10 Best Ceramic Heaters For Garage

10 Best Ceramic Heaters for Garage

When it comes to buying a perfect heater for your garage that can offer better heating without consuming much energy, you can always go for a ceramic space heater or garage heater. These heaters are energy-efficient and popular for some features like assembly, portability, low noise level, safety, reliability, and heat settings.

However, choosing the best one is not an easy thing as you will find a lot of options. So, to make it a little easier for you, we have listed down ten best ceramic heaters for the garage after conducting a proper review of the products. You can trust these products to get a sufficient level of warmth without affecting your budget. Let’s have a look at those heaters.

10 Best-Selling Ceramic Heaters for Garage

Reviews of 10 Top Rated Ceramic Heaters for Garage

1. Oscillating Ceramic Forced Space Heater

Oscillating Space Heater ( Temperature Display And Efficient ECO Mode - By Bovado USA)
Product Highlights:
  • fast, efficient heating: our oscillating space heater uses a forced-fan circulation to heat as it rotates from side to side, quickly & evenly warming an entire room while maintaining a consistent temperature.
  • etl certified & buit to be safe: in addition to being etl certified, this unit includes an overheat protection sensor and an automatic fail-safe that cuts power to the unit if it's accidentally tipped over.
  • optimal comfort: a digital thermostat prevents overheating & stuffiness, while an 8-hour timer with auto shutoff allows you to program the unit in advance to maintain a steady comfortable temperature.
  • lower energy costs: frostbite weather shouldn’t take a bite out of your paycheck. our energy-saving eco mode adjusts heat output to lower costs, while its ceramic build prevents producing too much heat.
  • lightweight, portable power: this heating appliance is easy to move from room to room or take on a road trip. a remote control enables easy adjustment, while the stay cool housing helps prevents burns.

This energy-efficient ceramic heater utilizes the forced-fan circulation method to offer heat, and it rotates the only side to side. It is powerful enough to keep your room’s temperature at a constant level. The heater is ETL Certified and highly safe to us. It comes with the auto fail-safe and overheats protection features to prevent damages caused by the accidental tipped-over event. It supports timer functions. To save on your electricity bill, you can turn on its ECO Mode. Oscillating space heart is lightweight, and you can even take it on a road trip.

2. Tao Tronics Dual PTC Ceramic Space Heater

Space Heater TaoTronics Dual ( With Adjustable Thermostat, Remote Control, LED Display)
Product Highlights:
  • dual ptc ceramic heater - with dual ptc ceramic heating tech,heats up to 70°f in 3 seconds to quickly provide warmth for 200 square feet spaces; strong airflow makes the noise lower than 45 db and it’s quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom while sleeping.
  • safe room heater - multiple safety features including etl certification, v-0 flame resistance rating, 8hrs timer, 24hrs auto power-off, overheating protection sensor and tip-over switch for safer operating conditions (please use a wall socket instead of a power strip when using the space heater.)
  • oscillation space heater - with far-reaching 70°oscillation, this space heater increase the heat distribution range for even warmth, avoid blowing straight for a long time. so that you can get the comfortable and efficient heating experience.
  • space heater with thermostat - choose from 3 heating modes include high (1500w), low (900w) and eco modes; on eco mode, the space heater will adjusts heating mode based on the ambient temperature, which could save energy cost while keeping you cozy in winter.
  • small space heater with remote control - easily control all the settings without getting up; the remote can be stored in the slot in the back of the heater when not in use. dimensions: 7.62"×7.50"×23.54", fits for indoors use such as office, room, desk, home, bedroom.

This powerful 1500W portable ceramic heater is so powerful that it can take the room temperature up to 70-degree F in just 3 seconds. It is perfect for a garage with 200 to 300sq. Ft. size. It has a fan to distribute the heat, but the noise level is less than 45dB. Talking about its other features, it has overheating, 12-hour timer, auto power-off, V-0 flame resistance, and tipped-over protection features. It supports three different heating modes, such as ECO, 900W Low, and 1500W High heating modes. To offer convenient control, it comes with remote control.

3. TRUSTECH Space Heater

Space Heater 1500W Portable ( In 3s, PTC Heating Space Heaters For Indoor Use)
Product Highlights:
  • fast warm up & up to 200sq coverage - are you feeling freezing in the cold dorm or office? this room heater is made for those chilly days in your room or at the office. the compact size provides effective, consistent warmth for small rooms up to 200 sqft. this portable heater can quickly warm up the air around you within 3 sec! stay warm and comfortable in any small space, this is the perfect space heaters for indoor use
  • easy control with 3 modes - 1500w high heat, 750w low heat and natural wind mode are all included in 1 portable heater, providing efficient heat to every corners of the room with constant warmth during cold weather. you can easily set the switch control to any 1 of the 3 modes mode to reach your desired temperature. with the simple adjustable thermostat, this room heater could always keep your room temperature at the most optimal level and reduces your power consumption too
  • tip over & overheater protection - automatic overheat protection system will shut the portable heater off when the parts of the heater overheat. in this way the space heaters for indoor use will cool down quickly to avoid overheating. tip-over protection will shut off the room heater if it gets knocked over accidentally to avoid accident happens this space heater for office adopts innovative ptc technology, which does not generate heat at a constant rate like resistance wires
  • small & portable heater- dimensions: 7.1 in w x 6.3 in d x 9.1 in h. build-in carry handle, and lightweight (3.1ibs) makes this space heater easy to be place in any room or move from the floor to the table. no more concern about taking up too much space in a crowded place. a perfect space heater for office and a thoughtful gift for your family & friends to meet the freezing winter
  • quiet room heater & customer support - this room heater offers you a quiet space with extra comfort. low noise will not disturb your resting, sleeping, reading, work, and so on. you will not distract by the sound at all, neither nor the people around you. ideal to set this portable heater wherever you want to make warm. let the space heaters for indoor use help you beat the chilly days. also, we provide a lifetime customer support. you are totally risk free with our heater for small room

Developed to keep you warm during the winters, this thermostat ceramic heater can quickly heat up rooms of up to 300 square feet within less than 4 seconds. You can control the heating levels as per your requirement as it supports three modes, i.e., 750Watt low, 1500Watt high, and the natural wind mode. The heater is portable, quite easy to carry. With its adjustable thermostat, it can easily maintain the room’s temperature. In terms of safety, it comes with an overheat protection feature. There is also tip-over protection to keep it safe during an accidental power surge. Go for it now.

4. Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space ( 7.25 W X 23 H Inches)
Product Highlights:
  • 2 quiet settings - including high heat and low heat plus an auto setting make this electric space heater ideal for warming up an area in your home or home office. with widespread oscillation this heater distributes warm air throughout the room
  • adjustable thermostat - with digital display allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element. with an easy to read digital temperature display you can select a wide range of temperatures in fahrenheit or celsius
  • remote control & built-in timer - allows you to adjust the heater's temperature, timer, oscillation and more from a distance. while the easy to program timer allows you to select 1 hour to 8 hours, in 1 hour intervals
  • built-in safety features - overheat protection ensures the space heater does not overheat even if left on for an extended amount of time. while a cool touch exterior keeps the heater cool to the touch even after running for hours
  • fully assembled - allows you to take the heater out of the box and have it working it minutes. simply plug the heater into a wall outlet, adjust the thermostat, and enjoy the warmth from your new lasko space heater

If you are looking for a stylish yet powerful heater for your garage, then this can be an ideal option for you. It has an adjustable thermostat, and using its well-places digital display; you can set the heating level of its 1500-watt heating element. It offers two different configurations, i.e., Low and High heat. Though its widespread oscillation, the heat can effectively distribute cozy warn air throughout the garage. You can control the unit using its remote control. It has a timer and overheats protection to keep it safe. The exterior doesn’t heat up during running. Just plug it in, and it is ready to use.

5. Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower Heater

Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower ( Large Room, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • easy to use digital controls with 2 heat settings - high heat (1500 watts) and low heat (750 watts)
  • programmable thermostat with 1, 2, 4, or 8 hour timer function
  • 360 degree tip over switch with 2x overheat protection and 1 overheat sensor with a back up cut off fuse to help prevent overheating
  • cool touch housing with thermal insulated wiring
  • recessed, convenient carrying handle

When it comes to offering a constant amount of heat to your entire garage, you can always go for Honeywell slim ceramic. It can constantly deliver heat without any fluctuation in temperature. The digital controlled feature makes it easy to use and offers you two different heat configurations, i.e., 1500 watts and 750 watts. The thermostat support 1, 2, 4, and 8-hours timer setting. Besides, it has an overheated sensor to protect it from overheating and has a tip-over switch. Thanks to its thermal insulated wiring, the housing remains cool while operating. So, this can be a perfect heater for the garage.

6. OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater

OPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space ( Indoor Space, Powerful And Portable, ETL Approved)
Product Highlights:
  • 🔥【quick heating for instant warmth】 - ceramic space heaters are fast to heat, produce abundant heat without open coils, and are long lasting
  • 🔥【three modes heater with fan】-1.high heat (1500-watt), 2. low heat (1000-watt ), 3. fan only.
  • 🔥【adjustable thermostat】 -the heater will kick on and maintain consistent heat according to it’s thermostat setting and the room’s ambient temperature. select your heating preference and you’ll stay warm and toasty throughout the day and/or night.
  • 🔥【quietness and easy to use】-with the low noise about 50db when it is working, it will not disturb your sleeping, resting, reading, working. simply turn the dial to high or low heat, or fan only, and then, using the other dial, adjust the intensity to your comfort. a red power indicator light shows when the device is on.
  • 🔥【tip-over & over-heating protection】- automatic overheat system will shuts the unit off when the parts of the heater overheat. tip-over switch will shut off unite when tipped forward or backward.

As this is a ceramic space heater, it heats up quite quickly and generates much heat. The thermostat is adjustable, and you can keep your space warm based on your heating preference. It supports three temperature settings, i.e., 1000 watts, 1500 watts, and fan mode. It utilizes a powerful in-built fan to spread the heat, but the noise level is low, below 50db. So, you can concentrate on your work without any disturbance. Speaking about its safety features, this heater supports overheat and tip-over switch functions. This will come under your budget.

7. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Heater

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic ( Remote, And Built-in Timer, Beige)
Product Highlights:
  • blends into your decor - with a stylish body and finish this space heater looks more like a piece of art than a space heater. combined with a powerful ceramic heating element and 3 quiet settings this heater is ideal for around the home
  • adjustable thermostat - allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element. with easy to read led temperature settings you can select temperatures from 60f to 85f or select max heat for maximum warmth
  • built-in timer - can be programmed from 1 hour to 7 hours. simply press the timer button on the digital control panel to easily program the timer in 1 hour intervals. once the timer is set the heater will automatically shut off after the programmed time
  • built-in safety features - overheat protection ensures the space heater does not overheat even if left on for an extended amount of time. while a cool touch exterior keeps the heater cool to the touch even after running for hours
  • fully assembled - allows you to take the heater out of the box and have it working in minutes. simply plug the heater into a wall outlet, adjust the thermostat, and enjoy the warmth from your new lasko space heater

How about buying a unique designer garage heater? Well, don’t just keep your garage warm; add a unique style by using this Lasko designer ceramic heater. It looks like a piece of amazing art. The heart has a robust ceramic heating system and supports three settings to adjust the heat level. The maximum heating capacity is 1500 watts. However, you can also set the temperature between 60f to 85f. Besides, it has built-in timers that support 1 to 7 hours timer. It also supports the auto-shutdown feature. There is nothing to worry about sudden power surge as it’s overheating and tip-over switch features will keep it protected.

8. De’Longhi Ceramic 1500W Tower Heater

DeLonghi Ceramic Tower Heater ( Saving Mode, Safety Features, 24", Dark Gray, TCH7915ER)
Product Highlights:
  • silent system that reduces noise by half vs. earlier de'longhi models
  • multiple heat settings: minimum, boost and ecoenergy function for up to 40% energy savings
  • easy to use digital control panel with lcd display, 24-hour timer, includes full function remote control
  • side to side motorized oscillation to distribute warm air to more parts of the room quickly and efficiently
  • ceramic heating element provides fast and powerful spot heat safely

Working effectively with its powerful 1500 watts heating element, it is a best-rated ceramic heater. It has all the required heating and safety features. The heater can prevent overheating with its in-built power cut-off design. Besides, it also has a tip-over switch. If the unit falls over, it will turn off itself automatically. The company claims that it can offer users around 40 percent savings on energy. The unit supports a timing function, and you can run it on ECO Mode to save power consumption levels.

9. PELONIS Ceramic 1500W Space Heater

PELONIS PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower ( Tip-Over Switch & Overheating Protection. White)
Product Highlights:
  • [fast heating & constant temperature] ceramic heaters are, typically, the most effective type of electric-resistance radiant heaters. quickly heat-up to 70°f in 3 second with reliable ceramic heating technology, offering steady comfortable temperature.
  • [safety to use] the ptc indoor space heater made of high quality cool touch flame resistant material. us standard socket can directly plug into outlet without any adapter or extension cord. overheating & tip-over switch protection to you and your family.
  • [programmable thermostats heater] tower heater, with 3 heating options (high, low, eco mode) to achieve customized temperature settings with maximized efficiency and warmth. eco setting automatically helps energy-saving based on your ambient temperature.
  • [user friendly space heater] touch control, remote control, oscillation, 8hours timer and carry handle are features that you can also look for in the quiet electric heater (50db working noise). perfect tower heater for your bed room, living room, office.
  • [manufacturer ] pelonis, the american brand heating appliances manufacturer will offer all the consumers a 1-year manufacture with your purchase. feel free to contact with us at any time!

The things that make it a perfect garage heater are; constant temperature, quick heating, highly safe to use, programable thermostat, and user-friendliness. Thanks to its 1500 watts powerful heating system, it can heat up to 60 to 75-degree F within 3 to 4 seconds. It is capable of producing constant heat for a long time. It has made of flame-resistant material and ready to use with the US standard socket. Besides, it supports tip-over switch and overheating protection. Using its 3 heating options, i.e., ECO, Low, and High modes, you can enjoy customized temperature settings. The noise level of the machine is below 50dB.

10. Amazon Basics Ceramic Space Heater

AmazonBasics 500Watt Ceramic Small ( Personal Mini Heater - Black)
Product Highlights:
  • compact personal space heater design that is small enough for tables or desktops
  • featuring efficient ceramic coils that heat up in seconds
  • available in 4 colors to custom-match your decor
  • includes tip-over protection for extra safety
  • ideal for small spaces, at home or at the office

Well, if you are a little low in your budget, then this under USD 25 portable ceramic heater can be a perfect option for your small garage. It may not look fancy like others, but it can get the job done. Powered by a 500 watts decent heating system, you will find it very impressive. Worried about safety? If has tip-over protection to keep it protected from any electrical surge. In terms of look, you can go for white, black, blue, and red color option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceramic heaters best for garage use?

Undoubtedly yes. Ceramic heaters are the best. Compared to the size, they produce more heat. Besides, these heaters are energy efficient and safe to use. What’s more? They hit up quite quickly to keep you warm. So, you can consider buying one without any worries.

Does a ceramic heater utilize less amount of electricity?

Well, the ceramic heater for the garage listed here uses less amount of electricity than other heaters. They come with variable watts, heat temperature adjustment feature, timers, and auto shut down features. All these features help you to save you money while heating your garage. Remember that these ceramic heaters are very energy efficient.

Do they smell while running?

Sometimes your ceramic heater may smell. However, the primary reason behind this is the buildup of dirt and dust in the heaters. So, always keep the heater clean using a soft toothbrush. Besides, they can smell while using it for the first time. But the smell will go away after a few uses.

Are these heaters create noise while running?

Well, this depends on the quality of the heaters. Some heaters use built-in fans, and they can create noise. But if they have good quality fans, then it will create less noise. If you don’t like a noisy environment, then you can go for the oil-filled heater option.

Can the ceramic heaters cove 300 to 500sq. ft. area?

Yes, they are capable of covering more than 300 square feet of area. But while buying, go through the features of the heater to know the room size that they can cover. For a bigger room, you will have to go for a powerful option.


This top 10 garage ceramic heaters list covers only the best heaters for your garage. The products have all the essential features that you should always consider while buying a heater. You can go for anyone option based on your budget. They are very easy to use and come with all types of safety features, like overheating protection, tip-over protection, and are lightweight. The designs are also cool and will offer a perfect modern appearance. So, check their details and get the right one now.

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