ( 2-Speeds, 16 Inches, 1500W, Beige, 6405)
Product Highlights:
  • ✅【blends into your decor】with a stylish body and finish this space heater looks more like a piece of art than a space heater. standing 16" high, 10" wide and weighing less than 6 pounds, this electric space heater is easy to move from room to room. this heater is ideal for the bedroom, home office and more
  • ✅【2 heat settings & adjustable thermostat】use the top-mounted electronic controls to select from 2 heat settings to customize your warmth. the adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element. with easy to read led temperature settings you can select temperatures from 60f to 85f or select max heat for maximum warmth
  • ✅【adjustable timer】the auto-off timer can be programmed from 1 hour to 7 hours. simply press the timer button on the digital control panel to easily program the timer in 1 hour intervals. once the timer is set the heater will automatically shut off after the programmed time
  • ✅【built-in safety features】overheat protection ensures the space heater does not overheat even if left on for an extended amount of time. while a cool touch exterior keeps the heater cool to the touch even after running for hours
  • ✅【fully assembled】this portable space heater comes fully assembled and ready to use. simply take it out of the box and having it working in minutes. plug the heater into a wall outlet, adjust the thermostat, and enjoy the warmth from your new lasko space heater

Want a garage heater on a budget? Say hello to the Lasko 6405 Ceramic Heater. When it comes to aesthetics, this energy-efficient heater takes you back in time. As the name suggests, it is a heater that is installed in a real ceramic jar-like shape.

With a price that’s less than $100, you get a reliable heater that does the work with a design that is pleasing to look at. The Lasko 6405 Ceramic Heater is perfect for any size, no matter how big or small your garage is. Although it doesn’t come with a remote, it has simple and easy navigation buttons on top for your convenience. 

4. De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel Heater

DeLonghi Mica Thermic Panel ( Adjustable Thermostat, 2 Heat Settings, Black, HMP1500)
Product Highlights:
  • full room warmth: packs 1500 watts of heating power for full room comfort
  • sleek look: whether set on the floor or mounted to the wall, this is a stylish way to stay warm
  • personalized comfort: adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings allow you to customize to your heating needs
  • convenient wall mount: safe and easy to mount to any wall with included kit
  • portable warmth: lightweight, compact unit with convenient handle and wheels easily moves from room to room

And if you want a heater that doesn’t take too much space, then the De’Longhi MicaThermic Panel Heater might be the one you’re looking for. The heater is designed with space in mind. It’s slim, not too bulky, and has wheels so you can easily move it anywhere.

The best part? It can also be wall-mounted too. This gives you the best of both worlds of portability and convenience no matter where you want to put it. The heater is also not powered by fans, so there is zero noise coming from it. 

5. NUMIFUN Electric Space Heater

Looking for a space heater that won’t break the bank? Then the NUMIFUN Electric Space Heater is for you. Don’t be fooled by its very affordable price tag. This portable heater can heat your garage without compromise.

It’s complete with all the essentials a space heater should have. This includes a built-in timer, temperature setting, and a digital thermostat that automatically works in any room condition. For example, if the optimal temperature has been reached, the heater will automatically cool down, and vice versa. 

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Heaters

Energy-efficient heaters are flooding store shelves in today’s time. So what benefits do these types of heaters have in store for your garage? Let’s have a look. 

1. Goodbye Skyrocketing Electric Bills

As the name suggests, energy-efficient heaters save energy. This means it doesn’t consume too much electricity that can result in huge electric bills. 

2. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient heaters help you live a more sustainable life. So not only are you getting that much-needed garage warmth, but also helping the environment at the same time too. 

3. Greenhouse Emissions No More

Greenhouse emissions are the reason why global warming exists. They are also the reason why climate change continues to be a problem as of late. Luckily, these energy-efficient heaters help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a larger extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are energy-efficient heaters safe to use?

Energy-efficient heaters are made with safety in mind. Most brands equipped their heaters with overheating protection, trip protection, and others. 

How long does it take to heat my garage?  

The time depends on the size of your garage and where you put your heater too. It will take about five to six minutes or more, depending on the quality of your heater as well.

Is it normal that it smells burnt on first use? 

Using a heater for the first time will emit a burning smell. However, this is not something you should worry about because it’s pretty standard during first use.

Is it okay to use an energy-efficient heater as a primary heat source? 

Heaters are designed to provide temporary heat to space. Using it as your primary heat source may cause issues that can void your warranty. 

How do I know if the heater I bought meets safety standards?

Space heaters, or any appliances for that matter, comes with an official UL safety label at the bottom. So make sure to examine the heater first if it has this label before using it.