10 Best Dust Collection System For Garage

10 Best Dust Collection System for Garage

The major issues that you will face while working in your garage or workshop is the dust. You have installed a good quality dust extraction fan, but it will not completely remove the dust. If not cleaned properly, you will see the accumulation of dust on the surface of your garage floor or the vehicle. So, it is really important to use the best cyclone dust collector or dust collection system to completely remove the dust.

10 Best-Selling Dust Collection System for Garage

However, you may find it quite challenging to find a good dust collector for the garage.  The quality of the machine is to have a crucial impact on the overall cleanliness of the garage. When you have a good one, it will keep your collection clean and keep you safe from dust’s different health hazards.

To help you choose the best one, we have picked the top 10 dust collection systems for you. They are designed to remove harmful particles, offering you a comfortable and safe working environment. Let’s have a look at those products.

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Dust Collection System for Garage

1. POWERTEC DC5370 Dust Collector

POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Mounted ( Micron Filter Bag | 537 CFM)
Product Highlights:
  • includes: (1) wall hanging dust collector with mounting bracket and (1) 2. 5 micron dust collector filter bag
  • reusable micron bag: ensures optimal air quality, free from harmful pollutants and fine dust particles – comes with built-in window to view dust level and an easy-dust disposal zipper
  • compact size is ideal for small pro or hobby shop
  • "power specs: features 1 hp electric motor with dual voltages 120v/240v | 7 amp at 120v, 3. 5 amp at 240v; motor speed: 3450 rpm | airflow capacity - 537 cfm"
  • "compatibility: possesses a 4 inch inlet port – allowing you to attach the dust-collector hose directly to whatever machine you are using "

This is the best dust collector under 500 and quite innovative. It comes with a well-placed wall mount system that makes it quite comfortable to store. This is also an ideal choice for the smallest shop as it can cover any floor space. The product’s CFM capacity is around 540, which is quite enough to offer you a better cleaning result. You will get a reusable micron bag for dust collection. It comes with a 1HP electric motor. There is a window through which you can see the dust level.

2. Rikon Portable Dust Collector

Rikon 1Hp Portable Dust ( Dust Collector)
Product Highlights:
  • great for small shops
  • versatile
  • 2-micron cloth bag

This versatile dust collector is perfect for one to two-car garages. Not just for your garage, you can also use this for your small shop. It comes with a 2-micron cloth bag, which is quite durable.  This product gives you the versatility to store the unit on the wall, and you can use its in-built casters. The product is easy to move around. There is a 4” single dust port that effectively draws 660 CFM. This makes it a perfect machine in this price range. The motor capacity is 1HP and offers you a good result. This is the best budget dust collector.

3. Shop Fox Wall Dust Collector

Shop Fox W1826 Wall ( Micron Filtration)
Product Highlights:
  • 1-horsepower motor, 120 or 240v, prewired at 120v, 7 amp at 110v, 3.5 amp at 240v
  • features window to gauge how much dust is in bag and bottom zipper for easy dust disposal
  • single 4-inch intake hole
  • 2.5 micron bag has 2 cubic feet capacity
  • 44-inch height with bag inflated

Priced under USD 230, this machine comes with a 1HP electrical motor and supports dual power systems, i.e., 120V and 240V. It is securely prewired at 7amp at 110V and 3.5amp at 240V. It has a window through which you can check the dust level. The dust intake hole size is 4-inches, and you will get a 2.5-micron bag with two cubic feet capacity. On the other hand, with a CFM capacity of 537, it can easily handle all your machines producing dust. It can also be used to collect wood. This can be the best dust collector for home.

4. Shop FOX W1727 Dust Collection System

SHOP FOX W1727 1 ( Collector)
Product Highlights:
  • motor: 1 hp, 120v/240v, single-phase, prewired 110v
  • motor amp draw: 9a/4.5a
  • air suction capacity: 800 cfm
  • standard bag filtration: 2.5 microns
  • portable base size: 15-3/4" x 39-3/4"

Are you looking for a powerful machine for duct collection? How about a duct collector that offers 800CFM? This machine is very powerful enough to keep the space dust-free. This is designed for maximum portability. The best thing is it meets the UL- Underwriter Laboratories and CSA- Canadian Standards Association. It comes with a removable key to prevent unauthorized access. It has a bag large enough to store 2.1 cubic feet of dust, and the bag has a quick disconnect bag clamp. It is easy to remove and attach.

5. WEN 33401 Dust Collector

WEN 3401 57Amp 660 ( And Optional Wall Mount)
Product Highlights:
  • 5.7-amp brushed motor combined with the 6-inch impeller moves over 660 cubic feet of air per minute
  • 4-inch dust port allows for connection to your favorite woodworking tools
  • compact design includes an onboard carrying handle for easy storage and transportation
  • features lockable swivel casters, an optional wall mount, and a 12-gallon zippered collection bag
  • measures in at 34.25 x 13 x 14.2 inches in size with a weight of 18.5 pounds

When you have WEN 33401 dust collector, it will become very easy to keep the work area clean with its 12-gallon dust collector bag. With its powerful 5.7amp electric motor, it offers 660 CFM of capacity. The dust port size is 4-inch, and you can easily connect it to your woodworking tools. To prevent the unwanted movement while using, it has four swivel casters lock. The design looks very compact, and there is a carrying handle to offer an easy transportation facility. It comes with a price tag of under USD 112.

6. Grizzly 1HP Dust Collection System

Grizzly Industrial G07101 HP ( Hanging Dust Collector)
Product Highlights:
  • motor size: 1 hp, 110v/220v, single-phase, pre-wired to 110v; amps: 14/7
  • intake hole size: 4"; bag size (diameter x depth): 13 1/2" x 24"; approximate shipping weight: 51 lbs.
  • optional bag replacement: g3591
  • impeller: balanced steel, radial fin; power coated paint;
  • air suction capacity: 450 cfm; maximum static pressure: 7.2"

Even though it is an industrial dust collector machine, you can use it for your garage. This dust collection system is designed to handle any type of dust-producing from your machine in a point of use. You can also hang it on the wall using its mounting bracket. With a 1HP motor, if produce 537CFM of dust suction power.  The product is very versatile. The dust intake hole size is 4,” and the machine weighs around 51lbs. You will also get a bag replacement with this.

7. Delta Power Equipment Dust Collector

Delta Power Equipment 50723T2 ( Dust Collector, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • standard 2 micron filtration bag keeps your shop safer and cleaner
  • sewn in, snap-in filter bag ring is faster, easier and eliminates the need for cam-over-lock style clamps
  • powerful tefc induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance with protection from damaging dust
  • 6 mil plastic chip collection bag shows you when the bag needs emptying
  • sturdy steel base with four easy-gliding wheels for moving from machine to machine or for storing out of the way

This product comes with a powerful TEFC induction motor to offer you a smoother performance and protect you from dust damage.  It has a 2-micron dust bag to keep your garage clean. It may look a little bit, but it is easily moveable. There are steel-based wheels at the bottom to offer better movement. It produces around 600CFM of suction capacity. The voltage and wattage capacities are 120V and 720W, respectively. Just go for it, and you will enjoy the service quality of this machine.

8. Shop FOX 1280CFM Dust Collection Machine

SHOP FOX W1685 15Horsepower ( Collector , White)
Product Highlights:
  • powder coated paint
  • bag volume: 5.4 cubic feet
  • static pressure: 10.1-inch. interior hose diameter (in.) - 6
  • air suction capacity: approximately 1,280 cfm
  • standard bag filtration: 2.5 microns

Shop Fox W1685 is very portable and can be removed wherever you want. The collector comes with a durable powder-coated paint that makes it completely resistant to rust. Besides, there is a 5.4 cubic feet volume of the bag that makes it easy to handle. Furthermore, it creates a static pressure of 10.1-inches, and the air suction capacity is around 1280CFM. Its 2.5 microns filtration bag is perfect for effective dust collection in your garage.

9. BUCKTOOL Duct Collector

BUCKTOOL 1HP 65AMP Wallmount ( Bag 550CFM Air Flow DC30A-1)
Product Highlights:
  • 1hp powerful induction motor with 6.5amp 550cfm air flow
  • 4inch x 80inch hose
  • steel impeller supply 550 cfm air flow
  • 2 micron dust bag. to ensure a better experience, we suggest matching with our 2 micron filter bag
  • we have wall mount function and the wheels with brake for easy movement and fix position

It has a 4-inch x 80-inch hose that works quite great. Besides, there is a 1HP powerful induction motor that creates 6.5AMP with 550 CFM of suction power. The steel impeller offers effective airflow. On the other hand, its 2-micron dust bag offers you a better dust cleaning effect. It comes with a wall-mount system and moveable wheels with breaks to maintain the position while working.

10. Jet DC Dust Collector

JET DC1200VXCK1 Vortex Cone ( 1200 CFM, 1Ph 230V (710702K))
Product Highlights:
  • continuous duty: permanently lubricated, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motors.
  • fast debris removal: quick-connect collection bags with elastic band.
  • vortex cone technology: improves chip separation and collector bag packing efficiency.
  • high air velocity: stands up to any competitive specifications.
  • total portability: includes four casters for easy maneuverability.

This dust collector for the garage comes with a useful 2-micron canister kit that looks attractive. With the vortex cone, you won’t face any issues during the chip separation. The single-stage design of the dust collector makes it affordable for all. Industrial controls can offer you error-free use for years. The dust collection capacity is 5.3 cubic feet. Well, in most cases, it is possible to use a shop-vac to collect the dust. This can be an ideal option for people as such machines are very powerful and can be used for dry and wet messes.

Dust Collection System Buying Guide

1. Size of Filter

Before buying a dust collector system, make sure to check the filter size. It must be at least 2.5 microns, this way it can filter out almost all dust small particles that may penetrate into your lungs and body.

2. Power

A high-quality dust collector can provide powerful suction for your needs. To know how your dust collector suction power, check its CFM performance on the manufacturer’s website and keep in mind that your suction needs are depending on the tools you use in the garage.

3. Price

There are many dust collection systems available in the market from different brands, with different features, and they also come in different types and sizes. These factors affect their price. 

Of course, it goes without saying that cheaper ones tend to have poorer quality than those that are more expensive. Make the right choice when getting a dust collection system. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best dust collection system for the garage?


While speaking about the best dust collector for a garage, you need to consider different factors. For example, you need to consider its built quality, durability, design, usage comfortable level, cost of the product, and more. The system should be a little portable and powerful enough to collect the dust. Don’t forget to make sure that the product is rust-resistant.

How much CFM does one need for the best dust collector?


CFM- Cubic Feet Per Minute is the measurement unit used to know the capacity of the dust collector. It talks about the amount of air the device can put out and the effectiveness of the machine. If you have a one-car garage, then a machine with a lower CFM rating will work great. But prefer to buy a dust collector that can offer 600 to 800 CFM.

Do tubes size of a dust collector matter?


The size of the tube matters. They can range from 9” to 24” in diameter. The right size of a tube depends on particulate loading, the air volume, and the airstream’s ash characteristics. However, remember that you can’t go for the one-size-fits-all method there. A better understanding of your garage size and operation will help you to choose the right one.

Can I use a shop-vac for dust collection?


Well, in most cases, it is possible to use a shop-vac to collect the dust. This can be an ideal option for people as such machines are very powerful and can be used for dry and wet messes.

What do you mean by a 2-stage dust collection system?


Most of the experts will recommend you to go for such duct collectors. The reason is your workshop or garage can generate grizzle dust that includes fine-sized particles and coarse. A 2-stage dust collection system can easily collect all such particles as they come with a second stage, filters, and a vortex. You won’t get the additional filter feature in a single-stage machine.


A dust collector is not a thing that will help you to have a better output, but when it comes to dealing with dust, these are the machines that can only help you. Using this, you can easily keep your garage space clean and improve air quality. While all the listed dust collectors for the garage are great, you can try out the POWERTEC DC5370 dust collection machine. This dust collector comes with an innovative design, and you can easily mount the machine on the wall. You will save floor space. It is all up to you.

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